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5 Reasons You Should Build a Corner Garden Office

Even a small garden can accommodate a corner garden room, which means it time to start thinking about building one! 

Most homeowners feel they would benefit from more space in their house. Perhaps they’re after an extra room to relax in, or a space to entertain guests, or maybe somewhere to work on their hobbies. An added room can always come in handy, but building an extension is expensive and can be a huge upheaval.

Moving house often isn’t an option either. If you feel settled in your forever-home but fancy a little bit more space to spread out, moving is unlikely to be on your agenda. 

These are all reasons people look into investing in a garden room. Homeowners with smaller gardens often mistakenly believe a garden room simply won’t fit. Surprisingly, that’s not always the case. If you have small garden, then a smallish corner garden room might be just what you need.

Fancy a Corner Garden Office? Here Are 5 Reasons to Go For It!

There are loads of obvious reasons why you might want to get a corner garden office built, so here are some reasons why you should definitely go for it!

1. A Corner Garden Room Can be Compact 

Having a small garden can be one of the major factors stopping you from looking into building a garden room. Thankfully, corner garden rooms can be a viable for properties with limited outdoor space. A custom-designed garden structure will fit exactly where you need it to and use no more of your garden space than you expect it to.

2. An Outdoor Room Can Enhance your Garden

If you’re unsure where to go with the design of your garden, an outdoor room can provide just the focal point you’re after. A beautiful little room in the corner of your garden can guide the arrangement of the whole outdoor space. For example, flowers planted around the garden room can create an English country garden feel. A structure also provides a direction for a garden path. 

3. It’s Fun to Entertain in Your Garden Room

corner garden room

During the summer months, when the weather is gorgeous, entertaining outdoors is a wonderful pastime. Having friends over to eat and drink in your garden makes the most of the glorious weather, and the garden room provides a perfect setting for when the temperature drops in the evening (or if the weather doesn’t behave itself).

4. They’re a Great Trap for Natural Light

Spending all day under artificial lighting can be draining. You can suffer eyestrain, feel lethargic and even get migraines. If you have a hobby, or are able to work from home, spending time in your summer house exposes you to a great deal of natural light. Garden rooms are known to have lots of windows, which in turn, allows the natural light to pour in and alleviate any of the problems that come from working under natural light.

5. Everybody Needs Their Own Space

A room at the bottom of your garden can be a great place to escape to, without even leaving your property! If your house is more of a busy hub than a relaxing retreat, it might be time to build a garden getaway. Set up your outdoor room as a book nook, a sitting room, or whatever you like. If you can’t get peace and quiet in your house, it’s time to try the garden!

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