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Designer Garden Office Inspiration For The Discerning Home Worker

Since working from home has become the norm, a designer garden office is the ultimate must-have space. Modern homes aren’t built to accommodate an indoor office, so utilising the garden space is the most obvious solution.

While garden offices have always been a popular addition to a property, in the past they’ve conjured up an image of a minimalist setting aimed at wealthy business owners. Now they’ve entered the mainstream, people can get enough of a designer garden office.

Beautifully styled by luxury influencers, a designer office space in the garden is the next home trend sweeping the nation.

Designer Garden Office Inspiration

To level up your office from functional to on-trend luxury, have a clear idea in mind is key. Before you start buying designer pieces for your garden office, research a theme and plan a shopping list. The key to keeping a designer look is to not go overboard. 

Invest in a designer garden office chair

Arguably the most important item in your office, a comfortable chair that looks amazing is essential. For something simple but iconic, the traditional Levi Office Chair it the optimal solution. First designed in the 1960s to furnish the Rockefeller Centre, this style of chair is a faux leather upholstered chair with back cushioning and an adjustable frame. It can generally be found in a range of colours and will complement any designer desk you pick out.

Designer Garden Office

Choose your desk

Matching your desk to your chair isn’t necessary for a modern luxe look. Instead, all furniture should complement one another. Planning your furnishings this way allows you to add to your designer garden office along the way, without needing to worry about buying from a set. This means if you need to add shelving, or a client seating area, your style will look carefully selected rather than thrown together.

Buy a ‘window wall’ projector

A garden office generally has lots of windows and lets in plenty of natural light. The only trouble is, there might not be a lot to look at in your garden. Even if your flowers are in bloom and the birds are visiting your feeder, the same scene can quickly get old. Using a wall projector to create a window scene is a great way to give your office a luxury scene. In fact, this is already an interiors trend on TikTok.

Upgrade your tech

It would be a bad idea to blow your budget on how your office looks, if you don’t take into account how it performs. There’s no point in limping on with a ten-year-old laptop while your desk set up would have bought you two brand new PCs. When planning your design budget, factor in replacing or upgrading your tech. For a home office that runs seamlessly, the technology needs to match the surroundings so always get the best you can afford.

Designer décor

The final part of putting together a designer office space is adding the finishing touches. Displaying items like designer candles from brands like Diptyque alongside luxury ornaments and paperweights can help pull together the feeling of office luxury.

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