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Garden Playroom

In recent years, the number of families opting for a garden playroom is increasing, for a very good reason.

Many parents are now caught in the same predicament; they bought their houses before they had children and now the house just seems too small and they’re running out of room!

So what do you do when you are bursting at the seams with toys and have nowhere to store them? Moving house is of course one option, as is extending to create more space, but a garden playroom from Modern Garden could be a much quicker, cheaper and all round easier solution to the problem!

It might be easier than you think to give your children the space to play in their very own playroom; you don’t usually require planning permission to build a playroom within your garden, and we can design it to your own specification to make sure you’re happy with your new garden room.

Kids’ Garden Playroom – Cube Room 4m x 4m

When they first think of having children, parents-to-be often have no idea of the enormous amount of space that kids and all their stuff take up. It is actually quite remarkable, given how small children are. If you're in a small house and there's not much space to play, it can quickly begin to feel cramped and the constant tidying of toys can leave you feeling stressed out with no escape. Using a garden building as a garden playroom for... Read More...
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