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Cabins for Gardens – Which Type Will Suit You?

Cabins for gardens a great way to get more space on your property. They are a fantastic investment if you love your home, want extra room but don’t want to move. Garden cabins elevate your garden, make it great for entertaining and can make your home more sought after when it’s eventually time to sell.

There are different types of cabins for gardens and your needs will depend on which sort is right for you.

Types of Cabins for Gardens

What you plan on using your garden cabin for should influence your final decision on style. Will you be mostly entertaining, or do you see it as more of an office pod? Would you want a hot tub cabin, or a gym more up your street?

You need to have in mind what you’ll mostly be using your cabin for before you take the plunge. Below are some of the most common cabins for gardens.

Garden log cabin

A garden log cabin can be a beautiful way to add a rustic wooden building to your outdoor space. These types of cabins can make for a cosy little nook, and even have an extra space with a roof built in so they double up as a hot tub shelter too. 

Generally, log cabins aren’t heated, so while they can effectively be used as shelter all year round, it’ll probably be quite chilly in the winter months.

log cabin cabins for gardens

Insulated garden cabin

An insulated garden room one of the more popular modern garden cabins. These are insulated and heated with a full electricity supply, which means they can be used all year round, in all weathers and at any time of day or night.

This makes them ideal for people who want to use them as an office, an extra sitting room, a gym or a garden bar. They are also great for entertaining, especially if you don’t want to disturb anybody in the main house. A canopy room is a good example of these types of garden cabins and can really be used for anything you want.

The design is modern and stylish, which fits in with most home décor designs. Rendered garden cabins come in hundreds of different colours, so you’re bound to find something that suits your style.

Traditional summer house cabin

A traditional summer house cabin can be a cute and quaint addition to your garden. Some of these styles come as a self-build project, meaning if you’re handy you can probably get it up in a weekend.

One of the big draws of the old-fashioned style summer houses is that they are mostly made of windows, creating a very light and airy garden cabin. The only problem is, they are usually single glazed wooden buildings, which doesn’t offer a lot of insulation. This means they’re lovely for those summer months, but not very useable when the cold weather comes.

These types of cabins can usually be painted any colour you like and are nice to look at when you’re sitting outside.

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