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A contemporary garden needs modern furniture

How to Create a Low-Maintenance Contemporary Garden

Most homeowners would love a contemporary garden but believe the upkeep would be too much for them. Thankfully, contemporary gardens don’t need to be high maintenance.

All you need is a clear vision and the right the right products – you don’t even need a huge budget!

The easiest way to start your journey towards a low-maintenance contemporary garden, is to aim for a minimalist design, and build on it from there.

Contemporary Garden Inspiration

The following tips will help you cut down on the effort you put into your garden, and ramp up the style stakes.

Embrace faking it

Grass, plants, even wildlife – there isn’t a single thing you can’t fake in your garden.

The look of fake grass has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning you can have a luscious lawn all year round without having to worry about mowing it (or how stop any pesky weeds popping up).

If mowing is too much, consider artificial grass for a contemporary garden feel which is low maintenance
If mowing is too much, consider artificial grass for a contemporary garden feel which is low maintenance

Outdoor artificial flowers have also vastly improved. You no longer need to worry about how they will fare in all weathers, decent quality flowers will be weather resistant, meaning the sun won’t bleach them and they won’t deteriorate in the rain. This means you can invest in some hanging baskets that are in flower all year round, and you never need to water.

With less living greenery in your garden, you might see fewer animals about. It might be worth brightening up your bushes with some realistic bird ornaments.

Invest in a garden room

A contemporary garden building

Nothing screams contemporary garden more than a modern garden room that’s fully heated with an electricity supply. To keep things low effort, pay somebody else to build your garden room, then kick back and relax once its fully erected. 

A summer house is a fantastic addition that will modernise any garden. Add a sofa and a Bluetooth speaker to make your outdoor sitting room extra homely for entertaining guests, or just getting some peace alone. 

Create a seating area with a focal point

Outdoor seating is important for a contemporary garden feel. Pave a dedicated area to house your outdoor sofas and invest in a garden fire, which doubles as a focal point as well as warmth. Go for a non-traditional style fire pit, and modern, minimalist sofas and chairs. If you choose a style with an in-built canopy, which is more modern solution than a free-standing parasol.

A very modern garden - five tips to create a contemporary garden

A large, inviting sofa will be a hit with guests – just remember to keep some blankets on hand for when the night turns chilly.

Use solar lighting

When it comes to low maintenance lighting, nothing beats solar power. Not only is this style of lighting effort-free once it’s been installed, it’s energy source never runs out!

LED net lighting can look enchanting when used to cover garden walls and fences, while up and down lights can be handily illuminating when fixed to the walls of your house next to seating areas. The only thing you really need to consider, is whether the sensor will be getting enough sunlight once it’s installed.

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