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On-Trend Drinks to Stock in Your Wooden Garden Bar

Having a wooden garden bar is arguably the coolest thing you could do with your outdoor space. It stands to reason that you’d want to keep up that trendy image for when your friends visit by stocking only the coolest beverages.

You don’t need to be a mixologist to impress your friends with your barkeeping skills – your carefully selected drinks menu should be enough on its own. When it comes to choosing drinks to serve in your wooden garden bar, always go for quality over quantity. There’s no point in having your bar overflowing with substandard booze.

On-Trend Drinks to Stock in Your Wooden Garden Bar

When it comes to stocking your wooden garden bar, there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to know where to start. Gin, rum and beer are always good staples, but if you’re after specific recommendations then read on:

Infused Gin

gin in a wooden garden bar

Gin is having a moment right now. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll already know that – but which gin should you buy? The first lesson in gin buying is to always check you haven’t picked up a gin liqueur (unless you actually meant to).

Gin liqueurs, although often tasty, tend to have a high sugar content and a lower alcohol content which tends to make them far sweeter than regular gin. If you like the bitter tones of a gin and tonic, but crave a hint of sweetness, infused gin is exactly what you need. 

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice is a great gin for drinking outdoors in the summer. Whitley Neill is a well-loved brand that has a wide range of infused gins, with rhubarb and ginger being one of the most popular flavours in the range. Buy a few different flavours to give your guests a bit of variety.


Spiced rum has quietly been a bar favourite for years. It’s a drink that never goes out of style, but doesn’t garner any surprised looks when it’s ordered. Dark rum that isn’t spiced never seems to  fully roll out into the mainstream. But rum is slowly gaining traction in the drinks community and is set to explode onto the scene – just like gin did!

If navy rum seems a bit harsh for your taste buds, try the pineapple rum made by Stiggin’s Fancy. It’s made with real pineapples, which adds a little sweetness, and can be mixed with lemonade or coconut water for smooth drinking. 

Craft beer

beer in a wooden garden bar

Support your local micro breweries by investing in some craft beer. Unlike mass produced beer, craft beers generally focus on a specific flavour palate and is produced in batches. It can be sweet, fruity, or even have hints of chocolate, meaning there is probably a craft beer out there to suit everyone.

For the uninitiated who don’t know where to start, a pale ale is one of the most universally liked. The best thing to do is to read the bottle or can and buy whatever takes your fancy. As a bonus, the art on the packaging makes for a really cool backdrop for your wooden garden bar.


cocktails in a wooden garden bar

Unless you’re entertaining, fruit juice probably isn’t worth investing in because it goes off so quickly once its opened. Lemonade, coke and tonic water all have a long shelf life – provided they’re kept in the fridge.

Coconut water is a tasty low calorie mixer, but only lasts around a week once opened. If you want to avoid anything too sugary, it’s definitely worth investing in.

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