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Cube Room

Garden Reading Nook – 3m x 2m Cube Room

Nothing beats the peaceful pastime of finding a silent room and curling up with a good book. A quiet room in a busy household can sometimes be hard to find, which is where a garden reading nook might just be the perfect solution! If you're an introvert with a love of books, you may have already set yours sights on a reading nook in your garden. It's easy to get swept away with thoughts of a warmly lit nook, with... Read More...

Kids’ Garden Playroom – Cube Room 4m x 4m

When they first think of having children, parents-to-be often have no idea of the enormous amount of space that kids and all their stuff take up. It is actually quite remarkable, given how small children are. If you're in a small house and there's not much space to play, it can quickly begin to feel cramped and the constant tidying of toys can leave you feeling stressed out with no escape. Using a garden building as a garden playroom for... Read More...
Bespoke ‘L’ shaped cedar clad garden room, with intergrated shed and a hidden cedar door

Garden Office With Storage – Cube Room 7m x 3m

Garden Office With Storage Would you love a home garden office but aren't sure where you would put it? Perhaps you don't have the room in your garden for a new garden room as well as a shed, but need the storage? If so, a garden office with extra storage could be just the right kind of build for you! A garden office with integrated shed storage can combine a peaceful place to work outside of the house, with a... Read More...
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