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No Dining Room? No Problem When You Have A Garden Room!

Having a small house usually means that you have to compromise on certain areas in your lifestyle. Whether that’s living more minimally, using storage for certain items, carefully planning where your furniture goes and never inviting anybody over for entertaining. A key room in a home for the latter is, of course, a dining room, but with more and more homes being built on smaller scales, these are often left off the plans or are incorporated with the kitchen. This can be perfectly fine when for your usual family breakfast or dinner but what happens when you want to throw a lavish dinner party? The kitchen isn’t exactly ideal and it also means you can’t get away from the mess of the food prep either. Maybe you extend the home? Is this possible though? Or perhaps you convert another room instead? We have an even better idea, why not build a garden room specifically for this?

A Garden Dining Room?

Yes, what could be more perfect? A building made specifically for all of your entertaining needs. As long as your garden is big enough to house a garden room, you could have this dedicated space away from the house which will solve all of your problems.

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Will It Be Warm Enough?

Yes, modern garden rooms are all built with insulation which will keep your building warm enough to be in all year round. On top of this, it will also come with electrical points allowing you to use heaters in the colder months. 

How About The Space?

Your garden dining room will be made based on the dimensions of your garden, the amount of space you want it to take up and also on your needs. As this is only going to be for dining, the building can be a little smaller than say a studio building would be. Having said that, if you want to be able to entertain up to 12-15 guests, maybe you would like your garden room on the larger size? It is all down to personal choice and with a wide variety of styles available to you, the garden room market is yours to shop around in. 

Furnishing Your Garden Dining Room

The beauty of having a room solely for one function is that you can furnish it accordingly. For dining purposes, you could fill almost all of your floor space with one large dining table to give you the option to have just a few guests or a full party of them. If you chose an extendable table this would allow you to adapt the room depending on what the occasion is. Imagine Christmas with all of your relatives, everybody sat around your stunning large table and a tree stood in the corner. You could add fairy lights to the outside, have Christmas decorations all around and even add a log burner to give warmth as well as that cosy feel. 

Adding Storage

In order to be able to use the garden dining room effectively and easily, it is probably advisable to keep all of your dining items out in your building all year round. New dinner plates, silverware, place settings, glasses, cups, bowls and so on could be purchased and be kept as your ‘entertaining dinnerware’ saving you from having to bring your regular sets outside, across the garden for each party. Storage can easily be built as your garden room is. As long as you provide all of your needs to your designer and builder, they can work with what you need and want. 

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Why Not Add A Bar?

And for the piece de resistance why not go all out and have a bar built in too? Imagine being able to serve your guests drinks straight from a pump, having cold drinks out of a fridge, the mixers to hand to create delicious cocktails. That would wow any dinner guest and would also make your party an absolute blast. 

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