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composite garden rooms

Composite Garden Rooms: Everything You Need to Know

Composite garden rooms are a great way to create extra space on your property. Once you decide to build one, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to research. This guide to composite garden rooms will set you up with all the important things you need to know, educate instead of baffle and leave out any unnecessary information along the way.

A Simple Guide to Composite Garden Rooms

From planning permission to what composite garden rooms can be used for, all your questions will be answered. 

Below is everything you need to know about composite garden rooms.

What are composite garden rooms?

Composite is a material made from two or more other materials that can be used to build things. A composite garden room is simply a room built in your garden using composite material. There are many options for how this room can look and function but the choices are all down to you!

Having a room built to your specifications can be a great way to get the most out of your home.

what is a composite garden room

Will I need planning permission?

Unless you’re planning on using the outhouse as a bedroom or for generally living in, planning permission isn’t required as long as certain conditions are followed. 

The room can be no higher than 2.5 metres high (measured from the bottom to the top of the roof) and should take up less than 50% of the garden area. This type of room falls under permitted development rules (under class E). There are a few more detailed stipulations for building a garden room without planning permission, but most will not need it.

Can I sleep in my garden room?

If you plan to build a bedroom in your garden, different planning rules apply. Although a garden room might be a suitable place to lay your head for the evening, it’s important adhere to planning rules so you can rest assured your new bedroom is legal.

What can garden rooms be used for?

These versatile rooms can be used for anything! Check whether your desired use needs planning permission for getting it built. The most popular uses for garden rooms are sitting rooms, office and places to entertain guests. Enjoy the comfort, work hard or wow your guests – the choice is yours!

inside composite garden room

What are they like inside?

This is another option that’s down to you! Decorate however you like and let us know if you need any changes to our standard design. Usually our rooms come with brushed aluminium fixtures and fittings and oak laminate flooring.

Do garden rooms need to be made of composite?

Garden rooms are available in many materials and composite is only one of them! We make a lot of our garden rooms with timber to create air circulation space. We can also render the building in many different colours to suit your taste.

Do I need to pay up front?

If you’d love a garden room but haven’t quite got the savings together then fear not! Finance options are available and considered a very popular way of paying.

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