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3 biggest objections to employees working from home and how to overcome them

Once upon a time, hardly anyone worked from home. Teleworking as it was called was ‘pie in the sky’, something that very few people could do. However, now things are a little different. More and more people every year are working from home and businesses are seeing the clear benefits. But not all managers and business owners see it that way, fearing that their employees will become harder to manage, less productive and less engaged. That means it is up to you to convince them otherwise. Below we take a look at some of the most common arguments against staff working from home and how you should counter them.
You won’t work as hard
One of the biggest criticisms some managers come up with against you working from home is that you won’t work as hard. Being away from the office will mean that you will miss targets, be distracted and generally be less productive. However, the statistics show quite the opposite. Think about all the distractions you have in the office. Other people talking to you, phones ringing, other people asking for advice etc. You’ll also never be late. If you have a big commute and there is a bad accident on the motorway or train delays it can cause problems in the business if you’re late. If you were working from home you would have no commute whatsoever.
You won’t be as contactable if you’re not in the building
Another major concern is that you won’t be as contactable if you are not in the building. OK, so it’s not going to be possible to walk up to your desk and talk to you but how often does that happen these days? The fact is you will be almost as contactable as before. Email, telephone, Skype, Google Hangouts, the technology is all there to easily overcome this objection and most of it is free.
It’s going to be too expensive
Working from home doesn’t have to be expensive at all. The equipment you use already at work will be perfectly adequate and you may already have a spare room in your house to use. Even if you don’t, you might one to consider one of our garden rooms. Many of our customers have bought these to be kitted out as a home office. Perhaps you could convince your boss to donate towards one? Even if not, investing in a dedicated office space shows that you are serious about working from home. The great thing is, they are so flexible which means when you are not working you can use them as a summer house to enjoy the garden.
The benefits of employers being more flexible with their staffs’ working arrangements is clear to see. The arguments we have spelled out above all stand up to scrutiny and even if you can’t convince your boss to make a decision, see if you can convince them to try a pilot program. They will soon be impressed how your performance, productivity and job satisfaction rise substantially.

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