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Contemporary Garden Rooms: A Modern Must-Have

Contemporary garden rooms are the hot new home addition that interior design enthusiasts everywhere are becoming obsessed with. It stands to reason that once the home-styling gurus have made every room in their house perfect; they need to build a new room!

A contemporary garden room is the obvious choice to design from the ground up – personalised in every way.

Contemporary Garden Rooms: How the Pros are Styling them

The recent trend for contemporary garden rooms has exploded all over Pinterest and Instagram. If you’re looking for interior design ideas, these are the styles that interior design enthusiasts are loving at the moment.

A Cabin Close to Nature

Contemporary Garden Rooms: Nature

One of the many draws of contemporary garden rooms is the face that they are separate from the main house and immersed in nature. Anyone who links their holistic health with spending time in a natural environment will adore this style of room.

Choose a garden room with patio doors and plenty of windows. That way, whatever the weather, nature will be by your side while fresh air fills your lungs.

Decorate this room by bringing the outside in. Invest in some potted plants that are easy to care for, or a terrarium or two if you’re short on space. Giant pinecones make for stylish decorations in nature-themed interiors, and sliced logs make very on-trend coasters.

A Contemporary Colour Pop Outdoor Sitting Room

Contemporary garden rooms: A Contemporary Colour Pop Outdoor Sitting Room

A light and airy garden room tends to act as a blank canvas that can really show off your interior design tastes. If you love a life full of colour, white walls will show off the bright hues you accessories with.

The secret to doing colour pop interiors successfully is to keep the surrounding clean and minimal. It’s easy to ruin this look with colour overkill, so stick to one or to colours and use them to punctuate plan surroundings.

The best thing about using colour is that it’s cheap and easy to switch up when you get bored. Using colourful accessories means it doesn’t cost much to completely change the look of a room. It’s easy to swap out the old colourful accents and bring in new colours for a complete overhaul.

Rustic Vintage Garden Pod

Rustic garden pod

Rustic vintage interiors are the new way to bring back old gems. Vintage furniture that is beautiful because of its imperfections has found its home, and the look is easy to achieve. 

You don’t need a huge amount of cash at hand to pull this look together. Second-hand stores, antiques fayres and online marketplaces are a great place to find old furniture. There might also be some items closer to home – ask around family to see if they’re getting rid of any old furniture, you’d be surprised what people hold on to after they no longer want it.

Upcycling is key for this style of interior. Ornate vintage bottles make beautiful vases for wildflowers, crates can be a stylish way to store a record collection. If you can’t get what you’re looking for second-hand, only buy new if it’s made in a vintage style and fits in with the look you’re trying to go for.

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