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Convert Your Shed Into An Upcycling Studio With These Simple Steps

The garden shed has long been the place to store items that you don’t need to hand or a place to house garden tools but it can and it should be so much more than that. With busy lifestyles, we all need to have a place where we can unwind, a place to have a hobby or just to escape from the real world and the shed can be the perfect place for this. It can literally be transformed into anything– dance studio, art studio, reading nook, gym, playroom– but the idea we are going to explore today is an upcycling studio. Maybe you have discovered a new hobby by painting old furniture? Perhaps you want to start up a new business from home? Upcycling has become a really popular way of giving new life to old household items over recent years and your shed could give you the best environment in which to carry this activity out. Here’s how you could convert your shed into an upcycling studio.

Clear Out

Your first step is to completely clear out your shed and see what space you have to work with. In order to plan how your studio would work, you will want to come up with some design ideas in order to map out where everything will live, what sectioning you may want and also your interior design. 


In order to be able to work from your shed all year round, you will need to fully insulate the walls and also the ceiling. Insulation will allow your shed to be warm in the winter, damp proof, cooler in the summer and make your working conditions bearable. There are plenty of really great products available on the market for you to be able to carry this out yourself, alternatively, if you have the budget, you could seek professional help on this. 


Most sheds come with a bog-standard floor which may make working in there a little cold underfoot and also damp. To tackle these problems we would recommend seeking advice from a professional flooring company as they would be able to carry out the work which would ensure that your would last you the years you would expect. What you are looking for is damp proof, insulating underlayer with a hardwearing and comfortable flooring layered on the top.

Upcycling Studio room


When working on jobs like upcycling, light is a vital tool to you. Most garden sheds come with one small window fitted which isn’t going to be sufficient enough for your new project. Adding good quality double glazed windows and even Velux windows will provide you with a draft proofed room that will flood with light all year round.


As we mentioned above, you will want to plan each area of your shed out in order to create your upcycling studio and the main section here will be for your tools. Upcycling involves a lot of painting but it can also involve taking items apart and using those materials on other pieces, converting a piece to become a new item and cleverly transforming something into a piece somebody may have never thought of. Your shed, therefore, may well need power tools, a lathe, an electric saw, drills, screwdrivers, a sander and so on. Use your space wisely by creating a wall storage area for smaller tools, use the corners to fit in powers tools and a workbench that has plenty of extra storage for your other bits and pieces.

Design Area

Of course, these pieces don’t create themselves and the starting point for them all is your design. It would be perfect if you could keep everything to do with upcycling in one place and having a design table would be ideal. Here you could plan out what you have in mind, sketch out your ideas, have the peace and quiet in which to concentrate and a place to keep your plans up on a wall to refer to whilst you carry out your upcycling work. 


And finally, you couldn’t have your fancy new upcycling studio without a fresh look on the exterior too. You can have so much fun with this. You could paint the walls in a beach hut style, try a wall mural, add vertical planting for a natural effect or go for cladding to provide a sleek cabin look.

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