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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

Tips for Setting Up a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Tips for Setting Up a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Setting up a man cave garden cabin is relatively easy. It's likely you'll only need a few creature comforts to create the ideal man cave in your garden. If you have an existing garden room, your job will be even easier! Some garden rooms lend themselves better to creating a little getaway spot than others. Basic wooden sheds, for example, have long been a place of solace for the 'man of the house', but these structures tend to be very... Read More...
Why A Garden Room Makes The Ideal Therapist’s Office

Why A Garden Room Makes The Ideal Therapist’s Office

With the rise in popularity of garden rooms, especially in the last year, we are hearing more and more about how people are utilising this space in their everyday lives including for work. We often simply imagine this being set up as an office space for somebody who needs a quiet place to take phone calls and to work on their computer but what if your chosen career involves having patients or clients? Could this be the right environment for... Read More...
Get Inspired With Garden Room Decor Ideas From Around the World

Get Inspired With Garden Room Decor Ideas From Around the World

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with garden room decor ideas - after all, the decorating possibilities are endless! If you're looking for a clear theme, or simple-to-achieve interior inspiration, then you've come the right place. Your outdoor office space (or sitting room) doesn't need to be drab, just because it's compact. It's easy to dress up a small space with on-trend furniture and accessories - you just need to know what trend to follow. Garden Room Decor from Around the... Read More...
plants for your garden room

6 Amazing Air Purifying Plants For Your Garden Room

The air quality inside of your home or even your garden room is something that we should all be focussing on. With air pollution entering via doors, windows or vents, did you know that this could lead to very poor air quality which can have an impact on your health? Headaches, allergies, lethargy and so on can all become worse if the air inside your home isn’t regulated but how can you do this? In one very natural and simple... Read More...
garden room for beauty business

Can A Garden Room Be Used For Your Beauty Business?

Having your own beauty business can be both rewarding and satisfying but it can also become very costly when you are in charge of all of your own overheads or when you have to cover your travel and so on. However, there is one way of ticking every box and that’s by using a garden room for your business needs. A Dedicated Space A modern garden room will provide the right amount of space whether you are a nail technician,... Read More...
Outbuilding conversion ideas: A garden home office shed with computer

Outbuilding Conversion Ideas to Suit Your Lifestyle

This list of outbuilding conversion ideas will inspire you to transform your garden buildings into a special place you can fall in love with. Moving into a home that already has outbuildings can be both a blessing and a challenge. On one hand, the extra space can be a real boon. On the other hand, you might have a lot of work ahead of you to turn your outbuilding into a garden room you can use. Your outbuilding conversion project... Read More...
Get a new look Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

Get a new look: Ways to decorate a garden room for spring

Many people neglect their garden rooms over winter; the lure of the outside isn't as strong when there is snow settling in the garden and rain pelting against the windows, even if the garden building is fully insulated and has heating. However when spring is on its way, it might be time to decorate your garden room; here are some ideas! How to decorate a garden room A new coat of paint is always a great way to refresh or... Read More...
garden rooms

Lockdown Living Leads To Huge Increase In Demand For Garden Rooms

This week the BBC reported on the increase in demand in garden rooms and it’s not hard to see why. With more people working from home, kids needing space to homeschool, adults requiring a place in which to exercise and/or relax, a garden room can provide for all of these needs. With some companies seeing a whopping 300% rise in sales let’s take a look at what is being said, why they are beneficial and why they are helping. Working... Read More...
Tips for Creating a Family Friendly Garden During Lockdown

Tips for Creating a Family Friendly Garden During Lockdown

Spending long days at home cooped up indoors, can take its toll on most people after a while, especially for those with young children at home. Having a nice family friendly garden that you can enjoy when the weather is nice can be a lifesaver. While it may seem like you need to put a lot of work in initially to get it looking just right, there is no denying you can reap the rewards year after year if you... Read More...
garden rooms have increased in popularity

Why Have Garden Rooms Increased In Popularity?

It may well surprise you that garden rooms have been gradually increasing in popularity since 2013. We often think of conservatories as being that new addition to the home and throughout the 90’s this was most definitely the case but since the idea of having a garden cabin came into focus, there has been a steady growth both in sales and the number of companies offering this bespoke service. So what changed? Why have garden rooms increased in popularity over... Read More...
Gardening Jobs For The Spring

Top Gardening Jobs For You To Do This Spring

With Spring just around the corner it is time to look at which gardening jobs can be carried out right now. Clear Leaves We covered a lot of tips in a previous blog on gardening in the winter and keeping on top of the leaves was included but it can be a pretty tedious job which you could easily end up doing each day. So, it is inevitable that come the Spring, you will still be tackling this. It is... Read More...
indoor plants for your outdoor summer house

Indoor Plants for Your Outdoor Summer House

Just because your outdoor summer house is surrounded by greenery, that shouldn't stop you bringing some plants inside. Caring for indoor plants can be a different beast if you're only familiar with plants that live outside. Lots of outdoor plants in modern gardens are low maintenance. If you're not a seasoned gardener, it might be sensible to go for indoor plants that are also easy to care for. When choosing plants for your outdoor summer house, you need to do... Read More...
improve productivity when working from home

How To Improve Your Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home can really have its perks such as no commute, having your home comforts, it can save you money and can give you flexibility, but it does also have some downsides which most of the UK may well be feeling right now as working from home has become the norm. Here are a few ways in which you can improve productivity when working from home… Routine By sticking to your normal routine you will be ensuring that you... Read More...
Man cave garden cabin

Why All Dads Need a Man Cave Garden Cabin

Becoming a father doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to your dream of having a man cave garden cabin. In fact, it's probably the best time to invest in one! Let's face it, parenting can be hard. It's certainly rewarding, but it's important to acknowledge parents need some 'me' time too. Children's toys can take over the house and make it feel like there's no 'grown up' spaces any more. Even if your house is lucky enough to have... Read More...
Home cinema in modern garden room

Get The Cinema Experience at Home With A Modern Garden Room

Everybody loves the cinematic experience. The atmosphere, the popcorn aroma, the fizzy drinks, surround sound, large comfortable chairs and of course, the giant screen to fully enjoy the film on so what if you could bring this to your own home? Well, you certainly can with a modern garden room and here’s how… How Can A Garden Room Be A Cinema? A modern garden room can be anything that you need or want it to be. We’ve covered many different... Read More...
turfing your lawn

How to Reduce Turfing Costs For Your Lawn in 2021

Most people desire a very flat and verdant green lawn, however those who have attempted to achieve this feat can confirm the level of difficulty involved in turfing your lawn and maintaining it properly. It is extremely easy to lose control of your lawn, if weeds and moss find their way into the grass, you will find it nigh on impossible to eradicate them. One’s best bet is to begin again; replace the lawn completely and have the garden re-turfed.... Read More...
how a garden room can help you reach your goals

Five Ways A Garden Room Could Help You Achieve Your Goals In 2021

The New Year is here and this is usually a great time for planning ahead, making resolutions and being productive but with the restrictions from the pandemic you may not be feeling overly positive, however, we have some ideas on how a garden room can help you in 2021 and maybe make a few things happen in your life… Home School With the current climate, many parents have chosen to home school or will need to again this year due... Read More...
Garden Room Furniture Ideas

Garden Room Furniture Ideas For Hidden Storage

If you're looking for garden room furniture ideas, hidden storage is the way to go. Hidden storage gives rooms an extra function. It means clutter can be kept out of sight but the room itself doesn't only serve one purpose. Whatever you choose to use your garden room for, there are hidden storage options for many types of furniture. The most common uses are offices, sitting rooms, and bedrooms, which all lend themselves well to concealed storage. Hidden storage garden... Read More...
home office garden shed light

Spring Cleaning Your Summer Garden Buildings from the Outside In

Summer garden buildings are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but as time goes on, they can begin to look a little tired. A spring clean refreshes summer garden building in no time - start from the outside and work your way in! English weather can be incredibly changeable. As a result, outbuildings can look uncared for very quickly thanks to fallen leaves clogging gutters and windows left cloudy from the rain. These six simple steps are all you... Read More...
wooden garden features bird table

Wooden Garden Features for a Relaxing Outdoor Space

Adding a wooden garden feature to your outdoor space can transform it into a place to relax. When faced with a completely untouched garden, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making it more welcoming. Newbuild properties will often have a 'blank canvas' garden, plenty of older houses do too. Perhaps you got a bargain with an overgrown garden and need to start from scratch. Maybe you're fed up with living alongside someone else's... Read More...
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