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best garden rooms for entertaining

What Are The Best Garden Rooms for Entertaining?

If you love to entertain, you might pondering over the best garden rooms for entertaining in. Getting a garden room built for when you guests come over is the ultimate move for those who love to host.

There are several types of garden structures available – some more permanent than others. It can be hard to decide which are the best garden rooms to go for when it comes to entertaining. How big does it need to be? Do you need power? A bathroom? Will you use it all year round?

This guide will help you narrow down the best garden rooms for you needs, and maybe even help you make a decision!

Best Garden Rooms for Entertaining

When you’re always the host, your home can seem a little tired. There are only so many options for where to seat guests, and spending time outside it strictly seasonal in the UK.

Below are some suggestions for the best garden rooms for entertaining in. There are different options for different needs, so think carefully about how you envisage using yours.

A Modern Garden Room

Modern garden rooms tend to be a structure made of cladding, with uPVC lockable windows and doors. These garden buildings are insulated, have a power supply, are heated and can be made in bespoke size or shape. These rooms are all-rounders that tick all the boxes and are a little bit like a mini house. You can even get a bathroom fitted if you wish.

The main draw of these garden rooms is that they can be used all year round. The heating and power supply mean you can keep your guests warm and well illuminated, even in the winter. Most of the time, the household WiFi will reach your garden room. All good hosts share WiFi.

Best Garden Rooms for Entertaining

A Gazebo with Heating

A gazebo is a handy temporary structure that is great for gatherings. Pair this with an outdoor heater to keep guests comfortable when you host garden parties. Gazebos are fantastic shelter from the rain, so if the weather is unpredictable, the party can still go on.

Despite having shelter and heating, gazebos are really best for summer or the warmer days of spring. The flimsy walls and light heating don’t quite keep comfortable temperatures in the colder months. 

Getting a temporary structure for summer is great practice for if you’re having something more permanent built. It will help you gauge how often you will use it and how much you like having more options to entertain in.

A Conservatory

Having a conservatory built can be a great way to extend your home – without the upheaval of an extension being built. They’re lovely for a breakout area when you have guests over for dinner and drinks. The only problem is, clutter can creep in – especially if you have children. Keeping the conservatory as a separate entity to the house can be difficult – mainly because it isn’t one. 

One of the positives of a conservatory is that an extra room is created and you can reach it without having to brave the elements. They can also look extremely beautiful with the right lighting and decor. You just need to decide whether you’d prefer something that is a little more separate from the main house.

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