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Beautify Your Garden Room Exterior (2)

How To Beautify Your Garden Room Exterior With Flowers and Plants

A garden room is a great addition to any garden. It can be used for many purposes, can allow somebody to work from home, it can provide extra space that is needed as your family grow but how can you make it look as though it really does “fit” in with your garden? One great way of merging this building with your outdoor space is by cleverly adding some flowers and plants to the exterior of your garden room. This will help to beautify it and to draw your eye down your garden to your new build. Here are a few tips from us here at Modern Garden Rooms.

Window Boxes

A very simple, elegant way of beautifying your garden room with flowers is by adding some window boxes just under the window ledges. By choosing to repeat this pattern and the planting selection all the way around your building, you will create a stunning eye-catching display that will break up the wall or wood exterior and will make it feel as though it is a true “garden room”.


Climbers are a popular choice for exterior walls as they can often be left to their own devices. If you choose something like Ivy, this will take very quickly and will cover a lot of the wall. You will need to tame and trim it to prevent it from creeping too far or up onto the roof but that blanket of green is a great way of breaking up a hard surface.

Other options include Honeysuckle which again, will grow well without much intervention and will bring you beautiful flowers each spring/summer. This is a lovely choice if you also want to attract the attention of bees and butterflies.

Clematis is a very popular UK garden choice but it does die down in the winter so you will need to bear this in mind. Come the summer, its flowers will provide a beautiful display on any wall so it really does reward you year after year.

Wisteria is probably one of the most eye-catching climbers available. You will need to train it to climb across your wall and possibly across and over the doorway but once you have this perfected, you will absolutely love the results!

Roses are a British garden staple and with so many varieties available to us, we are completely spoilt for choice. Climber roses and rambler roses are the two best options here but like with the wysteria, you will need to tie and train these to climb in the direction you want them to.

Beautify Your Garden Room Exterior


Instead of opting for a straight-up climbing design you could take some of the above plant options and train them to climb over archways which could frame the windows of your garden room. Honeysuckle, roses and clematis will all follow a trellis and can all be easily tied or intertwined to achieve the look you are going for.

Flower Beds

If your garden allows for the space, you could add flower beds around the base of your garden room to plant a variety of plants and flowers that will give you all year round bursts of colours and greenery. Think about planting by bearing in mind the plants heights as well as the seasons as this will give you exterior wall coverage as well as a beautiful display. Choices that spring to mind include bulbs for spring, Lavender for summer, grasses for all year round, alpines for floor coverage, herbs for your scents and hydrangeas for their large flowers and leaves.

Hanging Baskets

If you love a good hanging basket and also have these on the exterior of your home, then why not mimic this look over on your garden room? This will really tie your house, garden and garden room together and make it look as though the building has always been there. You should consider using a combination of evergreens, trailing plants and flowery plants to create a large bold look.

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