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Dear Modern Garden rooms team  Jonny, thanks for getting us into this whole room in the garden thing – a casual chat over a non alcoholic beer and the deal was done. Rob and Harry were brilliant and it was a pleasure to have them working hard in my garden over 3 weeks.  They were super tidy, were polite about my tea and coffee, worked really hard and always came up with a good solution to any problems that arose.  A can do attitude is alway so much appreciated by us customers and they had that in spades! WE LOVE our Cuz bar.  Just choosing paint colours and awaiting the pool table and final fittings for all the bar area but the cuz bar sign is up and we are nearly open for business.  From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with you guys.  You have a straightforward, good product which you sell well (loved all the diagrams you sent at the start) and then when it goes up it looks fab.  The boys had great attention to detail and the finish is top notch.  FYI i LOVE the dark composite decking and think it finished off the look way better than the wood option.  Each to there own but very happy with that choice.  Rather miss the smell of bacon and the sound of the saw mill and nail gun in my garden  regards  Jonny

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