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How To Create a Birdwatching Hub in Your Own Back Garden

How To Create a Birdwatching Hub in Your Own Back Garden

Bird-watching is the study of birds in their natural environments, including observation and identification of bird species and has been enjoyed for centuries. It is an activity that has grown in popularity over the past few decades and is a hobby that is suitable for all ages. If you are looking to attract more birds to your garden and want to create a birdwatching hub, here are our tips…

Your Garden Room Birdwatching Hub

To be able to watch all those birds you are about to start attracting to your garden you will need the perfect birdwatching hub and of course, we think that should be in the form of a garden room. The reason for this is because you will be able to build it in the optimum position and have a different view than say your upstairs window will have. You will have warmth and shelter allowing you to birdwatch throughout the year. Your garden room will have large bi folding doors, giving you a full view of your outdoor space. It can have trees, plants, bushes, climbing plants and a lawn surrounding it so it blends in with your garden and thus encouraging the birds to come closer to this building than they would to your house, and it is a quiet spot with no other noise coming from it (unlike the house!) which again, will mean birds will be happier to get closer. Your Garden Room can also store your binoculars, notebooks, charts, computer for identification, wildlife camera monitors and so on. It is just the ideal spot to carry out this lovely hobby.


In order to attract more birds to your space, you will want to begin by taking a look at how wildlife friendly your garden currently is. With many modern gardens using more and more hard landscaping, plastic grass, fake plants and so on, we need to turn these things around in order to get birds visiting and staying. A real lawn is key because birds need access to those yummy worms and bugs that live just under the surface. A real lawn that is allowed to grow will bring dandelions and daisies, which will attract more insects and provide more food for those birds – having a circular eco-system really is key.

Next up, let’s take a look at those flowers, plants, bushes and trees. You want a good mix of all of these as they will provide seeds, berries, shelter and places to possibly nest. A few great examples are flowers such as sunflowers as the birds can help themselves to the seeds, Hazel which provides woody shells with seeds inside, Holly bushes that have their bright red berries for birds to enjoy and if you can, add a tree because they provide many seeds as well as a place to perch or nest.

How To Create a Birdwatching Hub in Your Own Back Garden


Offering additional food is also a must in order to attract birds to your garden and to your birdwatching hub. Use hanging feeders in trees, tables on your lawn or even make your own eco-friendly bird feeders by placing seed inside an orange peel like in this blog post here. Another great feeding station idea are the ones which stick to your windows. By adding these to the doors and windows of your birdwatching hub, you will get the best view of your visitors. Carefully selecting the types of bird feed you use can help attract a wider range of species of birds to your back garden.


As we mentioned above, bushes and trees can both provide shelter for birds but some species love bird boxes or birdhouses as they are extremely private and warm. Tits and Robins in particular will come to nest in these as long as you choose a spot that is high up, that will make them feel safe and is accessible. Angle your bird houses so you can easily see them from your birdwatching hub.


Birds will flock to your garden birdwatching hub if you provide them with water. This can be in the form of a pond, a bird bath or just a small dish with water inside. They will use this for drinking, washing, cooling themselves and even playing. It is such an easy way to attract them and will make for a wonderful way in which to watch them.

By just taking these very simple steps you will soon have a wonderful wildlife garden that will be brimming with life and providing lots of exciting things to watch from your birdwatching hub.

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