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Composite garden room, with sliding patio doors and hidden shed

Black Garden Room

Some clients have no idea which type of garden room they want when they first call us. This is of course fine; Modern Garden Rooms is there to help you choose exactly the right build for you space and taste.

Others already have their ideal garden building in mind.

This striking Black Garden Room was the vision of Philippe and Veronique.

The couple contacted us wanting a new outdoor building for their two young girls to use as a study and a playroom, however they knew exactly what they wanted it to look like.

We worked with them to make their Black Garden Room vision into a reality!


Philippe and Veronique’s Black Garden Room, was a Border Garden Room with integrated storage area and large shed with hidden composite clad door measured 5m x 4.8m.

The build was to be clad in low maintenance black composite. 

Client Name:

Philippe and Veronique from Cricklewood, London (September 2018)


Composite garden room, with sliding patio doors and hidden shed

Philippe and Veronique had designs on a new bespoke Black Garden Room at the end of their London garden. They wanted a space could be used by their two young daughters as a playroom and study as an alternative to extending the house.

They also wanted an integrated shed storage area which could be used for garden equipment etc, so that there was no additional need for a separate garden shed.

As well as the unique black cladding, they opted for a Border Garden Room with a striking metal trim around the edge.

These builds have a more secluded front, with a downlit canopy and enclosing sides, as well as a 1m decking area to the front.

We knew that the Black Garden Room was a particularly tricky build. The space was limited as the build was to cover pretty much all of the 5m width of the garden. In addition to this, access to the garden was limited and all equipment, tools and materials had to go right through the house!

Our Solution:

For Philippe and Veronique’s Black Garden Room, we suggested they opt for our Border Garden Room.

The building measured 5m wide by 4.8m, to fill the space as much as possible, making the most of the full width of the fairly small garden.

The garden room, fronted by large, bi-fold doors, was to become a children’s playroom/study.

To the right of the building was an extra door leading to a partitioned, windowless shed room for storing garden equipment.

Without the clients having easy access to the sides of the build, we knew that it would have to be a low maintenance exterior; rather than the usual striking natural cedar look, the clients opted for the black cladding.

As there was no access to the garden except via the property, we knew that an extra level of care would have to be taken to ensure that all the necessary tools, equipment and materials could be taken through Philippe and Veronique’s London home without causing any damage to their interiors.

However, we were confident that we would manage it and working with Veronique, who had a keen eye for detail, we managed to build the bespoke Black Garden Room that her family had been visualising.

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