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cheap garden office ideas

Cheap Garden Office Ideas: The Office You Want, On A Budget

Thanks to a sudden surge in people working from home, cheap garden office ideas are a hot topic right now. While working from home has been a huge boon for some, others have found they need a dedicated office space.

Lots of people have discovered they can easily do their jobs from home, and would actually prefer to do so. After all, what’s not to love? Working from home means you can skip the dreaded commute, saving hundreds of pounds (and freeing up plenty of hours). It also means you can stay in your pyjamas if you have no video calls to make, and nobody eats your biscuits in the staff room!

The only problem with working from home is that some homes just don’t quiet have the space. That’s why cheap garden office ideas can be a real godsend. Rather than trying to eek out a few extra inches inside your home, take your work to the garden and set up office there.

Cheap Garden Office Ideas

If you’ve been working in a makeshift home office, it might be time to look for cheap garden office ideas. This list is packed with inspiration for creating a garden office on a budget.

Convert your summer house

Summer houses are the easiest garden structures to convert into offices. Modern summer houses are designed to be used all year round so are usually have power, are heated and well insulated. All you need to do is put a desk in there for your computer and sign on to the WiFi network.

cheap garden office ideas

Upgrade your shed

Office sheds can make a lovely workspace. A standard shed is unlikely to to be fit to use as an office without any alterations. The amount of work you’ll need to put in depends entirely upon the condition of the shed you’re starting with. It’s likely you’ll need to insulate it, as well as adding a power source. Price up the adaptations before committing, as if your shed needs a lot of work, it suddenly stops being a cheap optopn.

Convert your garage

Garages tend to be kitted out with lighting and electricity. It’s likely your garage will be a chilly structure, but with the power supply already set up, half your job is done. It would be best to insulate you garage, meaning you might need to change the shutter doors for something that loses less heat. Having a power supply means extra power outlets can be added and even electric heaters too. Converting your garage may be a cheaper job than upgrading your shed, so make sure you price up both options if you have both types of garden building.

Build your own office

Building a garden room is more expensive than the options above. If you don’t have any existing garden buildings to upgrade, then building one is your only option. Luckily, there are ways to keep costs low. Depending on your type of work, you may only need a small office space. Staying mindful of the size of garden room can help keep the building (and heating) costs of the room low. Finance is usually available, so spreading the costs might make it more affordable.

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