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How to Get the Most out of Corner Garden Rooms

How to Get the Most out of Corner Garden Rooms

With their cleverly designed shape and footprint, corner garden rooms can really help to make the most out of almost any sized outside space. They’re ideal for maximising the available space in smaller gardens, and with a little bit of careful planning, can be just as practical and roomy as a much larger garden room.

How to Get the Most out of Corner Garden Rooms

It can be daunting to think about how much furniture you want to fit into a comparatively small space at first, but by executing a few simple swaps when it comes to how it’s kitted out, even the most compact corner garden room can provide ample room.

Ceilings are underused surfaces

Upright cooling fans can take up a fair amount of room, and for anybody planning to use their corner garden room during the summer, they may find them a little cumbersome. Utilise your garden room’s ceiling by installing a ceiling fan instead to keep you cool in those balmy summer months. Not only do they free up all that space that an upright fan would take up, but they can also create extra room during the cooler months too.

How to Get the Most out of Corner Garden Rooms

Many don’t equate ceiling fans with warmth, but by reversing the direction that the blades spin in, ceiling fans actually draw the warm air that has risen to the ceiling back down towards anyone sitting in there. Like moving cool air in the summer, a fan doesn’t actually change the temperature of the room, but it can certainly make it feel cooler or warmer. That spot saved by not operating an upright fan may also save you using an electric heater in the winter.

Make use of an ottoman

Need some extra seating and some storage room? An ottoman takes care of both in one fell swoop. Multifunctional furniture is a great way to make the most of any compact garden room, but try to think about what your primary use for each item is before you buy. If you’re looking for somewhere comfortable to sit, then look at ottomans with plenty of padding or even some arms to lean against. If your onus is more on storage, then any ottoman should suffice for the occasional sit down.

Vertical storage frees up so much room

Shelves and hanging storage solutions give you the room to store all of your essentials without the large footprint of a freestanding storage unit. Corner garden rooms tend to have at least two walls that lend themselves well to affixing storage units to. For some reason, most wall-mounted units tend to be aimed at use in the kitchen, but there’s no law against using them in your garden room, or anywhere else for that matter. Most are pretty minimalist and will work in whichever room you’d like to free some space up in.

Let your desk match your room

If you use your corner garden room as a home office, you’ll be wondering how best to fit a desk in that has to accommodate all of your work essentials. You may need to find room for a printer, a monitor or two, and space to organise your papers. With this in mind, it may be best to opt for a corner desk to sit snugly in the corner of your office. These can be shallower than normal desks, but still offer the same amount of desktop for your money. Team it up with some corner shelves to really make the most of your compact garden room.

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