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A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Location

When it comes to building and designing a new garden room, there are a lot of areas which need to be considered but have you fully thought about the location? You may have a space in mind but there may be factors that you have overlooked, such as sunlight, privacy and access. Here we take a look at how important it is to get the location of your garden room right.


If you are using your garden room for a work based reason you may need to consider how much privacy you will need. For instance, if you are a massage therapist, beauty therapist, reflexologist and so on, you will want to look at whether or not the other houses in your neighbourhood look down into your chosen space. Garden rooms are a popular choice for jobs like this as they provide adequate space and light but if people can see straight in, you may want to see if your garden can give you a slightly better location. 


If you are going to be using your garden room for music, instruments or your teenager’s band practise you will need to think about how close the new building will be to your house and also to neighbours. Luckily, garden rooms can come with soundproofing built in, to help ease any noise pollution but it always nice to be considerate of those who live around you.

Noise also works the other way around too. If you want a garden room for meditation, to give counselling sessions or for reading, you will want quiet around you. Think about the most tranquil part of your garden and opt for that area instead of one nearer to houses or garages.


For a hobby room, you will most probably welcome a lot of natural light. If you are an artist, a potter, like to sew or crochet etc. You will benefit from a location that is away from overhanging trees and shadows created by other surrounding buildings. Being able to utilise that day time sunlight for as many hours as possible will allow you to use your garden room whenever you choose without the need for artificial lighting.

A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Garden Room Location - trees


Having a tree near to your garden room can go several ways. It could be completely beneficial and provide you with some much needed shade if your garden is south facing, however, it could also create too much shade as we mentioned above or it could bring issues with damage to the new building from falling branches, storms and their roots. You will need to consider how large your tree will get, how much future pruning it may require and also seek professional advice from either a tree surgeon or your garden building experts.

Using The Facilities

If you are using your garden room for work-based activities you will want to consider how you or any clients would use facilities such as a toilet, washing hands, getting refreshments. If your building isn’t quite large enough to accommodate this into the plans, you will want to think about having the garden room close enough to your own home in order for everybody to be able to access to these facilities.


And Lastly, when thinking about the location of your garden room you will need to consider how you would gain access to it. Would a garden path lead from your home, down the garden to it? Will you want potential clients walking through your home to gain access to it? Do you need a side gate to prevent extra traffic from going through your home? There is quite a bit to take on board but once you get it right, you will be happy that you took the time to carefully plan every factor. 

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