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add value to your home

Garden Features That Add the Most Value to Your Home

When it comes to improving your home in order to add value to it, we often look at the interior decor and opt to paint the walls a lighter colour to give the illusion of space, update the bathroom to give a modern feel, install real wooden flooring to make the whole home feel more decadent but how about the garden? Why are our outdoor spaces so often overlooked? Gardens are becoming far more popular home features, so don’t miss these out if you want to add some serious value to your home.

Presentation is Key

As we all know first impressions matter so by creating a well-presented garden you will immediately make the area seem much more appealing. By well-presented we mean tidy, clean, with a good theme running throughout (i.e. country cottage look, Mediterranean, Rose garden and so on) and well-kept furniture. You want your garden to be welcoming and organised so that the visitor (or potential buyer) can walk through the area easily and take in all of those amazing touches you have added to it. Remember that if you are selling your home it is really important to stage the garden so buyers can get a good idea of how it would look if they used it. Set up the garden table with throws, cushions, and maybe even a dining set. Use mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of the garden being bigger. If you have an outdoor kitchen, set this up so they can see how you use it and how beneficial this feature is. It is all about making the most of what you have, even if your garden is small.

Outdoor Dining

As mentioned above, having a place to eat or even a place to cook outdoors can draw a lot of attention and add value to your home. An outdoor kitchen, a decent BBQ area as well as a place from which to serve drinks are all very appealing. Add in a pretty outdoor dining area surrounded by plants, a water feature, fairy lights as well as a fire pit and you will have the perfect setup.

add value to your home

Garden Room

Not all additions to the garden will be as simple as popping some pretty cushions out on chairs and building a garden room may sound like a big cost but this is in fact a huge investment. People are always on the lookout for ways to increase their living space but without having to fork out on a million-pound pad or having to disrupt the whole household with an extension. A garden room can be that home office, gym, homeschooling room, dining room and so on without encroaching on home life. And because it is so versatile, you can sell your home with the prospect of this garden room being anything they require it to be. Latest figures state that a garden room will add around 5-15% more value to your home.


Adding appropriate lighting to your garden will help to tie the indoors with the outdoors, allow you to stay outside for longer, it will make your space wonderful for entertaining and bring a cosy and romantic feel to this space. Lighting shouldn’t just be one design, instead, think about how different lights could showcase different areas of your garden. For example, a large heat lamp is perfect for patio areas as this will light this section up well enough to carry on entertaining whilst keeping your guests warm. Fairy lights add a touch of magic to smaller sections of seating or highlight a wall. Solar lights are ideal for lining paths to help to guide the way down the garden. With so many styles and designs available these days, you can really take your pick and make sure you find lighting that will boost the overall feel and look of your outdoor space.

Practical Additions

Of course, on top of a garden looking good, it also has to be practical so ensure that you have storage space, a decent area for growing your own or for flowers, perhaps a greenhouse or potting shed too? These demonstrate how a garden can be useful, provide, as well as be a place to come to for calm and relaxation.


A home with good security is always going to go down well with a potential buyer and help to increase the value of the home. Nobody wants to look around a home that could easily be burgled so take some time to assess the outdoor space and see if you can make it a little more secure. High fences or hedges, locks, security cameras, and no overhanging trees will all be good places to start. Also, check for any small gaps where a pet or even a small child could squeeze through. The garden should be nice and pretty but also safe.

Mature Planting

A garden that has been well looked after and contains mature planting is far more desirable than one that has very few plants or none at all. We know not everybody is green-fingered but if you have a garden that has trees, shrubs, perennial plants and flowers as well as a lawn, it is well worth your while to hang onto all of these and learn how to tend to them because when it comes to selling your home, these will certainly add value.

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