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How to Deep Clean Your Home Office Building

How to Deep Clean Your Home Office Building

When it comes to cleaning, your home office building can easily be neglected. Chances are, you give the surfaces a quick wipe now and again, and change the room scent plug-in every once in a while. But when did you last really clean it? Did you give it a good going over or a cursory spruce?

Deep cleaning your home office building should be on your regular housework timetable. Even if you only work in your garden office building occasionally, dust will still settle, clutter will build up and the cleaning needs to be done.

If you’re wondering what’s involved in a deep clean in your office, then look no further. Below are some excellent tips for scouring those nooks and disinfecting the crannies.

Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home Office Building

Although your home office room is likely to be smaller than some of the rooms inside your house, it still needs just as much attention. The good news is, it can be wrapped up quite quickly if you don’t have a lot of furniture.

Concentrate on one area then move around your home office building

Jumping from job to job can be an inefficient way to clean. If you get interrupted, you may not remember what has and hasn’t been cleaned. Breaking up the work can also disrupt your flow and slow you down.

Instead, pick a corner and once that area is completely done, move on to the next section. Some people start with a corner and work their way round, doing the middle last. Some prefer to do a section at a time, starting with the floor and working up to the ceiling. Whatever you choose to do, try and work in a logical manner.

Watch your wires

Whether you’re working at home or in a commercial office building, wires should be tethered together neatly to minimize danger. If your wires are loose and tangled, this would be a good opportunity to organise them. Turn off the power supply and unplug, then cleaneach wire by wiping up along the length of it with a wet cloth and anti-bacterial spray. Consider buying a cable tidy if you haven’t already got one. Of course, investing in wireless tech as much as possible can help with this!

Don’t forget the small stuff

Nooks and crannies hide all kinds of nasties. Clean between the letters on your keyboard, disinfect your touch screens and don’t forget your mouse. Dirt, dust and debris can collect in the small spaces, so make sure you pay extra attention.

cleaning a home office building

Move your furniture

The only way to ensure you clean every inch of floor is to move whatever is resting upon it. Move your bookcase out to vacuum behind it. Shift everything three feet to the left. Do whatever it takes to clean those lesser-seen areas of your floor.

Disinfect handles

Your desk drawer, your filing cabinets, your home office building. All of these things have handles that you’re likely to touch every time you work from home. Even if you know your hands are always clean, oils from your skin can transfer and build up on those handles. Clean every handle in your garden room to ensure they stay sparkling and hygienic.

Invest in the right kind of duster

A static microfibre duster will cling to dust and prevent your surfaces from attracting more so quickly. Dampen your duster for the quickest and best results. You can always pair with a multi-surface furniture polish that also repels dust particles.

When it comes to deep cleaning any room, always make every inch of the room has been cleaned in some way. That way, you won’t miss a bit and discover it later when you should be working.

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