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Al Fresco Dining: Eat In Your Garden (Even In The UK)

Al Fresco Dining: Eat In Your Garden (Even In The UK)

The phrase al fresco dining (say it with me ahl freh skoh) is up there with my favourite things to say, right next to “another glass of red wine”. If I could eat outdoors every day, I would. It’s lovely to sit outside listening to the birds and the rustling of the trees while I eat my meal. It reminds me of being on holiday!

Al Fresco Dining Is Great For Your Mood

According to science, there are many benefits of eating outdoors. Spending time outdoors boosts levels of Vitamin D and improves your mood. What’s not to like?

Well… if you live in England like me, the real question is “how to eat and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is miserable most of the time?”. Us Brits make a national sport of discussing our unreliable weather, and particularly right now with COVID meaning it’s safer to socialise outside, it’s hard to make plans when there could be a light shower or a downpour at any moment.

So what can you do?

Al Fresco Dining: Eat In Your Garden (Even In The UK)

Look Into Retractable Roofs

These are modern versions of traditional pergolas, which you might more be more familiar with – wooden garden structures that feature a lattice roof (not to be confused with gazebos). Both traditional and modern pergolas can enhance your garden space by creating an outdoor retreat space for you and your visitors to enjoy. For some inspiration, check out Country Living’s 16 pergola ideas for your backyard.

Even though traditional pergolas are stunning, they lack on weather protection. This is where modern pergolas with retractable roofs come in. These innovative pergolas are elegant and offer an all-weather shade solution for your outdoor space. 

A quick Google search and you can find companies which make and install retractable roofs. These allow you to enjoy shade and sun during the warmer months, and in case it starts to rain, the roof will automatically close, offering you full coverage from the rain for al fresco dining. These are perfect for homes and commercial spaces which need protection from the changing weather conditions.

Get Yourself A Garden Room

A purpose built room with lots of light and large, bi-fold doors which open out onto the garden can be the perfect solution for al fresco dining in the unreliable English weather.

A decking or patio area just outside your garden room means you have a space to eat, but you are just steps away from shelter from the elements if needed.

If you want to use it as a permanent dining room which can be opened up giving you that al fresco feel, a garden room with plenty of glass could be your answer, with a sturdy table and chairs as the centrepiece.

If you want to be more flexible get a light garden table and collapsible chairs which can be stored in your garden room and brought out into the garden on the sunniest days. Keeping plates, cutlery and drinks in your garden room mean you won’t have to traipse to the house when you need something.

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