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How To Create A Tranquil Home Spa In Your Garden Room

We all deserve a little pampering every now and then but how do you achieve that in a busy household? A bathroom can be one of the rooms that it is in the most demand and we all know that as soon as you go in to have a nice warm bath or to apply a facemask, that a little person will wander in wanting to join you! If you have or are considering installing a garden room, this could be the perfect solution. A garden room can be transformed into any room you require and a tranquil home spa would be a fantastic choice if you crave a little more ‘me time’. Here are a few ideas from us…

Wooden Flooring

As you will be using products, oils, water and so on, you will want and easy to clean floor. A carpet may be nice and soft underfoot but it will be a bit of a hassle to keep clean so look for a good quality real wood flooring that will still feel warm and comfortable but will be more appropriate.

Light and Airy Space

To create a tranquil home spa, you will want a light and airy space that will help you to clear your mind, unwind and relax. If you have too much going on, it can become a distraction and as people say ‘a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind’. Think whites, minimalism, clean lines, plenty of natural light and a fresh feel.

Massage Table

Whether you want to use the room for personal use or for a business, you will want to have enough space to have a massage table. If this is for your business, you will want to place this in the centre of the room with all of your essentials placed carefully around it for easy reach whilst you are seeing to clients. If you want this for personal use, you could reserve an area for your table to be stored when not in use to give yourself more space to move around in. Don’t forget to add the finishing touches of towels, a headrest, footrest, sheets and a throw.

Create An Atmosphere

When you visit a public spa, the first thing you always notice when you step in through the door is that the atmosphere is relaxing and tranquil. This is created quite simply by warming the area, by adding soothing music such as water sounds, by lowering the lighting, having candles and burning essential oils or wax melts to give a pleasant, but not overpowering, aroma. All of these are so simple to achieve and you can fine tune each to your own personal taste.

Chill Out Zone

A spa always has an area for their clients to be able to just sit and chill out in. That may be with a book, with a nice cup of green tea or to just gather your thoughts but the main points you need to take into consideration is that it is warm, calming and extremely comfortable. Padded, reclining seating is a great way of creating this zone without taking up too much space.


The addition of a kitchenette into your tranquil home spa will allow you to grab a cold or hot drink whenever you need it without having to return to the house. This is also essential if you are bringing clients in, if you are entertaining friends or enjoying some me time and want to keep this separate from the ‘real world’.

Hot Tub

If space allows, why not consider adding a hot tub into your garden room too? If you create a decked area just outside you will have full access to your tranquil home spa from your hot tub which will allow you to enjoy the whole experience seamlessly. 


And lastly, your tranquil home spa wouldn’t be complete without the essential spa accessories of fluffy slippers, soft towels, comfortable dressing gowns, headbands for pulling your hair back, throws and blankets.

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