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pre-school garden

Why A Garden Room Could Be a Great Addition To a Pre-School Garden

Garden rooms can have many functions and can be installed in any outdoor setting as long as the landowner allows it and your chosen size comes below the requirements for building permission. We often think of these structures only being built in back gardens but how about within a place of education? We believe a garden room could be a great addition to a pre-school garden…

Extra Learning Space

The first and very obvious reason for having a garden room in your pre-school is to provide the children with extra learning space. Many pre-schools up and down the country are on the smaller size and this is great for ensuring that children are not overwhelmed and feel safe but it can cause problems when it comes to finding room in which to carry out more activities for learning. A garden room would be an easy solution to this and give the children a lovely, spacious, warm room in which to play.

Shelter on Rainy Days

Outdoor play is crucial for children’s health, learning and development but as we all know, UK weather can be quite unpredictable. A garden room in the garden of the pre-school would provide a great place to take shelter but allow them to still feel as though they are connected to their garden play. The bi-fold doors could be left open to allow them to come in and out as they please and to tie both the indoors and outdoors together.

Pre-school garden

Nature Room for your Pre-School Garden

And the last pointer follows on really well to this one, a nature room. As we said, tying the indoors and outdoors can be really beneficial for play, shelter and also for allowing the children to really connect with nature and wildlife. This room could become a nature hub, a place for them to study the outside world, look at creepy crawlies under the microscope, look up leaves and flowers in books, create nature-based art, grow plants from seeds and so on. This room would such a positive place for the children to be able to access and we are sure the parents would love it too!

Messy Play Room

A large room with laminate flooring and easy to clean walls is THE PERFECT place for messy play and as we all know, small kids just love to get messy! A modern garden room would provide space, light, storage for art equipment and also keep the messy stuff away from the main pre-school room/hall making the tidy up easier at the end of the day.

Dining Room

Alternatively, the garden room at pre-school could be used as a dining room. A place away from the toys and arts and crafts where the children could sit to eat with no other distractions. One long large table would be easily accommodated within this space and with the addition of a sink and toilet, the children would be able to wash up and not have to worry about dashing across to the main school when nature calls. Having a room like this would also allow the staff to focus on just lunchtime and all that goes with this hour making clean up easy and hygienic and ensuring that no food contaminates any equipment or toys.

Chill Out or Nap Zone

Children of pre-school age may well still require a day time nap or just some time out to chill. Taking a nap in a noisy and busy pre-school setting can make it tricky for them to switch off but a garden room could provide a wonderful, quiet and peaceful solution to this. Just imagine a room with pillows and blankets, comfy chairs, floor beds, cushions, soft lighting and calm music. You could create a dreamy setting for all those who need it.

So, as you can see, a garden room isn’t just beneficial for the home, it could also be a great addition for a pre-school.

child friendly garden ideas

Some Child Friendly Garden Ideas For The Springtime

Having a decent sized garden is a such a big advantage when you have a family and especially with small, energetic children. Child friendly gardens are brilliant ideas; they provide a great way for kids to burn off their stores of energy and get fresh air, making it easier for them to stay fit and healthy no matter what time of year it is as children don’t appear to feel the cold!

However, you do need to put a little thought into creating your child friendly garden so that your child will be safe and happy playing outside.

Here are some child friendly garden ideas.

Ensure it’s secure

If your garden is detached in any way then it’s important to get secure fences and gates to make it child safe, and stop them from wandering off up the road!

A lock placed at shoulder height on a garden gate will stop even the most wily children from escaping while your back is turned.

If you have a large garden, then fencing a portion of it off for your child could be an idea rather than attempting to make the whole garden child friendly, if that seems like an impossible idea!

child friendly garden ideas

Outdoor toys

Outdoor toys like water tables and sandpits are popular for keeping kids entertained and are one of the easiest and most obvious child friendly garden ideas. Ride on toys are also great fun, particularly if you have a flat area like a patio for them to speed around on. Remember to supervise children at all times – and especially around water.

Make your planting safe for children

Some plants can be harmful or toxic if eaten, and should be avoided if you have small children accessing your outdoor space.

As well as anything spikey which they could potentially scratch themselves on, plants you should avoid include:

  • Bluebell
  • Hydrangea
  • Foxglove
  • Poison Ivy
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Daphne
  • Daffodil

Here is a long list of poisonous plants which you should make sure you do not have in your garden.

Grow your own fruit and veg

Conversely, planting a fruit and veg patch with your child, and bright flowers, can make a garden much more exciting for children especially if you involve them. Child-sized tools can get them hooked on gardening at a young age!

Encourage nature into the garden

Children love to watch birds and animals, so encouraging the local nature into your garden is a great way to make it more child friendly. Gardens can become fascinating places if you have a bird table. Maybe create a bug hotel and plant bee-friendly flowers. Read these tips from the Wildlife Trust for attracting native British wildlife into your garden.

But avoid deep ponds with young children

Although nature is a great benefit of a garden for children, it’s important if you have small children that they can play safely, and therefore avoid ponds which could pose a risk of drowning. If there is already a deep pond in your garden and you do not want to fill it in, then it is vital to ensure that it made safe.

This means fencing around the pond and placing mesh or grilling on top of it, and most importantly you should never leave a child unsupervised around it.

If you are keen to build a pond from scratch, consider waiting until your child is older. Alternatively a shallow nature pond is safer, but even so precautions should still be taken.

Think about a Wendy house

Add some adventure with their very own Wendy house. Child-sized plastic chairs and tables can make your child or grandchild feel like they have their very own house! You can get cheap plastic play houses, or purpose built wooden ones, depending on your budget.

Alternatively, build a garden room

If you want something with a bit more longevity than a miniature-sized Wendy house to complete your child friendly garden, a garden room can be utilised as an outdoor play room, a clubhouse or used to store toys. As they grow it can be put to use as a teenager den or as a games room, or you can claim it back and turn it into the summer house you always wanted.

Garden Office Room

6 Ways To Make Your Garden Office Room Feel Bright and Airy

One of the biggest pros of having a garden office room is the natural light it allows in but once you begin to add furniture, gym equipment, decor and paint the walls this can immediately alter the whole ambience of this space so how can you continue to make your garden room feel bright and airy without doing too much? Let’s explore…

Neutral Colour Schemes

It may feel like an obvious statement but light, bright and neutral shades will help to open up any living space and give the illusion of more space. As the natural light bounces off these light-coloured walls, you will find that the garden room will feel truly fresh and airy. Dark colours can work well if you choose a single feature wall but if you go all in, you will soon find that the room will feel dark and far smaller than it actually is.


Instead of opting for heavy curtains or blinds, choose almost sheer, white or cream drapes for your doors and windows. These will immediately give that light and airy feel by tying in with your light walls. Another way they can look amazing is when a window is opened and a fresh spring breeze comes in and gently blows the drapes around creating a dreamy almost romantic atmosphere.


Place lamps in the darkest areas of your garden office room to really maximise on the light. You don’t want anything large and imposing so make sure you look for small wall lights, delicate standing lamps or perhaps even sensor lights that will come on as the room becomes darker.


Mirrors are such a simple way of making a room feel light and airy. They help to reflect the natural light coming in plus they provide an optical illusion making your brain feel as though the space is far larger than it actually is. If you are looking for the most budget-friendly way of opening a room up, invest in a couple of mirrors.


Keep your decor to just what you need. This way you will have a functional yet light room that will never overwhelm you.

Add Plants

Plants can be hugely beneficial in any living space and by carefully choosing air-purifying varieties you will not only be creating some pretty focal points but also improving the air quality within your garden office room too. Consider adding a Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Boston Fern or Snake Plant.

Have you any other tips for making your garden office room feel bright and airy? Let us know.

using a 3d garden room design tool

The Benefits of Using Our 3D Garden Room Design Tool

Making the decision to install a garden room in your back garden is a big one and one that will come with a lot of considerations – size, costs, neighbours, location, time frames, house valuation and so on. So here at Modern Garden Rooms, we want to ensure that you get the right garden room for you down to the very last detail and one way in which we can achieve this is by providing you access to our very own 3D Garden Room Design Tool.

What is a 3D Garden Room Design Tool?

This is simply a programme that will allow you to select from our different garden room features, such as overall design, doors, windows and as you make these choices your garden room 3D image will adapt to show you precisely how your design will look.

What are The Benefits of the 3D Garden Room Design Tool?

Some people have a really good ability of envisaging a build like this in their mind whereas others cannot which is why our 3D Garden Room Design Tool can be incredibly helpful and insightful. Here are the options that are available to you when using this programme:


Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we offer a wide selection of garden room styles and in order to really grasp which would suit your garden and the space you have allocated for it, you can see each one on our 3D model.

  • Canopy
  • Rendered Canopy
  • Concave
  • Rendered Concave
  • Cube
  • Rendered Cube
  • Border
  • Rendered Border

With each click, you will be able to get a good feel for the dimensions, the overall finish and if you look above the image, you will notice that costings will update with every alteration that you make.

Once you have a design you like you can then go on to decide whether you’d like the cladding look or the composite finish, whether your decked area will be in the same material, how deep you’d like the decking and if you’d like any further upgrades such as corrugated panelling. You may well discover that what you originally had in mind isn’t what you’ll end up with as you learn how many options there are and how different each change can make the garden room.


Our garden rooms range in size from our smallest at 2.5×2 all the way up to 10×5. By using the 3D design tool you’ll really be able to get a good idea of how the building will truly look and this will help you with your final size decision. You may well want to revisit your initial size ideas and possibly even the location decision as the 3D tool brings your design to life.

Doors and Windows

We offer a wide range of doors, windows, materials, sizes and styles because we think it is important to be able to provide you with plenty of options in order to achieve your perfect garden room. From tall fixed window panels to panoramic, top hung over fixed and fixed light as well as others, you will be able to sit and play for hours until you find the ideal combination.


And if all of that wasn’t enough, you can even choose from a lovely selection of colours for your doors, windows and composite allowing you to really add that personal touch.


Moving onto the interior, our 3D Garden Room Design Tool will shift view to allow you to select your flooring type and colour, materials, wall makeup, lighting, number of electrical sockets and heaters. We really want you to be able to get a feel for the entire build before we even begin building it.

Finished Design

Your finished design can then be emailed over to our offices where a contact will look through the plans and get in touch with you. Of course, we are happy to answer any further questions, confirm how the build will look overall, advise on any aspects you are unsure of and provide images of builds that we have previously worked on for you to compare to.

So, hopefully, you will now be able to see how beneficial the planning stage can be and how our 3D Garden Room Design Tool could really benefit you during this process.

Home Cinema in a Garden Room

5 Benefits of Having a Home Cinema in a Garden Room

A garden room can have many great and beneficial uses which are often quite practical such as for work purposes but don’t overlook those entertainment ideas. Some of our favourites include a gaming room, a dining/party space, a music studio and a home cinema. Here we are going to take a look at the benefits of having a home cinema in a garden room.

A Home Cinema in a Garden Room Provides Family Entertainment

Installing a home cinema in your garden room will result in a fantastic way of staying entertained in the comfort of your own home. You can watch your favourite family movies, binge on the latest Netflix series or view the latest wildlife documentaries, all in cinema-style quality… Without the costs! You can hang out as a family, invite your friends over or get some much-needed personal relaxation time whenever you want it.

You Can Have Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

As great as the cinema is we have all experienced those moments when the chair isn’t quite comfortable, the air conditioning is up a little too high or someone taller sits in front of you. With a home cinema, you can set the heating level, comfort levels, and optimum lighting levels then be able to sit back in the knowledge that you will be able to enjoy your chosen movie in your ideal conditions. On top of this, having your cinema at home is really convenient allowing you to watch your film or TV show whenever you fancy.

Get The Best Quality Film Viewing

Home cinema systems have come on leaps and bounds in recent years which means that you will be able to achieve the same quality viewing and surround sound that you get with the real thing. We’d highly recommend looking into the largest HD TV, whole room sound systems, low-level lighting and perhaps even some cinema chairs!

There Are No Restraints

The joy of having a home cinema in your garden room is that you will never have time restraints or additional costs such as tickets and snacks and drinks. You can come and go from your room as you need, you can pause the film, you can watch it at any time of the day and even stop the film and return to it at a later time. Zero restraints.

Get A Touch of Luxury!

It may sound a little fancy to some at first but as soon as they visit your home cinema they’ll quickly see that the benefits of this touch of home luxury. This new addition will be great for your mental well-being, your social life, your wallet and don’t forget that it will also add value to your home too.

As you can see there are lots of great benefits of having a home cinema in your garden room and if you’d like to find out more about installing one get in touch with us today.

heating a garden room

Heating a Garden Room Effectively When It’s Cold Outside

It’s brass monkeys out there at the moment and the garden isn’t very inviting. If you don’t have heating in your garden room, then when the temperatures are this low it can make it unusable as a home office or leisure space.

Options for heating a garden room

The first thing is to make sure that your garden room is insulated. There’s no point heating a garden room if it won’t retain the heat; it’ll be very expensive and you’ll end up cold anyway. Our garden rooms all come with insulation as standard so your heat won’t just escape!

Next up, you have to consider the method of heating up your garden room. Here are some option.

Oil filled radiators

An oil-filled electric radiator is a freestanding radiator which plugs into the wall. You use electricity to heat up the oil which keeps warm even when they’ve been switched off.

Electric radiators

Looking much like the gas radiators inside most modern homes, electric radiators can take a little while to heat up initially but are a good option for heating a garden room as they can be temperature controlled via a thermostat and plug timer, meaning you don’t have to physically turn the heating on when you want to use your office. This obviously relies on having electricity in your garden room.

Wood burning stove

A traditional wood burning stove can’t half kick out some heat; more than enough to fill your garden room and make it warm and cosy.

However, you must get a stove professionally installed which includes fitting a chimney flue, which can be pricey, and there is the ongoing cost of wood to fuel your wood burning stove. It also can’t be turned on and off easily like a radiator can.

Heating a Garden Room Effectively When It's Cold Outside

Air con

One of the more expensive options to fit and to run, an air con unit has the benefit of also being used to cool down your office in the summer when it’s too hot. Things to consider in addition to the price are the noise (although new air con units are not as noisy as they once were) and where it can be positioned; there will be an external unit on one side of your garden room.

Underfloor heating

Some people choose to add underfloor heating to a garden room when in the design phase; to retrofit this can be costly and disruptive. It’s a fairly expensive option, but having warm toes in the middle of winter is pure luxury.

Convection heaters

Convection heaters are ever so quick at heating a garden room. They are pretty expensive if you keep running them, but can quickly heat up a room and turn themselves off when they reach the desired temperature. The best thing about them is you don’t need to put them on hours before you want the space to be heated.

Solar power

If being eco-friendly is important to you, and you like the idea of low running costs, then solar power heating might be the thing for you. Solar panels are installed which contain tubes. These warm up in the sun and then use this to heat up your space. It works by installing special tubes onto your garden room roof which collect water and warm up in the sun. Obviously this is reliant on having a sunny garden and must have professional insulation.

Don’t forget the blankets!

Of course heating your space is the most obvious solution, but don’t discount how effective it is to put on extra layers and blankets if you’re working on your own in your garden room. It’s a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using electricity or wood burners!

use your summerhouse in winter

Five Ways You Can Use Your Summerhouse In The Winter

Don’t be fooled by the name. As long as you have a fully insulated summerhouse with double glazing, electricity and heating, you can most definitely use it all year round… Not just during the summer! So let’s take a look at how to use your summerhouse in the winter.

Garden Office

This is probably the most popular and logical use for your summerhouse. Since more of us are working from home either full-time or part-time, it makes far more sense to keep your place of work separate from the house and a garden room or summerhouse is the ideal location. You will have plenty of privacy, quiet, zero distractions and can remain professional whilst still being comfortable on your own home premises.

Home Gym

Those early mornings in winter at -2 can make it very tricky to get to the gym. The frozen car, the motivation, driving in the dark. But why drive at all when you can have your very own gym at home? A summerhouse makes a great gym studio as you can personalise it by only buying the equipment you use and love, you can create the perfect workout space for your choice of exercises and being just a quick walk from the house, you will save yourself a lot of time. And if you are worried about using the summerhouse in the winter, you could always set a timer on your heater so the room is lovely and toasty when you step inside – but it shouldn’t be long before you work up a sweat!

summerhouse in winter

Summerhouse Winter Chill-Out Zone

If all of that activity is just a tad too much for you, why not set your summerhouse up as a winter chill-out zone instead? The winter makes the best time for putting all of your hygge knowledge and furnishings to use. Think cosy corners, wood burners, hot chocolate stations, candles and cushions, reading nooks and meditation. Ahh, bliss.

Birdwatching House

You may think that birdwatching is non-existent in the winter but give it a go and you may well be surprised. At this time of year, it is far more tricky for birds to source food so you should see a little more activity going into that search, you may see some unusual behaviours and if you place food out in your garden you may well be amazed by the number of visitors you will get.

Kids Playroom

It is tough to get everyone out of the house in the winter, we get it, it’s far nicer to stay indoors warm and cosy in front of the TV. However, as a parent, you probably feel the need to encourage your children to venture out or to try new activities and this is where a winter summerhouse can come in. Why not change the use of the summerhouse into a playroom for the kids? That way you will be getting out of the house and into new surroundings. You could set up play sections, a reading area, an art corner and even a mini yoga studio to keep them active and stimulated. The great thing about having this building in the garden is that it interlinks the two so your kids could go outside to explore and play and come in to get warm when they are ready. Another lovely activity to do as a family is to investigate bugs and nature in the garden and come inside to talk about your discoveries, create art around it and maybe even use a microscope to study their findings.

So, as you can see a summerhouse can be just as much fun in the winter as it is in the summer.

insulated garden office

Why An Insulated Garden Office Is A Purchase You’ll Never Regret

Whether you work from home a few days a week or 100% of the time, it is very tempting to get your own office space. An insulated garden office offers so many benefits, that you’ll wish you got one sooner!

You can add more space to your home

Not everyone wants to give up space in their home for a workspace. Although often modern houses come with a small ‘office’ room, it’s not uncommon for offices to take the place of bedrooms or living areas. If you’re short on living space then it’s a relatively cheap and easy way to create more.

An insulated garden office gives you privacy

If you’ve work that’s important or confidential, working from the home isn’t always the best solution. If you have children running around, it can be very hard to conduct business calls and meetings.

An office in the garden will keep all the noise and potential interruptions away and you can keep your files locked away safely.

workspaces in the garden: Why An Insulated Garden Office Is A Purchase You'll Never Regret

It will help your productivity

There are loads of different schools of thought about increasing productivity but having a dedicated insulated garden office, free from distraction and distanced from all the housework and jobs you need to do, can help you to really apply yourself.

Plus, the surroundings of the garden, with trees and flowers, are all good for boosting productivity too.

It adds value to your home

Since the pandemic caused a huge increase in people working from home, many people are looking specifically for houses which have office space and are therefore willing to pay more for a house where there is already an office in place. It could make your house more saleable, or even sell for more money, as the usable square footage will be increased.

If it’s insulated, you can use the office all year round

Unlike some garden offices, a properly insulated garden office will stay warm once heated so it can be used in winter, as well as when it’s warmer outside.

You can save money!

An insulated garden office is a big initial outlay, but it could save you money on an ongoing basis. Obviously you won’t have the expensive commute to pay for, and all the associated costs of working out of the home. In comparison with using a room in the house, why would you heat a whole house when you can decamp to the office instead?

Plus there are various ways that you can claim tax relief on a garden office used for work purposes; speak to your accountant to see what you are able to claim for.

Corner Summerhouse

Would Your Garden Benefit From a Corner Summerhouse?

It’s no secret that UK gardens tend to be on the smaller side but by maximising on your given space you can still make the most of every part of it. One popular addition to gardens these days is a summerhouse, especially for those people who work from home or who need an extra room for their house but even if your garden isn’t huge, this can be a possibility if you choose and design a corner summerhouse.

Why a Corner Summerhouse?

The Look

Summerhouses really encompass that traditional English garden feel and for that reason they make a wonderful addition even if you are limited in outdoor space. By carefully utilising the area you can have a pretty cedarwood corner summerhouse fit for any purpose.


Not only does a summerhouse make an aesthetically beautiful feature in your garden but it can also open up a whole new world of opportunities. It could easily become an office for work or perhaps a hobby room, maybe a potting room if you love to garden or a home gym. There are many uses which we have covered in detail previously in our Garden Room blogs and these uses can of course also change over the years as your needs/requirements change.

Home Extension Alternative

For many people, a full home extension either isn’t possible due to the lack of space, time constraints, costs or upheaval and so a simpler yet still very effective way of obtaining extra space on your home is by building a structure like a corner summerhouse. The build won’t impose on your home life, it won’t take as long as an extension would do and it can fit in beautifully with its surroundings.

Adds Value

Recent studies have shown that installing a structure like a corner summerhouse can actually increase your home’s value by around 5-7% making it a great investment for the future too.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing

By adding a garden building you will be able to gain the space that you crave and deserve which often reflects positively on your mental and physical wellbeing. When we are trying to work in noisy, busy and distracting environments, it can take a toll not only on your stress levels but also on your relationships with others so having a dedicated place of work can make a huge difference. If your health has taken a bit of a hit due to not getting enough exercise or through mental illness, then a summerhouse acting as a gym, dance studio, yoga studio or place of meditation can have a massive positive impact. Or if life has been a bit too hectic and stressful of late and you just need a space in which to read, to sit and reflect, maybe to paint or draw then, again, a room like this can provide that for you.

Designed to Suit Your Needs

Here at Modern Garden Rooms we will work closely with you before and during the design and build in order to provide you with a corner summerhouse that will meet all of your needs. We can offer a cedarwood finish or a rendered look, we can adapt the style and shape to suit the garden plot, we can discuss the ideal location and how many windows you will need for optimum light and even offer decking options so you can make full use of the outside of the room as well as the inside. If all of this sounds exactly what you are looking for then why not get in touch with us today?

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With A New Garden Seating Area

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With A New Garden Seating Area

Today’s slightly warmer weather gives hint of spring on the way. Yes, it might well get colder again in February (or even next week!), but right now the winter sun is shining and it’s a great time to think about how you’d like your outside space to look in spring and make the most of the downtime, and even the winter sales by planning a brand new garden seating area.

Different types of garden seating area

Dragging chairs out into the garden to catch some sun is all fine and dandy, but why not go one further by building a dedicated garden seating area to enjoy?


A patio is a lovely addition to a garden, giving you a space that can be used as a garden seating area throughout the year. Planning it now will mean that by the time the warmer weather hits, you could make use of your brand new garden seating area.

A patio is perfect for barbecues or parties, and you can even install a hot tub on it, as it won’t corrode or wear down, and can take the weight of anything you put on it.

A patio is a fairly permanent decision. Once you’ve laid a patio with foundations, returning the lawn to turf could be expensive and time consuming. However, a well laid patio it will last for many, many years and require minimal maintenance. From time to time, you may wish to repoint if the foundations aren’t deep enough and weeds manage to peak through, and at the start of each new season it would be wise to use a pressure washer to clean, but you shouldn’t have to scrub it down or paint it to make use of your outdoor seating area regularly.

There are so many different types of patio that we can’t possible cover them all here, but if the idea appeals to you then it’s a good time of year to make contact with your local builder, before the spring rush.


Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space With A New Garden Seating Area

Decking is a slightly cheaper option for a garden seating area than a patio, and they don’t take as long to install as a patio might. There is no concrete involved and the ground below the decking can usually be returned to its original state without having to dig out the area with machinery.

Of course, wooden decking requires maintenance as the material can corrode and degrade over time, so it won’t last as long as a stone slab patio, however they can make a great base for a garden seating area and if you prefer the natural look of wood, or wood composite, it may be the better option for.

Whether you fancy decking surrounding the back of you house, in a raised corner of the garden, or perhaps adjacent to your garden room, read our post here to find out what kind of decking would suit you best.

Pergola or arbour

If you want a little shade, then a pergola or arbour can make a lovely garden seating area. A pergola over a section of the garden, on a patio or over decking or an arbour with integrated seating in the corner of your garden gives you somewhere to sit in the garden and read, eat or enjoy a glass of wine.

Growing climbing plants over your pergola or arbour can really make it part of the garden. A small arbour with soft comfy cushions can make a dreamy, romantic space for you and your partner to sit together.

At this time of year, you may find that garden centres have offers on such outdoor structures, so it’s a good time to look!

A garden room

For whatever-the-weather garden seating, a garden room with big, bi-fold doors and large windows to open out onto the garden can transform your outdoor space from barely used to the hub of the house. You can store your outdoor furniture inside it and drag it out easily if you want to make the most of the weather; much easier than digging through a dingy garage!

Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter

Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter

The winter months may be the time when you’d rather be indoors keeping warm but on those dry, clear days it can be a great time to do some checks around the garden and your garden room to ensure that everything is kept in tip-top condition. Here are a few jobs we suggest for this time of year…

Flower Beds

If you have flower beds surrounding your garden room, the winter period is the ideal time to get deadheading, clearing those seasonals and having a general tidy up. This is also the best time for planting any bulbs ready for blooming in the spring. Fallen leaves can be both a blessing and a problem. They can provide vital cover for insects at this time of year but they can also cause rot to some plants and flowers so we would recommend removing any that are covering your plants but leaving what you can on the bed itself in order to help that tiny ecosystem.


At this time of year, hedges should generally be left alone. Allow them to get through the frosty and chilly season so that come spring time their leaves and branches should be growing healthily. The only job you could do here is to clear any rotting leaves, pick up fallen twigs either from these or overhanging trees and check your hedges/bushes for any signs of issues.

Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter


If your garden room has a decked area it is essential that you tend to this during the winter as it can easily become a slip hazard. The build-up of water, algae, ice and leaves are all issues for an area like this so a regular sweep, wash down or even power wash will do it the world of good. This way you will be able to continue safely using your garden room all year round.

If you use this area for sitting or have ornaments or plant pots it is best to store these away for the winter in order to protect them.

Windows and Doors

Just like with your home, the windows and bi-fold doors to your garden room will become mucky during this time of the year. Giving them a good clean as well as an inspection will help to keep your garden room in good condition and looking great.

Guttering on Your Garden Room

Leaves, moss, muck and a lot of rain can all cause damage and blockages to guttering. In order to prevent these from leading to further issues to the structure of your building make some time to get up and clear anything away. You could also give the outside a little clean whilst you are there to prevent staining. Of course, if this job is a little too mucky or physical for you, you could ask a window cleaner or handyman to help you out.

The Garden Room Roof

If you are starting to see any problems with the roof during the winter months you should act fast on these before they lead to anything worse such as leaks or mould. It isn’t a common problem but factors such as age, overhanging trees and storms can all play a part in creating damage. Regularly check your garden room roof for any leaves, branches, water-logged areas, moss and so on and clear these away as and when you can.

Check Your Lighting

With the darker mornings and evenings, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient lighting for your garden area and garden room especially if you use it for say work purposes. Solar lights can still work well in the winter even with less light and these make a pretty and easy way to light up a path to and from your home to the garden room. Security lights are a good choice for the outside of the garden room as they won’t use up too much electricity and will alert you to any movement. Fairy lights make a stunning wintery touch for the Christmas season and lamps placed around inside your garden room will help to keep the light at an optimum level on those more gloomy days.

How a Modern Garden Room Can Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

After a very long year, the New Year is almost here! The start of January is a classic time to plan ahead, make resolutions and be productive. With new hope and good intentions we look forward to 2023; here are some ways that a new Modern Garden Room could help you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

Get Fit in Your Modern Garden Room

The classic New Year’s resolution: Staying fit isn’t just beneficial for your body, your mental health needs it to stay in check and during these difficult periods, this is one of the best and most efficient ways to help.

Having a dedicated space such as a modern garden room in which you can take up yoga, weights, dance, take on virtual HIIT classes etc. will ensure that you stick to a routine and will allow you to see that difference in both fitness levels and your mood.

A she-cave: Turn Your Modern Garden Room Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Go Green Fingered with a Garden Prep Room

Resolved to get into the garden more often? Want to be more sustainable and grow your own fruit and veg? Your garden room could also be your garden prep room. A potting shed is ok but will be cold in the winter, a little draughty and often damp whereas a garden room will be warm, insulated, dry and will provide you with all the space you need to tend to plants, seedlings or even to sit and draw plans of how you’d like your summer garden to look.

Create a Hobby Room

Thinking of a new hobby is easy; it’s sticking to it that is more difficult so why not make it your New Year’s resolution to take up and stick to something new. A new hobby such as art, sewing, knitting, crafting, upcycling, woodwork etc is a great way of occupying your mind and having something positive to focus on. Once again, a modern garden room can make the perfect place to set up as a hobby room, a place just for you, away from the house and any distractions.

Start Up a New Business in a Home Office

Starting up a new business right now may seem a little risky but if you have an idea, why not roll with it?!

A modern garden room will make the perfect little home office for working from home in. Benefits include flexible working, being around to juggle homelife between the working day, more time with your family, being your own boss and in complete control of your ideas and dreams.

The uses and benefits that come from installing a garden room are endless and as your needs change, so can your building which is what makes it one of the best investments you can make in your home.

modern garden summerhouse

Add Value to Your Home in 2023 With a Modern Garden Summerhouse

Many of us are always on the lookout for great ways in which to increase the value of homes and a lot of these can be quite simple. From improving the decor to creating a driveway, installing double or triple glazing or even building a modern garden summerhouse, all can have a positive effect. So naturally, we are about to explain how the latter can add around 5% to the value of your home in 2023.

How a modern garden summerhouse can add value

Increased Floor Space

As soon as you add another room to your house whether that be a garage conversion, an extension or a garden room, you increase the floor space and this equals a higher home value. Everybody is always seeking a house that will give them all their family needs and space is a huge benefit for a happy home life because that increased space can be used in whatever way you require as we will look at now…

Home Office

Home working has seen a massive increase in recent years and being able to provide a dedicated space for this in 2023 is a surefire way of adding value to your home. If you will be looking to sell in the future, this is certainly one bonus you could provide for those prospective buyers and the best thing about having a garden office is that it will well and truly keep work and home life separate.

Home Gym

Not only will a home gym add value but it will also save you money in the long run because once it is complete you can go right ahead and cancel that gym membership! This addition to your home will not just be beneficial to your bank balance though, it will also be for your physical and also your mental well-being.

modern garden summerhouse

Kids Playroom

When we have kids, we inevitably also have toys… lots and lots of toys! And as the typical UK home isn’t built with a playroom, it can be very tricky to house these extra items and provide your children with the play area they need. A modern garden summerhouse makes the ideal space for this as it is warm, comfortable, soundproofed, spacious and can be tailored to all of your needs and wants. The kids will absolutely love having this dedicated place in which to engage in play and your home will stay clutter and (slightly) mess-free.

Hobby Room

Of course, having a place where you can carry out your much-loved hobby is also highly desirable and a real selling point for your home. A Garden Room could become your knitting room, reading room, gaming room, art room, yoga studio, music room or even cinema room. It is very easy to create the space you need and will go on to love but even if your tastes change, the garden room can be changed quite simply too. Another bonus of investing in a room like this is that it can literally become whatever you need it to be.

So, will a modern garden summerhouse be on your shopping list for 2023? If you are interested in adding value to your home as well as your lifestyle get in touch with us today.

decking around your garden room

Four Reasons To Use Composite Decking Around Your Garden Office

If you prefer a decking material that will last for decades, consider composite decking around your garden office. Composite decking is quite a bit more expensive than wood decking, but it is worth the money. Why? Well, composite decking has a lot of benefits compared to the alternatives of wood decking and plastic decking. When you look at the benefits composite decking around your garden office offers, you will be grateful you purchased it. Let’s consider five reasons composite decking is worth the money.

Reasons To Use Composite Decking Around Your Garden Office

1. Composite Decking is Easy to Maintain 

One of the reasons composite decking is worth the money is that it is easy to maintain. Composite decking is not like wood decking that requires painting or staining to keep it beautiful. Using wood decking around your garden office is less expensive than composite boards, but it requires huge maintenance.

Composite decking is resistant to cracks as well as rot so you don’t have to spend much money in maintaining your composite deck, unlike wood. It only requires cleaning with soap when there is a stain on the deck.

2. It has a Long Lifespan

A second reason why composite decking is worth the initial investment is that it has a longer lifespan than wood decking, which can be prone to damage. Because wood decking can absorb moisture and rot over time, it can last up to 15 years if you maintain it properly. 

Composite decking, on the other hand, is less prone to damage. It cannot absorb water and won’t decay like wood decking. Composite decking cannot crack or splinter and it will not rot. Composite decking can stay for many years and remain the same. It is not like wood decking that will rot as time passes. Even if you expose the composite deck to moisture, it will not decay.

A composite deck has a lifespan of 25 years and above.

3. Composite Decking is Resistant to the Elements and Will Not Rot

composite decking around your garden room

Wood-plastic composite is resistant to the elements which is why composite decking is worth the expenditure. Composite boards are durable materials that cannot get damaged easily. It can withstand heat due to temperature changes. Composite decking can thrive in different climate conditions. It can expand and contract within varying temperatures without getting damaged.

4. Pests Can Not Eat Composite Decking

Composite decking is resistant to termites and pests, who cannot eat composite decking like they can wood. Pests simply cannot penetrate and plastic material in the composite decking makes it hard for termites to eat it.

If you install composite decking around your garden office then termites and other wood-eating insects will not damage your deck, and it will easily last for several decades without getting spoiled.

Having Composite Decking Around Your Garden Office is the Obvious Choice

Composite decking provides many benefits when compared to other decking types. It has a long lifespan, and it’s also easy to maintain. In addition, composite is resistant to pests, rot and the elements. If you’re looking to put decking around your garden office, then it’s the obvious choice!

modern garden classroom

Give Your Homeschooling Journey a Headstart with a Garden Classroom

If you have been considering homeschooling your child/children or have just recently made this change then you may have already turned your mind to the home set-up and location. We understand that this can be tricky to navigate as you will probably want a dedicated space so that school work doesn’t encroach on home life but we also get that not every house can provide this which is why we want to show you how a Modern Garden Classroom can be the ideal solution.

It is Fully Insulated for Year Round Use

For starters, all of our Garden Rooms are fully insulated and designed and built to a very high spec. This will allow you to use this space as your homeschooling setting all year round without having to ever adapt it for the summer or the winter.

Your Garden Classroom has Electricity and Heating

On top of this, a Garden Classroom will come with electricity and heating which will allow you to work in all lights and on the colder days quite comfortably. There is also scope to add a toilet and sink so do make sure you ask us about this at the time of enquiry and design.

You Can Create a Large Open Space

Our Modern Garden Rooms provide plenty of open space with an easy clean floor which is perfect for homeschooling activities. You can choose to divide this space up into separate smaller areas such as a reading nook, an arts and crafts corner, a table area for working at, a chill-out zone and a play area. This will allow you to homeschool to your full potential without the restrictions your home could bring.

modern garden classroom

There’s Easy Garden Access

We know how nature and homeschooling go hand in hand which is why it is beneficial to have immediate access to your garden. A garden classroom comes built with large bi-fold doors which can be flung open in the summer months to allow your children to come and go as they need to during their school day. It also means you can utilise both areas as study settings and you can allow the homeschool room to get as mucky as you like without the worry you would have if this was inside your home. Even during the colder months, the bi-fold doors will allow your children to connect with nature by providing a place for them to watch for wildlife through the window and track the weather and seasons.

A Garden Classroom Affords Quiet and Privacy

A big problem with homeschooling inside your house is the worry of noise, distractions from the phone or door, possibly noisy neighbours and so on. A Modern Garden Classroom will enable you to leave all of those behind and provide you with a quiet and private space in which to focus and work and play.

So, as you can see, a Modern Garden Room has many benefits as your homeschooling setting. If you love the sound of this why not get in contact with us today?

make a garden living room cosy

Five Ways To Make Your Garden Living Room More Cosy

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to put more effort into making your living spaces warm, comforting and cosy. If you have a garden living room and you want to keep using it throughout the winter, here are some tips.

Making Your Garden Living Room Cosy

1. Heat the space up well

An obvious one to begin, but you’re not going to get cosy in a cold space. This is the time for roaring log fires and snuggling up on the sofa, but it’s a little tricky to install a whole fireplace in your garden living room!

A plug-in heater or radiator can make the whole space much cosier.

Or, if you want to go down a more rustic, rough and ready look then you could look at getting a gorgeous little log burner installed in the corner of your garden living room. You will need to get it done professionally but it’s entirely possible! Because garden living rooms are well insulated and heat up quickly, you’ll need a very small log burning fire and you will need to get it installed by a professional.

log burning fire stove: make a garden living room cosy

2. Tis the season for faux fur

I don’t advocate the use of fur, but the use of faux fur is an entirely different matter. Nothing can quite bring about a sense of total cosiness in a garden living room as much as faux fur throw or two on the sofa; maybe some faux fur cushions too to get the whole effect. Wrapping yourself up in something that Jon Snow would wear during a northern winter is a lovely way of enjoying those nippy nights in front of the aforementioned log burning stove.

3. Curtains

Curtains keep the light out but they also help keep the heat in, and make places seem cosier. Thick, thermal curtains don’t have to be expensive and curtain rails are easy enough to install yourself. Closing your curtains as you settle down to watch your favourite tv show with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, under your faux fur throw, is the perfect way to pass a chilly evening.

4. Layer up on your rugs

For everyone that doesn’t have underfloor heating, it can be chilly underfoot in your garden living room. If you thought there was a one rug per room rule that you had to follow, then think again. That’s because there is no such as too many rugs or carpets. If you really wanted to, you could overlap a dozen rugs to create a sort of cosy little Moroccan vibe in your living room. Just try not to trip over it.

5. Cosy lighting

It’s already dark by 4pm which means you’re going to need a lot of light. A great way to ensure that your garden living room feels as cosy as it possibly can is to dot lamps around. Wherever you can squeeze in a floor lamp, do it. Grab another end table, do some shuffling, find a way to make it fit on that shelf. Lamps just have a gorgeous way of illuminating a room in a soft glow, as well as being able to highlight a favourite spot in a room, and make a space more welcoming and cosy!

outdoor Garden Room

The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Garden Room Built

If you have arrived on our site because you are thinking about installing an outdoor Garden Room, welcome, come on it and let’s discuss. There are so many great reasons for making a purchase like this so let’s take a look at those benefits right now…

Additional Family Living Space

If you are looking to add more space to your home and don’t want the disruption that an extension build can bring then an outdoor modern garden room is a great option. Not only will this provide you with another room to your home that will help to improve your home living balance but it will also give you the opportunity to create a space that will work for you and your family in whatever way you need…

Multi-Functional Outdoor Garden Room

A garden room can be anything from a cinema room to a playroom, a games room or dining room, a reading nook or a home spa, an art studio or a place to workout. Honestly, the list could go on and on (check out our other blogs for plenty of inspiration). And, over the years, the space can of course be adapted and changed up to alter as your family needs do.

Work From Home Opportunities

One of the most popular options of use for an outdoor modern garden room is a home office. With the rise in businesses seeing the benefits of working from home rather than commuting many people now need that dedicated work area in order to keep their work and home life separated and a garden room makes the perfect solution. Another reason we have seen an increase in our rooms being used for work is due to the increase in new small businesses cropping up. With self-employment coming from redundancies, business closures from Covid days, people wanting a better work/life balance and to have the flexibility for their kids, creating a business from scratch has some real benefits and being able to quickly and easily build a garden room in which to work from just adds to that.

Quick Installation

As we mentioned above, a house extension can really disrupt the entire household and it will also take far longer to install than an outdoor garden room. Our builds can take just 2 weeks to complete which won’t ever impose on you. This means you can get in and start using your new room nice and quickly.

Adds Values

An outdoor garden room can easily add around 5-7% to the overall price of your current home which is a real benefit if you ever come to remortgage or move.

Year Round Use

Our garden rooms come with electricity, heating and insulation as standard which means you can use them all year round without ever feeling the cold. We build to a high spec using the best materials we can source and we will always discuss all of your needs at the time of planning and design. Your garden room is built to stand the test of time and all weathers.

If you’d like to talk to us about the possibility of building your own outdoor garden room then please do get in touch today.

romantic garden ideas for couples

Romantic Garden Ideas For Couples Who Want To Spend Time Together

As time goes by, it can be hard to make time for romance; particularly if you have children, sometimes it’s just not on the card. However there are ways that you can bring the spark back into your relationship, and you need look no further than your own garden for ideas! Here are some romantic garden ideas for couples who want to spend more time together.

Some Really Romantic Garden Ideas

Screening or Fencing

No one wants to share their romantic nights in the garden with their next door neighbours, so make sure that you have privacy by getting adequate fencing installed, or temporary screening if this is too expensive an option to consider at the moment (or if it’s not your fence!). A list of plants which are perfect for screening can be found here.

Plant Roses

OK, it could be a little bit cliché but… Roses are the most romantic of all the flowers, which is why they’re really expensive on Valentine’s Day. You can grow your own roses; climbing roses over an arbour, a bush, rambling roses or tea roses, they all look wonderful and are really hardy too. The Christmas rose (Helleborus) is a perennial flower that blooms in winter which will mean your garden looks romantic even in the frost!

Get The Right Furniture

Perhaps the most obvious of romantic garden ideas; if you can, opt for garden furniture where you can sit together rather than spread apart. A rattan garden sofa with comfy cushions or loveseat bench are perfect for spending time together, talking or even reading a book in each other’s company.

romantic garden ideas for couples

Install a Pond or Water Feature

A water feature or a garden pond is just a lovely addition to any garden. I don’t know if it’s the noise the trickling water makes but, particularly if it’s lit up, the water makes a very romantic centrepiece. Sit around it on your loveseat or bench with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a glass of wine in the evening.

Mood Lighting

In the evening as it gets dark, you want to be able to see what you’re doing, but not feel like you’re being startled by a security light. Having solar lights in your garden which charge up by day time and emit light when it gets dark, or even twinkly fairy lights can light your path without being overwhelming or annoying.

A Fire Pit

A fire pit is a lovely central hub to sit around as the weather gets cooler. Bring blankets, and have hot chocolate or hot toddies while roasting marshmallows.

Somewhere to Eat and Drink Together

You might already have family outdoor furniture, but a little bistro set is perfect just for two. Take your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or glass of wine out into the garden and enjoy the fresh air while you chat and re-connect without worrying about the dishes needing to be washing inside the house.

A Garden Room

And finally! A garden room can really bring back the romance into your life. Particularly if you have kids, a garden room is somewhere to get away from the noise or mess and turn your brains off from it all. You can sit together and snuggle, or if you’re more adventurous maybe even a sex room with some fun toys for when the mood strikes; you can take inspiration from the latest hit Netflix series!

How a Garden Room In Winter Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

How a Garden Room In Winter Can Help With Seasonal Affective Disorder

As the weather moves from beautiful sunshine to chilly starts, fallen leaves, frost on the ground and less daylight this change can affect some people’s mental health. It is easy to see why really isn’t it? Change doesn’t always feel good and shorter days can feel quite miserable. It used to be brushed off as having the “winter blues” but it is so much more than not and thankfully it is now recognised as a form of depression which we know a lot more about and how to help those suffering from it. Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD for short effects around 2 million people in the UK and roughly 12 million across Europe so today we are going to take a look at how using your garden room in winter could help.

Natural Light in a Garden Room in Winter

As we mentioned, the lack of sunlight during the winter months has a direct impact on our moods. Sunlight aids in vitamin absorption and helps with our mental well-being – there is a reason that people tend to seek out the sun for their annual summer holidays. The lack of this can make us feel low, lack energy, and motivation and make our skin feel dry and pale. Getting more natural light into your day is crucial in helping your SAD symptoms and one way of doing this would be by using a room such as a garden room in winter that can allow natural light to stream in. With large bi-fold doors and windows as well as decked areas in some styles, there is plenty of opportunity to sit and soak up those winter rays as and when you require them.

Light Box Therapy

If there isn’t enough light naturally for you then your next option would be to use a light box as therapy for your SAD. These are readily available to purchase online and are used to replicate sunlight when you just cannot get enough. Sitting in front of a light box for just an hour every morning can increase productivity, improve your mood, help with tiredness, improve your quality of sleep and enhance your focus. Using this inside your garden room in winter will give you the perfect setting as you can add to the natural light, enjoy some peace and quiet first thing and take some time to work on your mental well-being.

Getting Outside

Being able to get outside is always a good move for your mental health and, even though you may not feel like being in that winter air, you will feel energised and refreshed afterwards. Taking a short stroll around your garden, potting around and carrying out some simple tasks may seem small but they can honestly help so much. Once you are done you can take some time out in your garden room to look over the area or you could use your garden room in winter as a potting shed to stay active but also warm.


Exercise is a great natural remedy for low moods because as soon as we move, our body’s endorphins are released. Now, we know it can be tricky to get outside for a run when it is cold or to get motivated enough to join a gym when you feel low so a garden room as your very own home gym or studio is the ideal solution. You can retreat to it as and when needed and exercise in whatever way makes you happy – that could be dancing, aerobics, pilates, weights, yoga or even pole fitness. This is your space, it is up to you how you use it and what you do to help to improve your SAD.

A Cosy Space

Of course, we don’t want to be active all of the time and in fact, rest and reflection are also wonderful ways of combatting depression. Use your garden room in winter as a place of solace. Where you can sit quietly, perhaps write in a diary, read a book, create plans for next year’s travels, get crafty and so on. It is ok to not be ok and ok to take the time you need to help your mental health at this time.

small garden office

A Small Garden Office Vs A Study: What’s Best For Home Working?

Home working became hugely popular during the pandemic. While workers were unable to go into the office, they had to make do with any small space they could find in the house, whether that be a makeshift study or a kitchen table. But with working from home looking set to stay the norm, many are considering more long-term options, such as building a study in their house, or a small garden office outside.

Which should you choose? Here are some things to consider when making a decision.

A Study Needs A Room In The House

An office or a study inside the house means giving up one of your rooms, making one by dividing an existing room, or building a new room altogether through a loft extension, garage conversion or extension.

If you do have the space, then it’s a no-brainer – but most people don’t tend to buy houses much bigger than they need and it isn’t such an easy decision.

Building a brand new room in the house is a fairly costly and time consuming way to gain office space, but for some it’s the only sensible option.

A Small Garden Office Build Won’t Disturb You

If you need peace and quiet to get on with your work, then the noise and disruption of internal works could leave you frustrated before you’ve even got into your office. Conversely, if a small garden office is your choice, you can remain in the house working until it is ready. Remarkably, they only take a few days to build and you’ll be left with something you can use almost immediately; all you need to do is paint your small garden office and kit it out.

A Study In The House Is Close To The Kitchen

…And the toilet, meaning you don’t have to traipse down the garden and back into the house every time nature calls or you fancy a snack or a cup of tea. It is definitely more convenient, and you’ll never miss a parcel or visitor.

Some Movement In The Working Day Is Actually Good

Walking between your office and the house is actually better for you physically and mentally than being confined to a room. The NHS say sitting for too long can be harmful and it certainly doesn’t hurt to get off your chair every now and then and make your step counter happy!

There Are Limited Distractions Outside

By being physically separated from the house, you can minimise distractions and increase your productivity when working. A loft conversion, for example, could have the same effect if you are separated from the rest of the house by a staircase, however if you’re in the house you may find you have to be fairly strict with your family or housemates while you’re working.

So what do you think? Will you go for the brand new room, or maybe a small garden office?

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