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Considering a Room in the Garden

Considering a Room in the Garden? Read This

Building a room in the garden is a great way to gain space. It can be built within a couple of weeks, costs less than an extension, and often doesn’t require planning permission. What’s not to love?

In recent months, there have been reports for an increased demand in home offices. Most jobs can be done from home, but most homes might not be set up for working in. A busy home often doesn’t provide the right environment for concentration. The trouble is, it might not be possible to go elsewhere to work, meaning your job is interrupted by distractions aplenty.

This is usually the point when people decide they need an office in their garden. The thing is, a room in the garden can be so much more than an office. Building an extra room can give you the freedom to do any number of things. Once your working from home like ends, you could set up a yoga studio, or a sitting room. You could even use it as a garden bar if socialising is more your thing.

A Room in the Garden – What You Need to Know

Whether you’re considering a garden room as a quick fix for an office, or more of a long-term investment, this article covers everything you need to know.

You might be able to claim costs as a business expense

If you own your own business, and build a garden room to work in, you might be able to claim some of the costs as a business expense. It’s always best to check with your accountant before making this decision, as it might mean you incur other fees down the line (for example capital gains tax if you sell your property). Weigh up the pros and cons before committing, but you could save yourself some money in the long-run.

Considering a Room in the Garden

A room in the garden might not need planning permission

While it’s always best to check, building a garden room often doesn’t need planning permission. There are certain stipulations you must follow in order for it to be considered as a structure that doesn’t need planning permission, but in most cases, it’s very straightforward.

You can use it all year round

A garden room with insulation and power can be used during all weathers, in all seasons. It will provide everything you need for a comfortable working environment, and will also be a comfy place to relax. Some garden structures aren’t suitable for year-round use, so make sure you go for something that is designed to be used even in the depths of winter.

It might add value to your house

It is estimated that a good quality garden room can add 5-15% value to your home. This means it’s worth every penny of getting it built. Getting regular use out of it alone would make it worth your while, but if it can make your house more attractive to a buyer, and add value, then there’s really no reason not to get one!

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