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5 Reasons Why A Garden Room Is The Perfect Homeschooling Setting

5 Reasons Why A Garden Room Is The Perfect Homeschooling Setting

Homeschooling has grown in popularity in recent years, even more so since the start of lockdown with many parents experiencing the benefits of providing their children’s education. Homeschooling is flexible, it is interactive, your child can thrive from the one on one learning and you aren’t restrained by the school curriculum. Due to this, most homeschooling activities will allow your child to investigate as they learn which makes nature play, art and science great daily choices for them. However, part of the downfall of choosing to homeschool can be the lack of space within your home, lack of storage and so on which is precisely why a garden room may be the perfect setting instead.

Dedicated Space

Choosing to have a garden room for your homeschooling setting will provide you and your children with the dedicated space you all need in which to carry out your educational activties and lessons. Your homeschooling room could be completely kitted out with everything you need, it will give you plenty of floor space, it can be designed in a way that will benefit all of your needs and will keep school all in one place.


With homeschooling comes the need to stock up with all of the art supplies, paper, crafting materials, books, science equipment and so on but if you have limited space inside your home, it can prove tricky to store all of this. A garden room can easily hold all of this and more. Add in cupboards and storage boxes, bookcases and desks, tables and shelves and you will have all of your storage solutions.

5 Reasons Why A Garden Room Is The Perfect Homeschooling Setting


Having a place that is solely dedicated to homeschooling rather than just having your kitchen table or playroom will allow your children to feel complete freedom to be able to do what they need in order to learn. Inside the home we are bound by space, by others needing to move around, by the mess created but with a garden room, all of these problems are solved and your children can be free to use their homeschool as they see fit.

Closer To Nature

With a garden room being out in your garden, all you have to do to be that little bit closer to nature is to open the bi-fold doors and bring homeschool and the outdoors together. This will allow you to integrate nature play, investigative learning and forest school in with your daily lessons.

End of Day

And once the end of the school day is done, you can keep your home and your homeschool separate. Being able to shut the door on your garden room homeschool and walk across the garden back to the house will keep your home for relaxing and school for learning.

A garden room really can make the perfect homeschooling setting and with a wide range of styles and sizes available to you, there is a room for every type of garden.

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