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7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

A garden cabin is a great addition to your garden but it can easily stick out if you don’t try and merge it in with the rest of your outdoor space. A good start in ensuring your new build ties in nicely is by adding wood cladding, by having window boxes full of stunning flowers and an array of plant pots on the decking but another area you could focus on would be to bring greenery to the exterior walls. Here we take a look at 7 climbing plants that could transform the look of your garden cabin.


This may seem like an obvious first choice climber but Ivy is actually available to purchase in many different varieties, meaning you can go for either the most common type or one that could bring a little more interest and tones to the (garden) party. For example, if you opt for a Boston Ivy you will get green leaves in the spring and summer then red in the autumn before they drop off for the winter. They are simply stunning. If you want an all year green Ivy opt for your traditional hardy English variety. For more on Ivy types take a look at this detailed blog post here.


7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

Honeysuckle is one of my personal favourites. It can grow into a stunning large bush and provide plenty of food for busy bees when it’s stunning yellow/white flowers bloom during the spring and summer seasons. It is easy to care for, can be pruned into shape and dead leaves can be easily removed from underneath with a quick shake of the plant. It keeps its green leaves all year round but never looks harsh like Ivy does; it has a softer feel and appearance which makes it a wonderful addition to any English garden.


The Clematis is a hardy plant which dies down in the colder months but rewards you year after year in the summer months with its stunning large flowers. It is available in a wide variety of colours which allows you to choose shades that suit the rest of your garden. They will happily wrap themselves around anything so just make sure they don’t go on to strangle other plants nearby. A trellis is the perfect way to keep them climbing up an external wall with ease.

Passion Flower

This plant will happily climb up a wall with some guidance from trellis or wire and, once established, it will provide you with the most striking of all flowers. These huge purple flowers next to the big green leaves just draw all of your attention and provide your garden with a great focal point. They do die down in the winter but if you ensure the roots don’t become damaged by the frost, it will return year after year.


Choose a climbing rose that will love to trail up a trellis on the wall of your garden cabin and you will be in for a wonderful treat every year. Roses do take a little more time as you will need to carefully deadhead old flowers in order to keep the plant in bloom in the future but once you master the art of caring for them you will have a truly romantic feel to your garden cabin.


Jasmine is a popular climbing plant due to its pretty and delicate white flowers which can bloom from summer until autumn. Part of the Olive family, this climber is originally from warmer climates but has proven to do well here in the UK. Just like the Honeysuckle, Jasmine will bush out and provide your wall with plenty of coverage and pretty greenery when its flowers aren’t in season. If you prune the plant after flowering you will be sure to be encouraging them back the following year.


7 Climbing Plants That Could Transform The Look of Your Garden Cabin

And we couldn’t write a post on climbers and not mention the beauty that is Wisteria. This absolutely stunning plant will take hold very easily and provide your garden with the most magnificent purple blooms which smell divine. These will usually come out during the Spring and they adore the sun, so your positioning is very important here. You will need to prune them twice a year and keep an eye on their growth as you want it controlled and not taking over your garden cabin. With good care, well-watered soil, appropriate sunlight and protection from frost, you will have the most eye-catching climber if you choose the Wisteria for your garden.

You will hopefully now have some great inspiration to help you to decide on the right climbing plants for your garden cabin and a great starting point for merging your new building with your current garden space.

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