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Modern Garden Rooms Blog

Modern Garden Rooms’ garden room blog showcases our extensive knowledge and love for the garden rooms that we build.

Here on our blog we cover everything from home gyms to art studios, from relaxation rooms to garden offices, from installation to decoration.

Whether you’re looking to find out more about getting a new garden room, searching for decor which will inspire you, or perhaps wondering what to do with your own summerhouse or garden room, here on Modern Garden Rooms’ blog we take an in depth look at what a garden room is, what you need to consider when you get a garden room, and how to make it work best for you.

If you have questions relating to any of the articles on our Garden Room Blog then please contact us; and if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see then we’d be happy to hear from you.

garden room furniture ideas

Garden Room Furniture Styles for Your Summer House

Garden room furniture has jumped forward in the style stakes. It's moved on from the basic wicker sets its name conjures up, and can turn your summer house into the most stylish room on your property. Wow your guests and impress the neighbours with garden room furniture that tells a story. Travelled the world? Let your summer house show it. Adorn the walls with photos of your travels and display classy souvenirs you've picked up along the way and choose... Read More...
creating a room to inspire your creative flair

How To Create A Garden Room To Inspire Your Creative Flair

A garden room can be the absolutely perfect location for your hobby; whether that's art, dance, yoga, writing or crocheting this space is yours to be as creative as you need to be... But how do create a room to inspire you? Here are our tips... Tranquillity The whole feel of the room is key. Your space needs to be chilled, relaxing, warm and inviting. It needs to take you away from your everyday life, away from the hustle and... Read More...
Pool table - modern garden rooms for kids

Why Modern Garden Rooms are Great for Kids

If you've got children and spend most of your time trying to keep your house in order, there might be a simple solution. Modern garden rooms are fantastic for containing mess, entertaining kids and their friends, and providing a fun little den that won't leave your lounge in a mess. Modern garden rooms are light, airy and have many uses. The best part is, they can grow with your child's needs, all you need to change is what you put... Read More...
garden studio

How and Why You Should Soundproof Your Garden Studio

A garden studio is far more than just a glorified shed. It is an extension of your home and it needs to reflect that in both look and in structure. Most garden rooms are built as music rooms, gym rooms, exercise studios and playrooms and all of these will produce a significant amount of noise which is precisely why we recommend that you soundproof your garden studio. What is Soundproofing? Soundproofing is any means of reducing the sound pressure from... Read More...
garden rooms sitting rooms

Why Insulated Sheds Make Great Outdoor Sitting Rooms

Insulated sheds have many uses, and one of the most popular is creating outdoor sitting room. Modern insulated sheds are fitted with all the amenities you'd expect from an indoor sitting room: lighting, heating, a power supply, uPVC windows, and of course - insulation. This means the sitting room can be heated and retain its heat during the winter. On hot days, you can enjoy your outdoor sitting room with the door and windows wide open, surrounded by fresh air.... Read More...
Bespoke garden room software for design and build

Tips on How to Design Your Own Summerhouse

Choosing from the many styles of garden rooms that are on the market can seem like a tough order. Do you already have something perfect in your mind but are looking for that compromise? Why compromise though? How about you design your own summerhouse and put your ideas into action? Things to Consider When Designing Your Own Summerhouse You may already have your ideal summerhouse etched in your brain but you will need to think about quite a few factors... Read More...
Reading in your new garden summer house

Why I Love My Home Garden Office

This post is written by Fran, who is a self-employed freelance writer and blogger. She works from her home garden office, and tells us what she loves about it! Why we built our home garden office My home garden office was built back in 2016. At the time, we were considering extending the house, which ended up happening a year later. In the meantime we needed a quicker and cheaper solution when my husband was suddenly given the option to... Read More...
cheap garden lodges

Your Simple Buyers Guide to Garden Lodges

Garden lodges can provide your home with so much. From a new garden office to summer house, a kids playroom or hobby room, art studio or games room that extra space in the garden can transform your family and/or working life. But to get the most out of a garden building, you need to consider all of the various practical details first and luckily for you, we have compiled a list to help you along your way: Budget Let's get... Read More...
garden bar - garden room

Contemporary Garden Buildings – A Great Place for a Dinner Party

Staying in is the new going out - and contemporary garden buildings make staying in all the more stylish.  There's no need to splash the cash in an expensive restaurant, when you can get that fancy restaurant feel in your own back garden! Whether you love to entertain friends, or crave regular date nights to reconnect as a couple, a contemporary garden building is the perfect place to spend your evening. Dinner Party Tips for Contemporary Garden Buildings If you're... Read More...
Eco Garden Rooms UK Green rain barrel with black tap in selective focus against an allotment garden. Vegetable plants grow in beds beyond. Collecting rainwater is an environmentally friendly way to water the garden.

How To Create Eco Garden Rooms

When you think of garden rooms you may imagine them being very draining on your finances both in the build and in the energy they will use when completed. Yes, this is an investment and yes sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to get the best of the best but have you ever considered how going eco-friendly could benefit both your pocket as well as the environment? Want to know how to create eco garden rooms here... Read More...
garden timber cabin furniture

Timber Cabins: What to Use Them For & How to Decorate

Timber Cabins are a great way of adding a room to your household without the bother of building an extension. A timber cabin can be used for almost anything you like and will help make your home feel bigger. You might be wondering if a timber cabin can be a good fit for your needs, and chances are - it will be! This list covers some great uses for timber cabins (as well as inspiration for how to decorate). Timber... Read More...
6m x 4m cube garden room

Where to Start When Buying a Brand New Garden Room

Buying a garden room can seem like a tricky and expensive task but we are about to make it far more simple for you with our easy guide. In this post, we have compiled a list of everything you will need to consider before, during and throughout the build discussion to help you to decide exactly what you need and want from your garden room as well as from the company you choose to go with. First Things to Consider... Read More...
piggy bank - 5 Ways A Garden Lodge Could Benefit You Financially

5 Ways A Garden Lodge Could Benefit You Financially

We often think that the function of a garden lodge or cabin is to add an extra room onto a home or to create a new feature in the garden but have you ever stopped to think about how one could actually benefit you financially? Could a new build bring you in some extra cash each month? Think of the possibilities and imagine what you could do or where you could go with that extra income. Here we look at... Read More...
wooden cabins book nook

Wooden Cabins Can Provide The Perfect Escapism: What Will You Use Yours For?

Wooden cabins are a hot new trend for home improvement enthusiasts. A wooden cabin can extend your home, add an extra room and give you a place to escape, all without having to move house (or go on holiday). One of the best things about wooden cabins is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only can you customise the exterior to you exact specifications, the interior is a blank canvas too! Wooden cabins and what to use them for Below... Read More...
working from home in a garden outhouse

3 Jobs You Can do From Your Garden Outhouse

If you've got a garden outhouse and a thirst to work from home, you may have considered which direction your career should take so that you can achieve your work-from-home dream. It's not unusual to wish you could leave the 9-5 behind and start working only the hours you choose. Working from home is a great way to earn money when you've got a young family. Flexible work hours mean you don't have to spend half your wages on childcare,... Read More...
painted garden summer house ideas

7 Painted Summer House Ideas For Your Garden Building

You have your dream summer house but you're feeling like it's missing something. It's a bit lacklustre and you want to brighten it up and personalise it but what do you go for? Here are 7 painted summer house ideas: Country Cottage This look can be achieved with soft pastel colours and to be honest, you can go for whichever shade suits you best. Think creams, greens, off whites, light greys, baby blue, soft pink or warm yellow. To really... Read More...
How to decorate your garden shed office

Is a Shed Office the Right Move for Your Business?

Building a shed office might seem like a jump in your self-employment journey, but lots of entrepreneurs are opting for garden offices to help skyrocket their business. Gone are the days when a shed office looked like an actual shed that your grandpa might keep his gardening tools in. Garden rooms nowadays are light and spacious, generally made with large windows and often built to your own specifications. Now that you can visualise your future shed office, it's time to... Read More...
garden shed office

Making Your Garden Shed Office Work For You

So, you have decided to have a garden shed office? You have your perfect spot picked out, but what else do you need to consider? This space has to work for you and also be an enjoyable space to be in because it is where you are going to be spending a lot of your time in the near future. It needs to be functional, comfortable, warm, a nice area to work within and a place where you feel that... Read More...
Plants for garden offices

What To Put In A Summerhouse

So, your new garden build is complete and your brand new summer house has taken pride and place which means your attention has now turned to furnishing it. There are so many ideas you could go with so we thought we'd give you a helping hand so here are our tips on what to put in a summerhouse. Furniture Your summerhouse is a place to retreat to, somewhere for you to relax and unwind in and to enjoy the view... Read More...
cheap garden lodges

Why Garden Lodges are the Perfect Hideaway

Having your own space to do what you want with is a luxury. It's the reason garden lodges have become much more popular in recent years, and man caves, reading nooks and craft rooms have entered our vocabulary. There is something so very indulgent in shutting out the rest of the world and enjoying your own company. Research suggests that setting time aside to be alone and do what you enjoy can do wonders for your well-being. Modern life is... Read More...
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