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Spring Cleaning Your Summer Garden Buildings from the Outside In

Summer garden buildings are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but as time goes on, they can begin to look a little tired. A spring clean refreshes summer garden building in no time – start from the outside and work your way in!

English weather can be incredibly changeable. As a result, outbuildings can look uncared for very quickly thanks to fallen leaves clogging gutters and windows left cloudy from the rain.

These six simple steps are all you need to spring clean your summer garden buildings. 

Cleaning your summer garden buildings from the outside in

No one enjoys labour-intensive cleaning, so although some of these hacks may mean you need to invest in a few new bits of kit, you can be sure you’ll get the job done in ultra-quick and with very little elbow grease.

Get your hands on a pressure washer

Beg, steal or borrow a pressure washer to cut down on cleaning time for the exterior of your garden building. Pressure washers have a range of accessories available, meaning you can get an attachment for cleaning windows and another one for clearing gutters.

The best thing about getting a pressure washer to deal with all your exterior cleaning is you can even freshen up the decking or concrete in the front of your summer house too. Just make sure you’re using the right attachment for cleaning each area, or you could do more harm than good!

How to clean summer garden buildings: Pressure wash

Clean the windows

A dirty window can stop light getting through, you may be surprised how much of a difference a gleaming set of windows and French doors can make.

Let some air in

Even if you’ve been using your garden building all year round, chances are, during those winter months, it didn’t get all that much air circulation. Once the weather is mild, open the doors while you use your summer house.

If it’s still a little chilly out, just open a window to let the fresh air in. Consider investing in an indoor plant to boost the oxygen during the day.

Wash all textiles

Warmer weather brings the perfect opportunity get a few laundry cycles out on the washing line. Wash all the textiles that you use in your summer house – even the rugs and the chairs. Blankets and cushion covers can go through a normal wash cycle while rugs and upholstery can be refreshed using a steam cleaner.

steaming textiles in your summer garden building

Steaming furniture and rugs should be done on a warm, dry day, so that they can air dry in the garden instead of staying damp indoors.

Steam every nook and cranny

Once you’ve got a steam cleaner for upholstery and carpet, make sure you get the attachment that can be used directly on floors. Steam is known to give a deep clean and can often disinfect large areas. This means any bugs that have been lurking over the winter can be destroyed, while your garden summer house looks as good as new. If you don’t have a steamer or don’t have the time, try searching for carpet cleaning near me and get someone to do the hard work for you.

Vacuum instead of dust

Vacuum summer garden buildings

Traditional dusting can send dust particles out into the air, only to settle on your belongings once again when you leave the room. Vacuuming the dust instead of using a duster pulls the dust and cobwebs out of the air and locks them away in the vacuum’s dirt chamber/bag. By removing the dust from the room, there is no dust to settle and your room will look cleaner for longer!

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