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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs A She Shed

Garden sheds have long been the domain of the man of the house, but now with the advent of the modern bespoke garden rooms, women have been getting in on the act and taking the humble ‘shed’ to a whole new level – the ‘She-Shed’. A She-Shed is a place of rest, relaxation, beauty, creativity, inspiration, or whatever else you want it to be. Here we will share with you 5 reasons why every woman needs to buy a modern garden room and turn it into the ultimate ‘She-Shed’.

She-Shed To Provide A Retreat

Whether you have a hectic work schedule, a busy family routine, or a stressful home life, a She-Shed can come to the rescue by providing that perfect retreat in the garden. A She-Shed is that place where you can call your own, where the doorbell cannot ring, and the telephone cannot beep. It is somewhere you can unwind and enjoy peace, music or even your favourite film if that is what you feel you need in order to restore your inner balance.

Dedicate A Space To Your Hobbies

Whether it be practising Yoga, playing the guitar, watercolour painting, making sculptures or doing jigsaws – your She-Shed will provide you with the ideal space to indulge in your favourite pastimes. All too often the home lacks space for us to enjoy our hobbies on a regular basis. This is where the She-Shed comes in, it provides space, storage, and peace and quiet to get on with undertaking creative projects.

You Can Indulge Your Senses

Scented candles, plump cushions, beautiful floral displays and relaxing sounds are all aspects that will make your She-Shed a feast for the senses. Without daily life getting in the way, indulge in all things pleasurable and let you sacred space take you away from it all for an hour or two.

Socialise in Your Own Space

A She-Shed is the perfect location for a fun girly get together, or an intimate one on one chat with a close friend. Why go out, when you can stay in? Socialising in your She-Shed however is staying in with a difference; you can eat and drink what you want, stay up late, and not worry about getting home. This environment will provide your friends with a novel evening too, and they will go home all wanting one of their very own!

Express Yourself Through Decor

In your She-Shed, you are in charge of the décor. If you want wall to wall florals, then you don’t have to compromise with anyone else in the family. Similarly, if you want hot pink flooring, a wall of rock posters, or original vintage furnishings, you can. This is a place where you can really express yourself, with the object of pleasing no one but yourself. When space is short, many of our treasured possessions can end up in boxes and cupboards, never to be seen. Use your She-Shed to display your favourite photographs, pictures, books, childhood teddy or family heirlooms, and appreciate what you love, often.

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