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Outdoor Teenager Den – Canopy Room 4m x 2m

As children get older, they begin to want more independence. While they’re still too young to move out, it’s possible to give them a bit more freedom by building an outdoor teenager den in your garden.

Giving your children space that’s away from your main home, but not so far away that you can’t keep an eye on them is every parent’s dream. While they relax in their outdoor teenager den, you can reclaim your home and put your feet up – without telling anyone to turn down their TV!

Having a garden den for your teenager can be a real sanity-saver. The kids will get the independence they crave while you get your own taste of freedom, which is exactly what Lucinda was after when she asked us to create a den for her teenagers.

Outdoor Teenager Den Specification

Lucinda’s outdoor teenager den is the 4m x 2m canopy room.

building the outdoor teenager den

This model of canopy room was fitted with standard French doors, two 0.5m sidelights with top opening windows to help keep the room light and airy, and was fitted with a knotty grade cedar cladding on the rear of the building facing against the fence to help keep costs down.

Three electrical sockets were fitted indoors and one was fitted outside to ensure the den had full power supply.

building the outdoor teenager den

Client Name:

Lucinda from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

building the outdoor teenager den


Lucinda wanted a place for her teenage son and daughter to spend their free time away from the house (but not too far away). She needed enough space to furnish the outdoor teenager den with a small sofa and a TV. 

outdoor teenager den

It was important to Lucinda that her children were comfortable and didn’t feel like they were being pushed out into the garden and decided a stylish garden canopy room was the best place for them to spend their leisure time.

She wanted them to feel independent but still close enough so that she could keep her eye on them.

Our Solution:

Lucinda’s garden already had a patio in place, which meant the standard decking wasn’t needed. The concrete slabs of the patio also meant no pile foundations were needed either.

outdoor teenager den - garden rooms

The 4m x 2m canopy room was the perfect size for a small sofa and TV, which was exactly what her teens wanted. The French doors and sidelights mean than Lucinda can keep a check on her children without interrupting them while they watch TV in their own little den. 

outdoor teenager den

Garden Reading Nook – 3m x 2m Cube Room

Nothing beats the peaceful pastime of finding a silent room and curling up with a good book. A quiet room in a busy household can sometimes be hard to find, which is where a garden reading nook might just be the perfect solution!

If you’re an introvert with a love of books, you may have already set yours sights on a reading nook in your garden. It’s easy to get swept away with thoughts of a warmly lit nook, with somewhere comfy to sit and perhaps even a desk to write at.

Cube room 3m x 2m garden reading nook/ garden office

Having your own garden reading nook, away from the hustle and bustle of the main house might seem like something dreams are made of, but we were able to create one for William in Leicestershire.

His multipurpose nook-cum-office provides the perfect setting to devour literature and write his own.

Garden Reading Nook Specification:

William’s reading nook is the 3m x 2m Cube Room.

This model of cube room was fitted with 2.5m French doors, two 0.5m sidelights and a 1.6m x 0.4m top-opening window. Outside it is finished with 1m of decking which perfectly complements the interior light oak laminate flooring, topped with oak stain skirting boards.

The cube room was also fitted with the standard stainless steel electrical package to ensure the reading nook has a full power supply.

Reading room for the garden

Client Name:

William from Market Harborough, Leicestershire


William wanted his own space where he could both work and relax away from the main house. His main desires were that he wanted as much natural light as possible and needed a power supply to plug in a computer and use electric lighting in the evenings.

Reading nook/ garden office overlooking garden pond

He wanted the garden reading nook to have enough room to double as an office, which meant it had to be big enough to contain a desk and office chair, another chair to read in and a book case for both books and other documents.

Our Solution:

We wanted to give William a garden room with the ultimate laid back atmosphere. We went with French doors for the entrance as they let the most light in, and we added an additional window on the back wall to give the room more of an airy feel.

Cool blue reading nook/ garden office

The 3m x 2m size of the cube room allowed the furniture needed for William’s reading nook/office to fit in with ease.

The decking out front, overlooking the garden pond, also means that William can bring his chair out of the nook and read in the sunshine on days with exceptionally pleasant weather.

Painted in cool blues and overlooking the serene pond, we think that it makes for a very relaxing atmosphere!

william's reading nook/ garden office

Garden Living Room – Canopy Room 4m x 3m

A garden living room is the perfect place to kick back and relax. It gives you the freedom to chill out with a drink and an evening of gaming, without worrying about hogging the main TV.

Everyone dreams of their own space, away from the rules and red tape of the main family home. A place where they can put their feet on the furniture (even before they’ve kicked off their shoes), and be the master of their own TV remote.

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)

Dave in Scotland was desperate for a living room in his garden, where he’d be able to entertain his friends or entertain himself. Thankfully, Modern Garden Rooms knew how to give him exactly what he wanted.

Garden Living Room Specification:

Dave’s garden living room is 4m x 3m canopy room

This model of canopy room comes with aluminium fixed windows and a stainless steel electrical package as standard, which was also upgraded to include 2.5m aluminium bifold doors and a larger area tantalised softwood decking.

Client Name:

Dave from Ayr, Scotland

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)


Dave wanted his own bit of space at the end of the garden, where he could relax and do what he liked without interruption. It was important to him that there would be an electrical supply, as he would mostly be using the room for gaming and watching sports out of the way of his family. 

His main wish was for a garden sitting room with a relaxed atmosphere, and he wanted extra decking at the front so that he could sit outside when the nice weather hit. 

Our Solution:

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)

We were able to adapt our canopy room to meet Dave’s needs.

The stylish garden room, positioned on the sloping part of his garden, came with some decking as standard and we were happy to extend it per his request to give him a flat and useful space.

With additional windows the room is light and airy – even on dull Scottish days. It also came fitted with downlights within the canopy, meaning the garden canopy room looks beautiful when it’s illuminated at night. 

The room is suitable for use during the evening and during the day time, which means Dave can slip away whenever his team is playing and watch the match in peace, without disrupting the rest of his family’s viewing habits.

Garden office with storage – Bespoke room 6m x 3m

Jitentra from London approached us to build a garden office with storage.

Here at Modern Garden Buildings, we pride ourselves on our years of experience which we are happy to share with you, helping you when it comes to the practical elements of the build, like planning permission.

Jitentra wanted to replace his existing garden shed with a much larger and more useful building for his compact London garden. The garden room would be used as a garden office, with an integrated shed in which to store garden tools.

garden office with storage shed for garden tools

Being mindful of the size of his garden, we went about designing a garden room which would be large enough to house an office with additional storage, but small enough that planning permission and building regulations would not be required.

And of course, like all of our builds it would look super stylish into the bargain!


garden office with storage shed

This was a 6m x 3m build combining our two most popular rooms; the concave garden room and the cube room.

The garden building had a main room, with an internal doorway leading to a smaller room at the back. Additionally, a windowless shed/storage room was built to the front with its own access via a hidden door.

There was 300mm decking to the front of the building, French doors to the front set within a concave section, and two windows to the back.

Client Name:

Jitentra from London


garden office with storage shed to the left - hidden door

Jitentra needed a new building to use as a garden office with additional storage space, as it would be taking the place of his existing garden shed.

Due to the size of his London garden, the garden room’s size was limited by building regulations, who require that buildings less than half a metre from boundaries are fireproofed which would push the cost of the building up.

He also wanted a separate internal room partitioned from the main office.

Our Solution:

The design of this build was a combination of two of our rooms; the overall shape was a just over 6m by 3m and based on our cube room, with the French doors set within a concave section.

garden office with storage shed (plans)

The footprint of the building was designed in order to fit into the garden at least half a metre from the boundaries, so no additional fireproofing or building regulations approval had to be sought.

300mm decking to the front of the building acted as a step to access the doors to the office. The shed door to the right hand side was clad entirely in the same cedar timber as the rest of the build to keep it ‘hidden’, giving a smooth and stylish appearance.

Inside, an internal wall and doorway was built to provide access into a second much smaller internal room.

Internal partition in garden office with storage

Electrics were run to the building to provide heating and lighting. As is standard in all Modern Garden Buildings garden rooms, the walls were insulated, plasterboarded and skimmed ready for Jitentra and his family to decorate and put their new garden office with storage shed into use!

Inside garden office with storage shed

If you have an idea in your head of exactly what you want in a garden room, then please do contact us, as we would be only to pleased to help make it a reality.

Garden cabin set behind a brick retaining wall

Summerhouse – Canopy Room 5m x 4m

A summerhouse is not only a useful thing to have, but with the right design it can become a beautiful focal point for any garden.

Siobhan from Ashford in Lincoln had an attractive and well-established garden with a walled, raised area at the far end, which was just shouting out to have a new, stylish garden summerhouse built on it.

Being careful not to detract too much from the beauty of the natural landscape, we worked with her to provide a modern garden building which would suit both her family and her garden.


This build was a 5m x 4m Canopy Garden Room with natural cedar timber cladding. The room had a one metre canopy with downlighting, and decking to the front.

Two large French doors with sidelights and two windows were installed.

Client Name:

Siobhan from Ashford, Lincoln (October 2012)

Front view of an insulated garden room/summerhouse canopy room


This garden room would be nestled at the end of Siobhan’s garden, in a shady spot among ferns and shrubs.

With a backdrop of cliffs and verdant greenery, this garden room needed to fit in, complementing the landscape with natural materials.

Although the summerhouse needed to be a practical space, it also needed to look stunning as being raised from ground level, all eyes would be drawn towards it!

Garden room set behind a brick retaining wall - summerhouse

Our Solution: 

We suggested a Canopy Room would be the right fit for the raised, shady area at the end of the garden.

Partially enclosed by a 1m canopy and matching decking below, the look of the build suited the surroundings as well as providing a little privacy to the summerhouses’ occupants.

To make the most of the space available, the 5m by 4m building was stretched to the rear and right hand borders of the garden. It was clad in natural cedar which in time would dull, fitting in with the wooded area behind it.

Large glass French doors and two windows to the front and side were sited to allow as much light in as possible although electricity was run to the building to allow for lighting.

We think that this modern summerhouse build suited the space perfectly, creating a stunning, stylish and complementary focal point for the garden as well as providing a large amount of useful space for the family.

unique garden room uses: pool house wooden garden rooms

Pool Changing Area – Border Room 9m x 5m

If I asked you to imagine your ideal garden, to think about the outdoor space of your dreams, what would it look like?

How about some beautifully kept floral borders, maybe a perfectly manicured lawn, a large well-kept space to play, some decking on which to relax with a book in the sunshine… perhaps even a swimming pool?

For lucky Sadia and her family, a swimming pool in the garden isn’t just a dream!

The family approached Modern Garden Rooms looking for a large poolside garden room for their outdoor swimming pool.

They wanted their new garden room to house a gym, with a shower room and a changing room for the pool. They also needed it to hide the pool pumps and equipment, and of course it also had to look fantastic in their beautiful garden.


This build was a 9m x 5m Border Room with three separate internal rooms.

The timber-clad garden building had a separate shed to the side to house swimming pool pump equipment (not attached to the main building) with a hidden door.

Client Name:

Sadia from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire


This needed to be a very large build, as the garden room had to serve several different functions.

The main room was to combine a gym with a new office and a small but functional kitchenette area.

A garden room / pool room with outdoor changing room and gym/office

Sadia also wanted her family’s new poolside garden room to provide a changing area for the swimming pool to the side of it.

Alongside the large 9m x 5m room, the family wanted a way to safely house the pump and pool equipment out of reach and sight.

Our Solution:

We suggested that a large, cedar-clad border garden room would look striking in the Sadia’s landscaped garden, whilst also being functional and providing all the space the family required.

The room itself, a large 9m by 5m build, was split into three rooms.

The main area was transformed into a large gym with areas for an office and a kitchenette, with a mirrored wall to one end of the gym.

The second room became a changing room for the children to use before and after they went into the swimming pool located to the side of the garden room; this had built-in changing room benches.

The third area was a shower room, plumbed in by a local contractor.

Access to the building was via the front where a large set of French doors were designed to let light the maximum amount of light in, and there was also a door built to the smaller rooms at the side.

A separate shed to the side of the main building, which housed all the equipment and pumps for the pool, was all neatly stored away with access via a clever hidden door.

Additional decking was built to wrap around the border room creating steps to the large doors.

Pictured below, at one year ater the build, the building has been landscaped into the garden and I think you’ll agree that the pool room looks absolutely stunning.

A garden cabin with outdoor changing room and gym/office
Pool room - outdoor changing room and gym/office
uses for a garden pod building

Garden Gym Pod – Canopy Room 5m x 3m

If you’re fitness nut who hates high gym fees, a garden gym is the perfect solution. With no monthly premium and zero travel time to access the gym, you can achieve all your fitness goal without wasting precious time or money.

Worried your workout is too intense for a garden room? It shouldn’t be an issue, no matter what you want to do. This garden gym, which we built for Rob in Dorset, has a reinforced sub-floor and a cross-beam in the roof to hang a punch bag from. 

Rob takes his boxing training very seriously and wanted a garden gym that reflects that. After a quick chat with Rob, Modern Garden Rooms were able to design and build this knock-out of a home gym.

Rob's canopy garden gym pod installation
5m x 3m

Garden Gym Pod Specification:

Rob’s garden gym is a 5m x 3m cedar canopy garden room.

This canopy room was built with pile foundations, a 22mm reinforced chip board sub-floor and an electricity supply featuring two sockets and a heater. It has also been fitted with top-opening uPVC windows and two side lights.

The exterior features 1m of softwood decking and a 1m canopy fitted with spotlights.

Inside the canopy room is laminate flooring, skim finished with a feature wall of modern venetian plaster, and a fitted TV bracket.

Client Name:

Rob from Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset

garden gym pod


Rob wanted a home gym in his garden that could handle his intense boxing workouts. He needed a ceiling beam that could hold the weight of a heavy bag (and could take the impact when he hit it hard), as well as strong flooring.

It was important to Rob that there was a power supply and a TV bracket so that he had something to watch during part of his training. 

Rob's canopy garden gym installation in Dorset
5m x 3m

Before the cedar canopy room could be built, an existing shed with decking needed to be dismantled and removed, which our team was happy to take care of.

Our Solution:

Knowing that boxing workouts can be rigorous, we decided to fit a reinforced sub-floor to help manage weight intensive training. 

Rob's canopy room garden gym installation
5m x 3m

To hang the heavy bag securely, the best option was to fit a 4×4 timber cross-beam in the roof to ensure safety when enduring even the most powerful of punches. 

We were able to create a plaster skim finish and fit the TV bracket to meet Rob’s entertainment needs for when he works out.

Rob was impressed with his finished home boxing garden gym pod and was eager to commence training immediately.

Jonny's temporary living space was a 6m by 6m bespoke garden room

Temporary Living Space – Bespoke Building 6m x 6m

Modern Garden Rooms builds are not just sheds; they’re very sturdy and well insulated outdoor living spaces. With the addition of heating, plumbing and electricity they can be used as temporary living space at any time of year.

If you need somewhere for a family member to stay or a luxury private accommodation for visitors, then a new garden building could give you the space you need quickly, without breaking the bank or even requiring planning permission.

Your new stylish garden room could even be used as temporary living space for your family.

Jonny's temporary living space was a 6m by 6m bespoke garden room

Jonny from Cobham in Surrey faced a huge building project; the demolition of his family home and building of a new house.

He approached Modern Garden Buildings about providing a temporary living space which would be suitable for his family to use as a base while the build was ongoing.


The room was a 6m x 6m L-shaped bespoke garden building with two internal doors creating three separate rooms.

The striking cedar-clad garden room features a UPVC glass corner section and sliding “pocket” doors were used internally to save space.

Jonny's temporary living space was a 6m by 6m bespoke garden room

Client name:

Jonny from Cobham, Surrey


Jonny needed a multi-purpose garden building which could be used primarily as a temporary living space for his family whilst their house was demolished.

It was then required to provide accommodation for the builders undertaking snagging of the family’s new house. Finally once the build was complete, it would be put into use as a summer house, office and occasional accommodation for overnight visitors.

Outside of Jonny's temporary living space

The family would need a bathroom and a small kitchenette as well as space to sleep; not easy in a 6m x 6m space!

Our Solution:

Johnny’s living space was an entirely bespoke build. The room had an unusual L-shaped design and brought in elements of our cube and canopy buildings, with French doors and two large fixed windows to create a stylish UPVC and glass corner section.

The garden room was built onto the existing patio with no need for decking, although a canopy with downlighting covered the entrance area.

temporary living space

Inside, internal stud partitions were put in to create two additional rooms accessed via space saving sliding pocket doors.

A small white gloss kitchen was installed and a bathroom put in by a local contractor.

Kitchen in Jonny's temporary living accommodation

Now that Jonny’s house build is complete, the space is being used as a home garden office, as well as a place to relax and occasional overnight room for visiting friends and family.

Office which is now in Jonny's temporary living space

Are you looking for a garden building to provide temporary living space for you and your family? Contact us to see what we can do!

Kids’ Garden Playroom – Cube Room 4m x 4m

When they first think of having children, parents-to-be often have no idea of the enormous amount of space that kids and all their stuff take up. It is actually quite remarkable, given how small children are.

If you’re in a small house and there’s not much space to play, it can quickly begin to feel cramped and the constant tidying of toys can leave you feeling stressed out with no escape.

Using a garden building as a garden playroom for the kids could be a sanity saver.

A garden playroom can be a place to store all the toys, somewhere to do messy crafts and above all a space which you can shut the door on and retreat back to the (nice, tidy) house at the end of the day.

Getting a garden playroom was an idea that Becky was interested in exploring, and she called Modern Garden Rooms to see how we could help.


garden room - timber clad playroom in small garden

Becky’s garden playroom build was a 4m x 4m cube garden room.

The building was timber clad in natural cedar, and was built without decking.

Client Name:

Becky in Keighley, West Yorkshire.


garden playroom after photo

Becky needed more space for her growing family. She wanted a new room outside of the house that her children could store their toys in, and use as a garden playroom.

With a thin garden, the options were limited and the new garden building needed to utilise as much space as possible.

Our Solution:

garden playroom after photo

Our proposed garden playroom for Becky and her family was a 4m x 4m cube room; one of our most popular models.

The room fit neatly into the bottom of Becky’s garden whilst providing her children with a decent amount of space with room for toy storage and playing.

Inside, the room was plastered and skimmed allowing the family to paint and decorate, before adding furniture including a sofa, chairs and a table.

garden playroom after photo

The building was constructed without our traditional decking area to leave more of the lawn, as the playroom took up a sizeable portion of the garden.

During the summer months the doors of the playroom can be flung open to allow the children to come and go from the garden, however it is fully insulated so that the family can make use of their garden playroom all year round.

The cube garden playroom will hopefully see Becky’s family right through and in years to come can be a place that the children can use to read, practice musical instruments and do homework.

If you are interested in installing a garden room to give your children more space to play, contact us to find out more.

Summer Houses for Sale

Small Garden Office – Concave Room 4m x 2m

More and more people are starting to work from home. There are plenty of pros to home working – less time spent commuting and more time for spending with the family, for instance – but not everyone has the space to set up an office at home.

So what do you do when you have the option to work from home but no space? Realistically, sitting on the sofa isn’t going to cut it. You could move house, or perhaps invest in a house extension, but a garden office could be a much cheaper, easier and quicker option.

Even if your garden doesn’t have a great deal of room to spare, don’t write off the idea of a small garden office.

Tony from Rotherham contacted Modern Garden Buildings to build an office for his patio area, and we were only too happy to help him!


Tony’s small garden office was based on our concave room.

It measured 4m x 2m and the concave canopy/enclosed section and decking area to the front measured 0.3m instead of the usual 1m.

Client Name:

small garden office build

Tony from Rotherham, South Yorkshire


Tony wanted a building with a sleek look to his new garden building.

The dimensions of the garden office needed to be smaller than many we had previously built due to the fact it was to be erected on an existing patio which limited the proportions.

However despite its limited dimensions, the small garden office still needed to be comfortable to work in without feeling cramped.

Our solution:

Small garden office

Our suggestion to Tony was a concave room measuring 4m in length and 2m wide. The small garden office was placed sideways along the widest part of his patio, facing the path leading from the house into the garden.

Because of its limited proportions, the concave section (downlit canopy, enclosed sides, and decking area) measured 0.3m rather than the the standard 1m, which still allowed for some seclusion and the modern look he wanted, whilst not taking too much space away from the inside.

Originally, Tony decided to go with another supplier; however for reasons unknown came back to us some time later and we were only too happy to build his small concave garden office.

With smaller buildings there is always the possibility that it will feel cramped, however with large, sidelit French doors aligned to the left of the building to meet the path, and a large window to the side, the office was designed to be as light and airy as possible.

small garden office structure
Cheap garden rooms - how they can save your sanity

Garden Gym – Concave Room 8m x 4m

Are you looking to get fitter but can’t get to the gym? Do you hate the idea of working out in public or just don’t want to throw money away on monthly gym fees? Can’t quite build up the momentum to leave the house?

A fully equipped garden gym within metres of your house could be the answer!

Garden gym - side view

Hilary from Middlesborough decided that a brand new, purpose built garden gym was just what her family needed, and so she contacted Modern Garden Rooms for a quote.


The garden gym building was an 8m x 4m concave room, clad in cedar, with a height of 2.7m instead of the standard 2.5m.

garden gym with downlighting

Despite the extra height, this build was still within permitted development, as the gym was built at least 2m from boundaries. This meant it did not require planning permission.

Client Name:

Hilary from Middlesborough, North Yorkshire


Hilary’s garden gym needed to be a fairly large space to fill the secluded area at the bottom of her garden.

The flooring of engineered oak was to be supplied by Hilary’s husband, and they wanted a wall of mirrored glass along one end.

Our Solution:

To provide extra privacy and seclusion whilst working out, we suggested a garden gym building based on our popular concave garden room.

This striking timber-clad garden room comes with a 1m canopy, as well as sides that extend past the entrance to the building, enclosing it.

The subtle downlighting in the canopy makes this type of building perfect for use in the evenings as well as during the day.

Garden gym - lit up side view

With two large French doors opening out onto a 2m decking area to the front of the garden gym, during the day the workout can be opened up to the outdoors in good weather.

The finished building was plastered and skimmed, with a mirror wall to one end, ready to be decorated and put straight to use!

Garden gym with mirror wall
Garden gym has been plastered and skimmed

We think that her new garden gym looks stunning at the end of Hilary’s large garden, and she’ll definitely never have an excuse not to hit the gym again!

Temporary Accommodation – Border Room 8m x 11m

Modern Garden Rooms are much more than just sheds or summer houses for warm, dry days.

The walls of our garden rooms are properly insulated as standard, and with the addition of heating, plumbing and electricity it is entirely possible to use a garden building as a liveable space; for example a granny annex or student flat, during any time of year.

Once decorated, your new garden room could be a luxurious and private apartment for visitors to stay in.

Your garden room could even be used as temporary accommodation for your family.

If you need a place to live whilst waiting for the house of your dreams to be completed, then a garden building could provide a solution, as was the case in this recent build.

Outside of the temporary accommodation - our Border Room 8m x 11m

When Hamza approached us, he was looking for a large garden room that could be used as temporary accommodation for his whole family to live in.

This temporary accommodation was to be one of our biggest builds to date; a huge 8m x 11m border room was designed to house the family.


A large Border Room, measuring 8m x 11m with internal partitions to create two bedrooms and a shower room.

The outside of the temporary accommodation was entirely clad in cedar, with a grey border.

Client Name:

Hamza from Wraysbury, Berkshire.


Hamza needed quick, temporary living space for his whole family. It needed to be as big as possible, as well as attractive and practical, and above all it needed to be liveable.

The temporary living space was our Border Room 8m x 11m

The family wanted to fit into their new space everything you would usually find in a house; a large front room complete with space for a kitchenette, a bathroom/shower room and two bedrooms all partitioned off for privacy.

The temporary accommodation - our Border Room 8m x 11m
Kitchen area, left ready to be installed by others

Our Solution:

Working with Hamza to his family’s criteria, we designed a huge 8m x 11m Border Room with two French Doors and windows to the front and side.

Internal partitions sectioned the space to create a large living area which would be installed with a small but usable kitchenette, as well as two separate bedrooms and a shower room.

Light oak laminate flooring gave the temporary accommodation a more homey feel.

To the front of the building was the the living room area. Plenty of natural light was allowed to get into the area via the large windows and doors which spanned across the temporary accommodation.

The temporary accommodation - our Border Room 8m x 11m

The living room area was afforded some privacy via the 1m concave border section, coloured eventually in a striking grey.

Living space/accommodation - our Border Room 8m x 11m

We hope that Hamza and his family have found living in their new space comfortable!

If you are looking to create more living space for any reason, then do contact us to find out how we could help you to create temporary accommodation; whether it is as big as this build or much smaller!

Garden rooms can easily be used as a garden playrooms

Garden Playrooms: Kick Your Kids Out Of The House!

Garden playrooms are becoming a popular choice for parents. Having a separate building for the children’s playroom may seem strange at first, but relocating the toys and the noise out of the house isn’t such a bad idea.

Why are parents moving towards garden playrooms?

Several reasons!

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’ll probably have seen talk of the Netflix series. ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo‘ which encourages organisation and decluttering. You start by giving away or throwing out everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’ and voila; by the end of the series, you have a tidy abode.

However, when you’re a child, everything sparks joy.

Everything. Broken bits of an old McDonalds toy? You’ll have to smuggle them out of the house and into a neighbour’s bin. Things they haven’t picked up in a year or more? Definitely can’t get rid of those, there will be wailing tantrums

So what do you do when you want a blissfully tidy house, but you have kids?

Invest in a garden playroom!

Even if you’re not of the ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ disposition, or perhaps you’ve just given up and accepted the hoards of plastic in your home, you can’t deny that it’s great for children to have a dedicated space to play and be creative.

However with house prices continually increasing, it isn’t always an option. Not all of us have that extra room inside our homes which we can give over to a children’s playroom. Extending isn’t always possible and building work is expensive as well as messy and inconvenient.

Garden playrooms are therefore a much cheaper, quicker and less intrusive option.

They can be installed as quickly as four weeks from purchase depending on the time of year and the model chosen, and take less than a week to construct. Meanwhile, life in the house can go on entirely as normal with no dust or mess.

Garden rooms are the perfect place to store the mountains of toys. They also provide ample space to play and even do messy crafts without worrying about wear and tear inside the house.

The best bit about having a separate garden playroom is that if it’s been a long day, you can tidy tomorrow. Once you’ve closed the door and retreated back into the house you won’t be falling over discarded cars and standing on Lego.

Garden playrooms can be used all year round.

Although the idea of sitting in the garden sunning yourself with your children running in and out of their playroom is indeed lovely, it’s possible to have electricity and heating in garden playrooms so they can play in winter too!

How about partitioning your garden playroom with a separate room to store large outdoor toys, so they’ll no longer take up space in the garage?

And what about when the children have grown up?

Garden playrooms have a million and one uses. Once the children are older, and have no need for a playroom, it can become space for them to do homework, a home garden office or practice a musical instrument away from the house.

And when they’ve flown the nest, it will make a lovely space to enjoy warm summer evenings! Now doesn’t that sound good?

8 Reasons To Get A Garden Home Office

With working from home full or part time is becoming more common, it’s no wonder that sales of insulated garden offices are increasing.
Whether you’re a freelancer, or taking advantage of the flexibility offered by your employers, there are so many good reasons to choose home working and you can’t beat having a dedicated work space such as a garden office.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a garden office, but haven’t quite made the decision yet, here are eight reasons that you should go for it!

1) More space for less money

If you don’t happen to have a spare room in the house but you need the work space, building a garden office is a great alternative to moving one of your children out and much cheaper than extending your property.
You might be surprised at how much space you can get for your budget.

2) Your garden office can be built asap

Unlike an extension, which can take many months to pass through planning regulations, the process of building a garden room is quick. Garden offices are often allowed under permitted development as long as they are at least 1m from the boundary of the property with a maximum height of 2.5m, so no need to go through planning.

Insulated garden offices can be put up in just a few days, meaning that if time is of the essence you could be moving into your new garden office in under a week!

3) You can mentally ‘go to work’

Most people would agree that physically leaving the house and moving into a dedicated work space makes you more productive than sitting on your sofa in your pyjamas with your laptop on your lap.

4) The commute is the best

No more sitting in traffic, or having to deal with other people’s lack of hygiene and concept of personal space, you’ll probably be healthier and of course you’ll have all that time back to be more productive (or sleep in) and you’ll definitely get home in time for dinner.

5) You can be free from distractions

Having an office in your house is fine, but it is located in close proximity to the fridge, the television and all the tidying you should have done last night.

Need to make phone calls or Skype without little kids interrupting you? You remember that poor guy that went viral when the kids busted in on his important BBC interview? This one?
Oh, how I laughed.There’s a man that needs a garden office!

6) They look good

With so many garden office designs to choose from, you can pick one that really suits your garden as well as your budget. The natural materials used in the insulated garden rooms can bring a whole new life into the garden.

7) Life can go on as normal

While you can get on with your work free from distraction, inside the house life can continue as usual. Noisy play dates, visits from the in-laws and building work can all happen in the house and you’re largely unaffected, which would never happen in an office in the house, believe me.

8) You can be there for emergencies – or not. Your call!

There is no need to schedule days off to answer packages when you work from the bottom of the garden in your garden office. Alternatively, you can pretend you’re not there and completely ignore it.

If you are one of the many people whose relatives think ‘working from home’ means they can pop in at any time, they’ll soon get the message when they arrive to find nobody in the house.

What is a Garden Room?

A Garden room is a great way to create more space in your home and make better use of your garden. You won’t believe the uses they can be put to; from spas and games rooms to workshops and offices. At a mere fraction of the cost of an extension or conservatory, you could get yourself a stylish, modern and completely personalised wooden garden room, that will add thousands to the value of your property and be the pride of your home for years.

Interested? Read on to find out more about the wonderful world of garden rooms: what they are, what they cost and how you can use them.

Modern bespoke garden rooms are…

  • Beautiful
  • Well-built
  • Stylish
  • Full of (your) personality
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Fun
  • Quick to install
  • Super Eco friendly

We build a fantastic range of garden rooms to suit all tastes and budgets. We’ve worked with customers all over the country and focus on providing a comprehensive service, with good old-fashioned craftsmanship and personalised design. So if you are in the market for a new garden room or are just looking for a way to make more space in your home then please read on. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we will be delighted to have a chat.

Garden room with potted plants in front of it making it blend into the garden

Who Might Need A Garden Room?

Have a think if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

You’re a young, professional couple, thirty something and loving life. You both work from home quite regularly and have a couple of kids. Maybe you’ve got another one on the way. Your house is feeling a little bit crowded and you could do with some more space. Maybe a playroom, a separate office away from the kids, or just a place to go and chill away from the mess when your friends come over? You’re reluctant to move though, because your kids are at a good school and you’ve got friends in the area. What do you do?

You’re a sprightly couple in your 50s with older teenage or adult kids. They’re always hanging around the living room trying to monopolise the TV, and their boyfriends/ girlfriends are around your house more often than they’re not. Too many adults in too little a house. It would be nice to have some more space, but do you really want to be taking on additional mortgage commitments when you’re thinking of cutting back on your working hours?

You’re an older couple. After having worked hard for decades you’re approaching retirement and the kids have left home (finally!). Time to splash out on some of the things you’ve always wanted but haven’t been able to afford. Perhaps a man cave, a jacuzzi room or a dedicated BBQ room? Why not? After all, you’ve earned it. But what’s the most of cost-effective way of getting more space?

Garden room at the end of a lawn with wheelchair access to the room via a ramp

The Space Gaining Solution

There are dozens of circumstances in which you might need to expand your living area, and in many cases a garden room is the perfect solution. We will also explain the alternatives to garden rooms, with the pros and cons of each. We’ll then dive in to the types of garden room available, the benefits they offer you, how to avoid common mistakes, and finally, why you should buy one from us!

If you have reached a stage where you simply need more space and have to make a change, there are several options available. Each of them has an associated cost and come with benefits and a few disadvantages. For each of the options below we have explained the main pros and cons and given an approximate price guide to help you plan your budget.

Garden room in a green setting surrounded by trees and bamboo


Conservatories are called ‘sunrooms’ for a very good reason: surrounded by glass on three or four sides, conservatories are designed to trap as much sunlight and warmth in the room as possible. There is nothing more pleasant than a conservatory on a mild spring or summer day, to sit back and relax with a book and cup of tea. If your conservatory is insulated it can also be used throughout the winter.

Whether or not a conservatory suits you depends on what you need the extra space for. If it is an extra dining room or general living space then this could work. We have seen some great conservatories being used as games rooms or music rooms for instance. However, there are some drawbacks with conservatories that mean it might not be the best option for your family. First and foremost, a conservatory depends on the sunniest part of your garden being close to your house. If it isn’t, then you can rule this option out. A shady conservatory isn’t much fun.

You will also be limited to what you can use a conservatory for by the amount of light they absorb. They are impractical as offices because the light makes it difficult to see a screen. They are not frequently used as bedrooms because of their location in the downstairs of the house. Excess light also has a damaging effect on furniture, bleaching colour from sofas, cushions and photos. Finally, unless you have good insulation your conservatory will be unusable for most of the winter. On warm summer days it may be too hot for comfort

Approximate cost: This completely depends on the size of your conservatory. Prices range widely from £5,000-£50,000 or more.


If you need multiple additional rooms but don’t want to move house, then an extension is a popular option. It has the advantage of not having to uproot children from their current school or change your commute to work. A good extension can also add a lot of value to your property. Extensions are sometimes the best option if you need long-term space, such as extra bedrooms for a new child, plus a Home Office, plus a larger kitchen etc.

However, extensions are usually grand projects; and so require a lot of planning, a large budget and lots of patience. Getting planning permission is frequently a long and drawn out process – and then the build itself will present problems. It is common for an extension to take 3 to 12 months to complete. During this time your house will be a building site for some or all of the time. How will this impact your work and your personal life?

Finding reliable, high-quality building contractors is also a challenge. Some homeowners relish the experience of building an extension, but others will swear they would never do it again! Think about the space you need. The work involved with an extension and if there are more cost-effective ways to achieve your goals.

Approximate cost: This completely depends on the size of your extension and how long it takes. Prices range widely from £18,000-£50,000 or more.

Loft Conversion

If you need a new bedroom, a loft conversion may be a possibility. Many homeowners successfully convert lofts into bedrooms, extra bathrooms and additional storage space. This might be cost-effective for you if you own a bungalow or house with a large, unused loft area. On the downside, the funny angles of loft conversions limit their practicality if you need anything other than a bedroom. They can also make your house less heat efficient and more susceptible to damp.

Approximate cost: A standard loft conversion will cost around £20,000, but if you want multiple bedrooms and/or en-suite bathrooms this could cost £30,000 £45,000.

Cellar Conversion

Not many new homes have cellars these days, but if you are lucky enough to have one. It can sometimes be converted into an additional room. Households with teenage or adult children may be tempted to convert their cellar as a hideaway and to free up room in the main house. Most converted sellers become games rooms or utility rooms. They don’t make pleasant living rooms, dining rooms, offices or bedrooms because of the lack of natural light.

Approximate cost: converting an existing cellar will cost approximately £750-£1,400 per square metre, so it depends on the space you have available. Expect to pay £15-£30,000.

New home

The ultimate, and – on the face of it – simplest solution when you need more space is simply to move house. There is something liberating about starting from scratch, choosing a new home to suit your needs and shaping it in your image. If you want a change of scenery and haven’t moved for a while then go for it! However, moving house isn’t always the best option. It is a big disruption for everyone in the household, and finding the right place can take a long time.

You might have to search hard to find a suitable home within your budget in your desired area. Bear in mind also that house prices are rising all the time. It is growing more difficult to get all the house space you need without mortgaging yourself to the hilt. For older couples this may not be an option. It is also the costliest of the options we have looked at. If you want to move house for a number of reasons, then give it some consideration, but if you simply need space, we recommend you explore other options first.

Approximate cost: This varies widely from area to area, but national average house prices now start at around £190,000, plus fees. You will then need to factor in moving costs, decorating, maintenance etc.

Garden room at the end of a garden next to an outdoor pool

Garden Offices

For people who work at home, drawing a distinction between office time and personal time can be a challenge. Unless you are lucky enough to have the free space in your home, it is likely that your Home Office will also double as a (spare) bedroom, dining room or even a cupboard under the stairs.

It is difficult to work undisturbed without interruptions from children, pets and family members. It can also be difficult to switch off from work and live in the same space. A garden office solves all of these problems. Your working space is sufficiently removed from the home so that you can do your job undisturbed, and then relax when you shut down your computer and commute across your garden back to the house.

Modern garden offices have all of the conveniences of a Home Office, including central heating, Wi-Fi and plenty of natural light. We can create bespoke designs to fit your working requirements and the layout of your garden.


Summerhouses are an old-fashioned luxury that, thanks to affordable designs and cost-effective materials. These are now available to anyone with a reasonably sized garden. Whether you want a small retreat to enjoy the cool of the summer morning, or a self-contained entertainment room, a summerhouse augments any garden and adds value to a property. We love summerhouses and have designed both traditional and contemporary styles for clients across the country

Bespoke style for unique homes The exciting thing about garden rooms is that they can be adapted to suit any type of property, any size of garden and any purpose. We can make them as unique as you are through a huge range of different style options. You can choose between contemporary Western Cedar or traditional Redwood timber and a variety of flooring options. You can also choose your own style of windows, doors and roofing

Garden rooms are quirky, unique and extremely cost-effective spaces, costing a fraction of the expense of a conservatory or house extension. Here are some of the benefits that our customers have found by choosing a garden room from Modern Garden Rooms

Garden room with a girl relaxing in a hammock on a sunny day

The Benefits Of Garden Rooms

No planning permission needed

Most garden rooms do not require planning permission, so long as they are single-storey and do not take up more than one half of the total space of your garden. There are some exceptions to this, which we will describe in the next section. But for most buyers, the stress of securing planning permission is simply not a factor. This is a significant advantage over a house extension, because the planning process can be a frustrating headache. In our opinion, it is best to avoid it altogether – by opting for a versatile, personalised garden room.

Space away from the main house

As we discussed in our introduction, as households expand or grow older, their needs change. If there are several adults in a household, such as parents with grown up children, or elderly parents living with them, then space is a necessity to avoid getting under each other’s feet. A garden room provides that space at a crucial distance from the main house, so that members of the household can enjoy privacy and independence while remaining in the same home.

Multiple uses

As we have seen, a garden room can be used for a huge variety of purposes. As a flexible space this can change over time. Your garden room may start off as a games room and then become an office. Once your garden room is installed it is a permanent part of your property, so it can change and grow as your needs mature.

Enjoy your garden more

Many people use their garden room simply to enjoy time in their gardens. As our rooms are warm and well insulated, you can use a garden room to shelter from the wind in the chill of the evening. To watch the sun go down, or relax outside away from the glare of a hot day.

An affordable option

Garden rooms really do offer so much more value for money than house extensions or conservatories. There are none of the structural problems and issues with foundations that plague conservatories. There are none of the endless expenses and hindrances of dealing with building contractors that are part and parcel of extending your house. A high quality garden room will cost you a bit less than a conservatory, but will be far more usable, warmer and adaptable.

Garden room behind a tree

Any potential issues with garden rooms?

Garden rooms are our absolute passion, so you’ll forgive us for having painted a utopian picture of owning a garden room in the previous sections. They really are all this and more, and we would love to show you how your own garden room can transform your home.

Some people do however, run into issues with garden rooms and there are some common concerns that sometimes prevent people making an investment. In this section we will address some of these concerns, based on our experience building and installing hundreds of different garden rooms over the years.

Not enough room in the garden?

Garden rooms range from dinky little summerhouses to fairly large structures. We have built some big garden buildings, such as our play spaces and classrooms for schools. There is no upper size limit. However, you do need to have enough space in your garden for what you have in mind. If your design takes up more than half of your garden space in terms of square metres, then you will probably need planning permission.

This poses a quandary for people with small gardens, but it is not insurmountable. When you chat with us, let us know how much space you have in your garden and what your plans are. Our goal is to design you a garden room that ticks all your boxes while making the best use of the space you have. You may be surprised about what you can do with even a small garden room. Many of the most stylish structures we have built have been very compact, but still provide a lot of internal space.

Too expensive

Some people worry that a high quality garden room will be too expensive. It is fair to say that a garden room will cost more than a shed, a greenhouse or a small conservatory. However, quality is worth paying for. By opting for a cheap garden room you may limit its usability, it will not have the same life expectancy as a higher quality model, which should last decades. It isn’t possible to purchase a good garden room on a shoestring. But when compared with the costs associated with a house extension, loft conversion or large conservatory, then garden rooms are extremely cost-effective. As a rough guide, you shouldn’t expect to spend any more on a garden room than you would on a caravan or new car.

Worried about disruption and delays

People who have gone through building work or who know people that have, often express anxiety about the potential disruption involved with building a garden room. Fortunately, the two experiences can’t even be compared! Even large garden rooms can normally be erected within two or three working days. Laying the base and foundations is the most important part and is what takes the most time. After this, the structure itself, made from prefabricated parts, can be erected quickly. Putting up a garden room is comparatively quiet, less disruptive and a lot quicker than building a conservatory or extension. Furthermore, as there are fewer elements involved with building a garden room, there are less opportunities for delays caused by deliveries and labour issues.

Planning permission approved

Planning restrictions

There are some circumstances in which you may need planning permission for your garden room. We have already mentioned size restrictions. There are also some restrictions on garden structures if you live in any of the following:

  • A Grade One or Grade Two listed property
  • An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • A local conservation area
  • A National Park

The rules for what you can and can’t do are different in each of these cases. Some properties fall under more than one category e.g. if you live in a listed building in an AONB. If you are keen on having a garden room, do not be dissuaded. The requirements are normally less stringent than they would be if you are building an extension. We can always design a fantastic garden room that is both compliant and meets your requirements.

We have covered each of these areas in greater detail in our blog, so please take a look for further information. We’re very happy to talk you through the planning process and answer any questions you may have about your location. Simply give us a call on 01423 603026. What to do if you need planning permission If you do find you need planning permission, don’t panic! We are not aware of many occasions where planning has been refused for a garden room. So as long as the application is clear and concise you should not have any problems. If in doubt, it is best to check with your local planning authority before you make plans to purchase a garden room.

Retrospective planning

Retrospective planning permission is occasionally needed for homeowners who have built a garden room and then found afterwards that they needed planning permission. Again, there is a process to follow with a very high chance of a successful outcome, so please don’t worry. The council is highly unlikely to demand that the structure be removed, unless there has been a flagrant breach of planning rules. We can’t think of a single case where this has happened. Your retrospective planning application will need to be placed with your local planning authority. The vast majority of our Customers find the whole process quick, easy and inexpensive, especially if they have had prior experience with house extensions!

At Modern Garden Rooms, we are here to offer our expertise and guidance throughout the whole process. If you have any questions please contact us. We’ll be happy to talk through any concerns you may have.

Garden Rooms Planning Permission

5m x 3m Canopy Room Essex

Insulated Garden Room uk


Insulated garden room uk 5m x 3m, this is one of our most popular sized Canopy Garden Rooms. It is clad in red western cedar with a 1m canopy that comes as standard with down lights. This insulated garden room uk consists of the following package;

  • 2500mm Upvc french doors including 500mm sidelights either side of the doors (standard)
  • 400mm x 1600mm Upvc Top opener (standard)
  • 1800mm x 450mm upvc double top opener (additional)

The inside of this room has a laminate flooring and freshly painted walls ready for decoration once dry. We also use two types of insulation in a multi layer system to ensure that this room can be enjoyed year round. This is what sets our rooms apart from cheaper alternatives such as log cabins which can be cold during the winter months even with a heater inside. Our rooms are so well insulated that the thermostatic heater is only used occasionally to top the room up with heat. It is estimated that one of our garden rooms costs as little as £30 per year to heat.

Client Name:

Russell from Manningtree, Essex


Russell contacted modern garden rooms as he was wanting to take advantage of all the benefits of working from home. With a large garden there was no shortage of possible options of where the room could be positioned. Therefore it was decided that a 5m wide by 3m deep room would be the perfect size for Russell to work from home in. This also gave us the benefit of being able to position the room right up to the boundary as the room is less than 15 square metres finished floor space it would not require a building control application . Read More »

Large garden room with storage

Large garden room


large garden room 8m x 5m.

Client Name:

Paul, from Upminster, Essex (September 2018)


Paul had been looking for a building to use as a games room for his teenage children. This garden room therefore needed to be large enough to have a games room, however it also needed an integrated shed accessible from the outside, and a small room for a toilet which could be installed at a later date. With such a large garden we put together several designs from our range of garden rooms.

Our Solution

As a result, our solution was to create a large garden room in our concave style. Firstly, bringing the shed/storage section right to the front of the building – this maximised the area for storage. Secondly, gave important space for the toilet room to be positioned at the rear, accessed via a modern style doorset. Thirdly, this gave Paul the perfect balance of games room/shed/toilet.

In conclusion we received the following feedback from Paul:

Mike, Rob and the team are doing a great job and they will be finished on Thursday. Mike also sprayed/painted the internal walls/ceilings/doors (I supplied the paint).”

Large gardenrooModern internal door and electric wall mounted heater from laptronicInterior of garden room with dart board

Cedar cladded secret door Storage room

decking around your garden room

Canopy Games Room 4.5mx3m


4.5m x 3m canopy games room, with a 4.5m x 4m decking

Client Name:

Tony Davis, from Bristol (November 2018)


Tony was researching solutions for a useable room in his garden. It’s primary use is to be as a games and movies room for the children, with his garden been sloped he also wanted to create a usable area to the front of the room, this could be use as a seating space in addition to a possible BBQ space. Following a site visit and chat with Tony Modern garden rooms came up with the following solution:

Our Solution

We provided Tony with this beautiful canopy room, with extra large decking area. We incorporated a horizontal window into the left side of the room to maximise the natural light without compensating on privacy

Cedar clad games room, built in Bristol. With large decking that wraps around a large tree

3.5m x 3.5m Border Room

3.5m x 3.5m Border room


Shaun from Windlesham (April 2018)

5m x 3m canopy room

“I just wanted to add that the construction process was seamless and thoroughly professional. Rob and Lewis were an absolute delight to have around, put workers everywhere to shame and did it all with a sense of humour and kind consideration for us. I can’t praise them highly enough. The building itself will be linked up to the electricity supply today….but it seems to me that so far the quality of the materials and the finished product matches the lads who built it – excellent.”



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