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Five Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Property With Your Garden

Five Easy Ways To Add Value To Your Property With Your Garden

When it comes to selling your home, you have probably turned a lot of your focus to making the inside clean, tidy, perhaps freshened it up with a lick of paint, completed those odd jobs that have been sitting there for years? But have you considered the value you could add to the property by paying a little more attention to the garden?

Tidy Up The Space

No matter the time of year that you are looking to sell, your potential buyers will want to see how they could use the outdoor space if they were to live there. An overgrown garden with little to look at, no plants, brambles, long grass, a dirty patio, broken fences etc will be sure to put some people off – remember not everyone can see past the work that needs doing so you need to do this for them.

A quick tidy up of this area will help immensely. Cut back overhanging trees and hedges, cut the grass, get the power wash on the patio, clean the greenhouse, wash any pots you have, fix fences and make the whole garden look much more presentable. The less work a new owner has to be is seen as a bonus and will mean the estate agent can add this as a selling point thus increasing the saleability and possibly the value of your property.

Add Interest

A bare garden is a dull garden and isn’t going to capture anybody’s attention so have a think about what you could add to it to brighten it up and make it seem more enticing. One way of doing this (especially if selling in the warmer months) in an affordable and simple way is by planting brightly coloured flowers in pot plants or beds. If you are selling during the winter, why not take a look what evergreens or trees could go in? A garden is the extension of the home so it has got to catch a buyers eye.

Lick of Paint

If your garden is looking a little drab then a lick of paint is a great way of sprucing it up without splashing too much out. A fence may look like it could do with replacing if it is weather-beaten, green, faded and so on but you’ll be surprised at how you could turn this around just by adding a touch of colour. Look for something that will really make it stand out and feel as though it has been well cared for. Choosing the right colour is definitely key here and although opting for a dark shade may feel safe, lighter colours can actually open a small garden up giving the impression of having more space.

Add a Key Selling Point

To really add more value to your property, think about adding a key selling point, something like a garden room. This provides another room to the house, it will allow a new owner to work from home without having to build their own office, in fact, it could be sold with so many different benefits – a home gym, a playroom, a games room, a dining room, a home cinema, a summerhouse and so on. It has been estimated that a garden room could increase the value of a home by around 5%.


A very important part of having a garden is ensuring that it is safe and secure for the family, children and pets as well as for your belongings. A potential buyer will want to see that these things have been considered and as we all know, a safer neighbourhood is a more desirable (and expensive) one. Take some time to fix breaks in fences or gates or even replace these altogether. Add locks to gates, ensure fence and wall heights are sufficient enough in order to keep prying eyes away, install security lights and maybe even a security system – this could come with you but it will give the potential buyers food for thought.

In terms of safety for pets, as we all know the UK is a nation of pet lovers, check for gaps under fences and gates, any gaps in hedges that could allow a small dog or rabbit to squeeze out of and as above, think about what a person could see from outside of the property. We don’t want them to be tempted to take a pet from the garden. Lastly, if there is a pond cover this with a mesh/grid to show how it could be made safe for children plus pets. A safe and secure garden is one that will certainly add value.

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