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How To Find The Best Garden Room For Your Needs

Garden rooms have surged in popularity over the last year due to home working but the benefits of owning one go further than this. They can give you that extra living space you’ve been in need of, they can provide a tranquil space for relaxation and can extend your home without the disruption to your house. With the market booming, it can leave many prospective buyers a little confused over how to find the best garden room but with our tips, we should have you well on your way to finding exactly what you need.


The first place to start is working out what budget you have. Garden rooms come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, designs as well as having additional extras available on top, so before you begin that shop, take some time to plan your finances. Of course, the more money you have, the better your garden room can be in both aesthetics and comforts (double glazing, heating, under floor heating etc) but you don’t have to go to the top price range to find a garden room that will meet your needs. A few areas you will want to consider during this early planning stage will be:

–        Your needs

–        Location and space available in the garden

–        Whether you want to build yourself or buy from a company

–        The long term investment of a garden room

Cheap Garden Rooms vs Bespoke Modern Garden Rooms

Garden rooms can massively vary in price by thousands of pounds. Your budget option could be a simple summerhouse or cabin and your Bespoke version will be a room designed with all of your needs in mind. You will need to carefully think about what’s important for your home, your needs, your family and so on. Some things you will want to consider are:

–        Insulation

–        Double glazing

–        Wall thickness

–        Sound proofing

–        Materials

–        Professional installation

–        Foundations

–        Heating and electricity

–        Plumbing

–        Air conditioning

–        External aesthetics

–        Furnishings

A bespoke build may cost you more but it will most definitely include most, if not all of the above, which will allow you to have a good quality garden room that will last you many years to come and one which could be used in a huge variety of ways.

A basic building will be functional, it will still look and feel like a great extension of your home but you may notice that you will require a few additional tweaks down the line.

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What’s best: A Glass Room or Wooden Garden Room?

When we imagine a glass garden room we all conjure up visions of a summerhouse or orangery and as pretty as these are, they aren’t really your ideal garden room. They can become very hot, they are at risk of breaking, they are often noisy and will need a lot of upkeep. Wooden garden rooms on the other hand will be made from a hardy cedarwood, will only need the occasional treatment to keep the wood in tip top condition, they will be better insulated, more energy efficient and provide more privacy too.


If you have a design idea in mind, take your inspirations and create a mood board with them. Take some time to look at Pinterest, to speak to people who already have a garden room and take into consideration how you would be using yours. Having a clear idea of what you want will help both you and your garden supplier.

Choosing a Supplier

When it comes to choosing who will supply and install your new garden room, we would first advise that you do some online research. Take time to read the reviews, check their testimonies, have a look at their blogs and get an idea of what packages they have on offer. This is your investment and your garden room supplier has to meet your requirements and deliver to a high standard. Don’t feel as though you are being a nuisance by dropping them a line to answer your questions, if they are helpful, if they are professional and knowledgeable this will come across immediately.

If you want to chat more with us today then come and contact us here.

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