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Living Accommodation

If you’ve suddenly found yourself in need of additional living accommodation, for example a granny annex or a private space for visitors to stay, then a modern garden building could be just what you’re looking for.

An insulated garden room fully equipped with the necessary plumbing and electricity could be the perfect temporary living accommodation for friends or family to stay in. You can create a granny annex for an elderly relative so they can be close by, or even a student flat for to allow your teenager to gain their own independence.

Providing new space in a much easier and cheaper way than extending your home, a garden room can be turned into anything you want it to be; a bedroom, a sitting room, even a bathroom and kitchen can be installed to make guests feel right at home at the bottom of your garden!

Please note than planning regulations must be adhered to, when using a garden building as living accommodation for people to sleep in.

Jonny's temporary living space was a 6m by 6m bespoke garden room

Temporary Living Space – Bespoke Building 6m x 6m

Modern Garden Rooms builds are not just sheds; they're very sturdy and well insulated outdoor living spaces. With the addition of heating, plumbing and electricity they can be used as temporary living space at any time of year. If you need somewhere for a family member to stay or a luxury private accommodation for visitors, then a new garden building could give you the space you need quickly, without breaking the bank or even requiring planning permission. Your new stylish... Read More...

Temporary Accommodation – Border Room 8m x 11m

Modern Garden Rooms are much more than just sheds or summer houses for warm, dry days. The walls of our garden rooms are properly insulated as standard, and with the addition of heating, plumbing and electricity it is entirely possible to use a garden building as a liveable space; for example a granny annex or student flat, during any time of year. Once decorated, your new garden room could be a luxurious and private apartment for visitors to stay in.... Read More...
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