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Can You Really Get Cheap Garden Rooms (And Is It Worth It)?

When it comes to garden rooms most of you will probably imagine them to be highly priced and a luxury purchase that will require years of savings. However, with a wide range of options now available online, with companies offering bespoke builds to meet all of your needs and even DIY kits being an option we are here to tell you that YES, you can get cheap garden rooms.

The Cheapest Option For Garden Rooms

The cheapest garden room option you could go for is a garden shed. It may not be as glam as a fancy garden pod office but you can get really well-made ones on the market and they will easily suit the purpose of an office for the day, a gym or workroom. The only thing to note here is that the wood on sheds is not treated so you would need to do this yourself either with paint or varnish.

If you are wanting to use it all year round and in colder temperatures, you will also need to insulate the shed yourself using Cellotex, mineral wool or styrofoam. Don’t forget an extension lead for electrics and locks for security. It may be basic but if you can do the work yourself, you will end up with a great budget garden room.

An insulated shed is the very cheapest of cheap garden rooms

The Middle Ground

Your middle ground cheap garden room comes in the form of a summer house. It is a step up from a garden shed but is usually larger, has more windows to provide you with lovely natural light, and is made from thicker wood which is often already treated. Pairing this with other low-maintenance garden solutions such as artificial grass can give your outdoor space a neat, timeless finish.

This option will probably require an expert to build it and you will also need to look into insulation as we mentioned above. The main benefit of a summer house is that it looks and feels more like a garden room than a shed and will provide you with a more inviting atmosphere.

Thinking Outside The (Shipping) Box

How about giving something completely different a new lease of life? How about purchasing a retired shipping container? Yes, this will be a slightly bigger project but with a lot of imagination, artistic flair and time to make your ideas come to life you could end up with the biggest, show-stopping garden room around!

The best part about doing something like this is that you can shop around for the best prices, reuse and upcycle items to adapt the structure and look for vintage pieces to add the finishing touches. If you are clever enough to set your own budget and stick to it, you could have a really fantastic building for an amazing overall price.

bespoke garden rooms

The Bespoke Garden Room

A bespoke garden room can really vary in price and the only way to gauge exactly what you can get for your money is by talking to a specialist and laying out what you require, what you would like/love and how you could achieve it all. The average price for a garden room like this ranges from approximately £6k up to anything as high as £30k and upwards.

For the price, you get a lot of value. Windows, bi-folding doors, lights, heating and insulation will come as standard and will all be to the same spec as any home would have. Of course, the biggest benefit of going for this option is that you get the expert opinion, the plans drawn up, the build carried out for you and a guarantee and when you tally all that up, you really do get your money’s worth.

Do any of these cheap garden rooms call out to you? Are you up for the challenge of a big project or would you rather have the hard work done for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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