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create the perfect garden bar

How To Create The Perfect Garden Bar: A Must-Do Checklist

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we’re all dreaming of those warm summer evenings when we can invite friends over, get some food on the barbecue and laugh and drink into the early hours but until then we have time to plan and create the perfect garden bar and socialising space. Here is how…

Garden Bar Room

Now as dreamy as sipping wine under the stars seems, we have to be realistic, we live in the UK and evenings can turn quite nippy and we are known for our rain. However, that hasn’t ever put a stop to our fun and by installing a garden room you won’t ever have to call a rain check on any event/party.

A garden room is a wooden structure that is built to the same spec as your house – insulation, soundproofing, lighting, heating, plastered and painted walls, laminate flooring – and it ties the indoors with the outdoors beautifully. Not only will you be adding value to your home and creating an extra room, you will also be able to utilise this for years to come and one of the best ways to do this is by keeping it for entertaining purposes. The ideal spot for a bar, a place to sit and chat, to dance in, to watch sports or a movie and for keeping the party going long into the night.

The Bar Area

Now that you have your room to house your bar you can purchase or build the drinks area of your dreams! If money and space allows for it, wouldn’t it be amazing to have fully working pumps for your beers and ales?! How about a rack for your spirits and fridge for your wines? This could look just like the real thing just right there in your own back garden. And don’t forget to add the bar stools, bar mats, a wide selection of glasses and of course the last call bell.


This is where you can really have fun with your garden bar. If you like the idea of a theme why not check out a few of our ideas here?:

  • Classic British pub
  • Swanky wine bar
  • Retro 70’s club
  • American diner style
  • Sports bar
  • Classy black and white themed bar
  • Tropical bar

Once you have your style choice you can spend time searching for unique and fun items to put inside your bar and really bring it to life.

Pool Table

Can it really be the perfect garden bar without a pool table? Not in our eyes! A pool table is a great way of keeping guests entertained and bringing everybody together. You could even start up your own pool table league night. Hours of fun to be had in your garden bar.

Juke Box

Music is the life of the party and a juke box would make a great addition to your bar. There are so many styles now available and you can usually add all of your favourite songs. You can then easily set the mood for the evening whether it is party time, a karaoke night, a themed night or a romantic evening in.

create the perfect garden bar


Having a mix of lighting options is really important when you create your perfect garden bar. This will allow you to change between them depending on what type of gathering you are having which will really add to the ambience of the party. Some nice ideas would include large standing lamps, fairy lights, sensor lights for outside, pool table lights, disco lights and main lights with a dimmer switch – and maybe even a big neon light with the name of your bar on it!

Dance Floor

If you and your guests are people who love to dance the night away then why not install a fully operational dancefloor into a section of your garden room bar? This will help to preserve the laminate that comes as standard and will provide you with a cushioned underfoot feel.


Installing toilets and sinks is possible in a garden room and when you are using it for something like a bar you will most definitely benefit from taking these steps to add those. You certainly don’t want your guests traipsing back through the house and you also want them to feel comfortable.

Relaxation Zone

By zoning your garden room you can create pockets of areas for your guests to enjoy. We have a bar area, a dance floor, a pool table area and now for the relaxation zone. A comfy space with perhaps a sofa or armchairs, with large cushions and maybe even some throws to keep them warm and cosy. A coffee table would make a good centrepiece for drinks, snacks and putting their feet up on to. The perfect place to end the night with great friends.

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