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5 Autumn Décor Trends for Your Garden Room

5 Autumn Décor Trends for Your Garden Room This October

As the weather begins to cool, the leaves begin to turn and the cosy jumpers start to make a reappearance you may also want to look at altering your home décor to match with this change of season. But don’t just stop with the house, your Autumn Décor Trends can easily extend to your garden room and here’s how:

Cosy Blankets and Throws

Thankfully your garden room is designed to be used all year round as it is insulated and heated to the same standard as your home. This means you can still work, read, exercise, draw etc even in the colder months and still be comfortable. However, like being inside the house, you will also enjoy getting cosy when sitting in your garden room so the addition of some cosy blankets and throws will be beneficial. Team these up with large cushions, a bean bag and a woolly rug and you will have a stunning Hygge autumn theme going on.

Hot Chocolate Station

If your garden room has been equipped with a kitchenette area this will make the ideal place in which to create a hot chocolate station to warm you up on a chilly day. A station like this will generally be set up on a tray with mugs, your hot chocolate at the ready, maybe some chocolate snacks, whipped cream and marshmallows all at easy reach. This way you can come straight in from the garden (maybe with the children) and set to making your warm treats before settling down under your cosy blankets.

Autumn Foliage

Autumn is a great time to think about decorating your garden room with natural materials, foliage and plants. All you need to do is head out foraging for appropriate items such as leaves, pine cones, flowers for drying/pressing, grasses and so on and you can begin to get creative. Think about centrepieces for tables or shelves, flower arrangements and wreaths and you will soon have an autumnal garden room you will love looking at!

5 Autumn Décor Trends for Your Garden Room


We all know what big day comes up in autumn and we often decorate our homes and front doors with pumpkins so why not do this with our garden rooms too? If you aren’t a fan of carving them, just placing a variety of sizes and colours around the doorway or in the windows will immediately create that autumnal feel and will add a lovely splash of autumn shades to really bring this trend to life.


As the nights draw in, it is always a nice time to change up the type of lighting we use indoors. Candles make a lovely choice because they create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, they bring a sense of warmth to a room and still provide a good source of light. Scented candles for autumn can really add to that whole vibe you are trying to create so look for scents like spiced pumpkin latte, Pomegranate, Cranberry or dark rum. Those rich aromas will fill your garden room and make it a place you will just adore being in during this time of year.

Do you have any more autumn décor trends you love to add to your home or garden room?

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