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Good Reasons to Build a Garden Bar On Your Property

Good Reasons to Build a Garden Bar On Your Property

A year-and-a-half at home might have been enough reason to build a garden bar alone. But if you’ve always fancied a pub in your garden but still feel undecided, these reasons below might help.

Below are some brilliant reasons to build a bar in your garden.

Building a garden bar is so much more than taking on a hobby home-improvement project. Although it is something you can while away your time doing yourself (or with the help of your pals), it’s also worth looking into having a professional build it for you. The fun doesn’t stop the moment it’s completed, in fact, it’s more likely to start!

Before getting your heart set on getting your hands dirty, take a moment to consider whether you should let someone else do the heavy lifting so you can get busy with enjoying your garden bar.

Great reasons to build a garden bar

It’s likely that if you’re searching for reasons to build a garden bar, your mind is probably made up. If you’re in need of a few positives to really sell it to your partner, then try some from the list below.

It’s less hassle than going out

There’s something to be said for a night out where you never leave your garden. For one, you’ll never struggle for a taxi home. It’s also not too far to walk in heels. Best of all – when you’re in charge of pouring the drinks, you won’t wait long to be served!

Other great things to consider are that you’ll never run into people from work (unless you invite them), you’ll always have a seat, you’re unlikely to witness any fights, and if the music is too loud, you can just turn it down.

Build a garden bar for a cheap night of fun

Without any travel costs, entrance fees and hiked up prices, a garden bar can save you a pretty penny. There are costs involved in building a garden bar, but over time they should pay for themselves with the money you’ve saved,

Some garden bars will cost more to build than others. A budget-friendly option is a beautiful free-standing bar that can be made from unused pallets. This is only likely to cost you your time and a few nails. It also only lends itself to being used on warm, dry nights. No one wants a rainwater daiquiri.

For more ‘pub-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden’ vibes, a small garden room would work better. This wouldn’t he quite so budget friendly, but it sure will impress.

You can always be the host

Some people love to host their friends. If you’re one of these people, a garden bar will cement your position as the host with the most! Use your cocktail making skills to impress your guests, or lay on a spread that will have them begging to return.

Having a pub in your garden means no one will ever say no to coming over!

You don’t have to tidy your house!

One thing that puts people off hosting when they have a family, is how much housework they’ll need to do before their guests arrive. If you have a dedicated room for entertaining, it’s unlikely to get messy. This way you can direct your guests straight into your garden and completely bypass any areas you’d rather no one saw.

Do you need any more convincing?

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