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garden room for beauty business

Can A Garden Room Be Used For Your Beauty Business?

Having your own beauty business can be both rewarding and satisfying but it can also become very costly when you are in charge of all of your own overheads or when you have to cover your travel and so on. However, there is one way of ticking every box and that’s by using a garden room for your business needs.

A Dedicated Space

A modern garden room will provide the right amount of space whether you are a nail technician, a hairdresser, a masseuse, a makeup artist or if you cover a wide variety of beauty treatments. There will be more than enough room for mirrors, a table, chairs, a relaxation area as well as sufficient space in which to keep all of your tools and products. It is the ideal building for this type of business and you will see more of this in our next pointers.


All garden rooms will come with lighting as standard (heating too) but you can always discuss any extra needs with the room supplier in order to customise it. For example, you may want a dimmer switch installed? Perhaps you need spotlights for some work and mood lighting for relaxation time? And let’s not forget the benefit of having natural light flooding in. With large windows and bi-folding doors on offer, this can all be possible.


On top of all of the above, your garden room can also be kitted out with all of the essential facilities such as a toilet and a kitchenette which means that you and your clients will be able to remain in your home beauty studio for the entire booking without needing to leave to get drinks, to wash brushes or tools or to use the toilet.

Luxe Garden Room Beauty business


One of the best things about having a garden room for your beauty business is that it will immediately bring that air of professionalism to your client’s session. If you were once cutting hair from your kitchen, you may have been surrounded by washing up, laundry, pets etc. A garden room shows that you are taking your business seriously and that your client’s needs to be able to relax and enjoy their treatment come first.


As well as having complete freedom to style out the interior of your garden room in whatever way suits, you can also spend some time and money into creating a whole brand for your business. You could put up signage, have your logo on the walls and create branded price and treatment lists/reward cards/discount cards and so on that a client could easily see and access.

Rent Free

A garden room is an investment but that money is going into something that will be yours to keep and that should keep giving for years to come; it’ll even increase the value of your home! When renting premises, your hard earned cash is going into somebody elses pocket. Being rent free will allow you to invest your money straight back into your business and reap the rewards.

If you are looking to move your beauty business into a garden room, why not speak to us today?

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