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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

garden building ideas: gym

Gorgeous Garden Building Ideas That Add Character to Your Property

A house is not a home until you've added your own stamp to it. This list of garden building ideas will help you leave your mark by building something personal for your property. Whether you're moving into a home that already has a garden building, or considering having one added to your property, you need to pick a use for it that best suits your needs. Gorgeous Garden Building Ideas These fabulous garden building ideas will help you decide what... Read More...
cheap garden office ideas

Cheap Garden Office Ideas: The Office You Want, On A Budget

Thanks to a sudden surge in people working from home, cheap garden office ideas are a hot topic right now. While working from home has been a huge boon for some, others have found they need a dedicated office space. Lots of people have discovered they can easily do their jobs from home, and would actually prefer to do so. After all, what's not to love? Working from home means you can skip the dreaded commute, saving hundreds of pounds... Read More...
Garden Room In A Small Garden

Can I Have A Garden Room In A Small Garden?

When a client comes to us to discuss the possibility of having a garden room, a common question we get asked is "Can I have a garden room even though my garden is small?" We can see why this would be a concern but there are ways to get around this reduced space issue just by taking into consideration a few factors that you may not have thought of.  Size The main starting point when considering a garden room for... Read More...
Quirky Summer Houses

Quirky Summer Houses – Projects to Give Your Garden Personality

Quirky summer houses are a fun way to makeover a garden building. Instead of setting up a man cave or a regular sitting room, take on a project that encompasses something you love. Pick a theme that interests you, the go all out to make your summer house into a quirky and unique room that's bound to impress! If you're unsure to execute your new project, then you need to make a thorough plan. Spend time working on your theme.... Read More...
Top Tips For Preparing Your Garden Room For The Winter

Top Tips For Preparing Your Garden Room For The Winter

The weather is beginning to change, the leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is dropping. Yes, those colder months are on their way and even though we have a few weeks to go, it is never too early to begin preparing your garden room for the winter. Make A Start On The Leaves As the leaves begin to fall on and around your building make it apart of your routine to clear them away as and when you... Read More...
garden lodges to home office

Garden Lodges can Easily Be Turned Into Home Offices

Garden lodges are built for many different uses, but most commonly to be used as an extra sitting room. It might be difficult to imagine how your cosy sitting room could either double up as, or be converted into a home office. Thankfully, these buildings are extremely versatile and it will only take a short while and a small amount of money to get things up and running. First you'll need to decide whether you're changing your garden lodge into... Read More...
Styling Out Your Garden Cabin Music Room

Four Musical Instruments to Learn in Your Garden Music Room

If you're lucky enough to have a garden music room, you might be tempted to expand your repertoire and take up a new instrument. Whether you had the room built for your current musical escapades or inherited it when you moved into the house, it deserves to be put to good use. Learning a new instrument is a great way to keep your brain active and explore your talent. The only problem is, some instruments are easier to learn than... Read More...
make your garden a wildlife hub (2)

How To Make Your Garden A Wildlife Hub

Having a garden is such a treat in so many ways, it is a place to play in, to relax in, to take up a hobby in and somewhere to reconnect with wildlife, but how do you make the most of the latter? Here we take a look at how you can make your garden a wildlife hub. Plant Insect Loving Flowers Your first steps in creating a wildlife hub will be to attract insects into your garden. Not only... Read More...
Grey summer house ideas for inside

On-Trend Accessories for Your Grey Summer House

A grey summer house is sought after addition to any garden. With grey being the colour of the moment, it's not a surprise that preference should extend to garden rooms. Depending on what type of summer house you opt for, grey cladding could be an option for the room's exterior. Rendered garden rooms are available in up to 800 colours, meaning you could choose almost any colour you can think of for the exterior of your summer house. On-Trend Accessories... Read More...
north facing garden

Simple North Facing Garden Design Ideas

Since having a south facing garden seems to be the coveted option, north facing garden design ideas can be hard to come be. A north facing garden can be quite cool and damp. It spends most of the day in the shade, but gets the evening sun around May to October. Ensuring you know what to expect in terms of how much light you'll get and when you can expect it, will help inform your north facing garden design ideas.... Read More...
make the most of your garden space

7 Projects To Make The Most Of Your Garden Space

Our garden's give us the space to be able to relax, to unwind, to enjoy a hobby and get closer to nature which is why making the most of them is so important. By creating a garden you love, you will be creating a space that you will always be drawn to and studies show that those who spend more time outdoors have better mental health and well-being. Here are our 7 projects that will help you to make the... Read More...
outside buildings

Outside Buildings to Enhance Your Garden

Outside buildings can be useful addition to any garden, especially if you have any hobbies. If you're a homeowner who loves a bit of home improvement, an outside building might well be on your mind.  Those with a large garden might even be considering garden buildings, plural. Why stop at just one when different garden structures can serve different purposes? Two, three, or even four outdoor rooms can enhance your garden and turn your home into a relaxing haven. Outside Buildings... Read More...
Enjoy Your Garden During A Heatwave -Sprinkler

How To Enjoy Your Garden Comfortably During A Heatwave

The garden is usually a place for relaxation, somewhere to sit and enjoy all that you have created but when it comes to a UK heatwave, it can often become unbearable and many of us end up seeking some rest bite in the cooler house. It seems such a shame to have to do this but fear not, we have some great tips which will help you to enjoy your garden comfortably during a heatwave. Pool Bringing a pool into... Read More...
A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Location

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Location

When it comes to building and designing a new garden room, there are a lot of areas which need to be considered but have you fully thought about the location? You may have a space in mind but there may be factors that you have overlooked, such as sunlight, privacy and access. Here we take a look at how important it is to get the location of your garden room right. Privacy If you are using your garden room for... Read More...
Your Garden Office Kit -

Your Garden Office Kit – Everything You’ll Need to Set Up

A garden office kit is just what you'll need if you're planning to work from home. Whether you're employed remotely, or self-employed, working from home is a great gig. The only thing is, you'll need to prepare your workspace. Working in the garden is preferable to working in the house for many reasons. One of the main reasons being that a different physical space from where you spend your leisure time can help promote a different mental space. Keeping work... Read More...
stylish interior trends

Need a New Look? Seven Stylish Interior Trends For Your Garden Room

A garden room can be such a wonderful addition to your home and just like your home, you will want it to be fitted out to your own taste. The great thing with a room like this is that it can on many themes and still be very stylish. Here are just a few stylish interior trends that we have come up with to help you to make a decision. Shabby Chic To obtain a shabby chic feel, the first... Read More...
corner garden office

5 Reasons You Should Build a Corner Garden Room

Even a small garden can accommodate a corner garden room, which means it time to start thinking about building one!  Most homeowners feel they would benefit from more space in their house. Perhaps they're after an extra room to relax in, or a space to entertain guests, or maybe somewhere to work on their hobbies. An added room can always come in handy, but building an extension is expensive and can be a huge upheaval. Moving house often isn't an... Read More...
large garden room

Great Uses for Your Large Garden Room

Having a large garden room is a real asset to any property. It provides extra space, can be a wonderful place to entertain and has limitless uses if you're feeling creative. One of the main positives of a large garden room is that it creates extra living space. This can be done by either using it as another room to relax, entertain, or work in, or use it as a place for storage to free up an extra room inside... Read More...
large garden room sitting room

5 Inspiring Ideas For Your She-Cave

Whenever we hear about garden sheds they are so often referred to as the man's domain, hence the term man-cave but why can't women also have their own little piece of sanctuary? After all, women also want to unwind after a hard day at work, they need time to switch off, everybody needs a place to escape to and a place for a hobby. Let's explore 5 inspiring ideas for your very own she-cave. Reading Room Reading inside the house... Read More...

Bespoke Outdoor Spaces for Creative Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time, especially when it comes to putting your stamp on the place. Bespoke outdoor spaces are a fun way to do just that.  Half the fun of buying over renting is making the place your own. Decorating and remodelling have a certain charm, but the real way to make your mark is make big changes. Dig up the garden, add a fire pit, install solar lighting. Make big changes to see the biggest results.... Read More...
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