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Bespoke Outdoor Spaces for Creative Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time, especially when it comes to putting your stamp on the place. Bespoke outdoor spaces are a fun way to do just that. 

Half the fun of buying over renting is making the place your own. Decorating and remodelling have a certain charm, but the real way to make your mark is make big changes. Dig up the garden, add a fire pit, install solar lighting. Make big changes to see the biggest results.

Bespoke outdoor spaces are a fantastic addition to any creative homeowner’s property. You can create the garden of your dreams by sectioning off an area of your garden to either build a garden room or create an area of serenity.

Ideas for Bespoke Outdoor Spaces

Allow the dreams of your perfect home to come alive by looking into bespoke outdoor spaces. Create it yourself, get someone else in to build it, do whatever it takes to get property perfection and enhance your garden area.

A Stylish Seating Area

Bespoke Outdoor Spaces for Creative Homeowners

If garden buildings would dominate your garden but you’re still looking for a creative space to relax in, consider an open-air seating area. To save money and add to the creativity, you could pave it yourself with paving slabs that make a pattern. 

Invest in some high quality outdoor furniture so that it lasts through the seasons. Solar-powered lighting is the most eco-friendly, as well as being reliable and renewable. You might need to look into some outdoor heaters for when the evenings are still pleasant but the temperature drops, and don’t forget to add potted plants to bring extra character. Complete you seating area by growing small bushes around it, to turn it into a cosy nook surrounded by greenery for a final finishing touch.

Turn An Old Shed Into a Darkroom

Moving into a property that already has a ramshackle shed in the garden can feel disheartening. It might feel like you’ll have a big job ahead dismantling it. Before you get handy with the mallet, stop and think about whether it can be up-cycled. 

If you’re in the mood for a project and love taking on new hobbies, why not clear out the old shed and turn it into a dark room. Give it a good scrub, block out the windows (and if you like what you’re left with, why not paint it a fun colour?). Traditional photography is a true art form, so why not have a go at developing the photos you take in your own bespoke outdoor darkroom.

Bespoke Outdoor Spaces Can be Interesting Sitting Rooms

If you’re someone who likes to be a bit different, a basic outdoor sitting room just won’t cut it for you. Build a sitting room with a theme and take joy in impressing your friends and relatives.

Like the finer things in life? Set your outdoor room up as a vintage-style tea room. Take time to source the perfect vintage china from second hand shops and selling sites. Serve loose leaf tea in fine china cups and present scones with jam and cream on matching plates. A quaint tea room in your garden is fantastic place to entertain in.

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