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Canopy Room

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Outdoor Teenager Den – Canopy Room 4m x 2m

As children get older, they begin to want more independence. While they're still too young to move out, it's possible to give them a bit more freedom by building an outdoor teenager den in your garden. Giving your children space that's away from your main home, but not so far away that you can't keep an eye on them is every parent's dream. While they relax in their outdoor teenager den, you can reclaim your home and put your feet... Read More...

Garden Living Room – Canopy Room 4m x 3m

A garden living room is the perfect place to kick back and relax. It gives you the freedom to chill out with a drink and an evening of gaming, without worrying about hogging the main TV. Everyone dreams of their own space, away from the rules and red tape of the main family home. A place where they can put their feet on the furniture (even before they’ve kicked off their shoes), and be the master of their own TV... Read More...
Garden cabin set behind a brick retaining wall

Summerhouse – Canopy Room 5m x 4m

A summerhouse is not only a useful thing to have, but with the right design it can become a beautiful focal point for any garden. Siobhan from Ashford in Lincoln had an attractive and well-established garden with a walled, raised area at the far end, which was just shouting out to have a new, stylish garden summerhouse built on it. Being careful not to detract too much from the beauty of the natural landscape, we worked with her to provide... Read More...
uses for a garden pod building

Garden Gym Pod – Canopy Room 5m x 3m

If you’re fitness nut who hates high gym fees, a garden gym is the perfect solution. With no monthly premium and zero travel time to access the gym, you can achieve all your fitness goal without wasting precious time or money. Worried your workout is too intense for a garden room? It shouldn't be an issue, no matter what you want to do. This garden gym, which we built for Rob in Dorset, has a reinforced sub-floor and a cross-beam... Read More...
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