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Eco Garden Rooms UK Green rain barrel with black tap in selective focus against an allotment garden. Vegetable plants grow in beds beyond. Collecting rainwater is an environmentally friendly way to water the garden.

How To Create Eco Garden Rooms

When you think of garden rooms you may imagine them being very draining on your finances both in the build and in the energy they will use when completed. Yes, this is an investment and yes sometimes you have to spend a lot of money to get the best of the best but have you ever considered how going eco-friendly could benefit both your pocket as well as the environment? Want to know how to create eco garden rooms here in the UK? Read on…

Sustainable Materials

When shopping around for your new garden room, take a look into where the materials are sourced from. Does the supplier offer wood from a sustainable source? Can they offer you a bespoke garden room made from reclaimed wood? Are you able to shop around for secondhand materials which would not only help to keep your costs down but also be good for the environment? Doing your research thoroughly before beginning your build will truly benefit you.


Ok, so here in the UK insulation is a must, isn’t it? You don’t just want a garden room that you can use in the summer, you want one that will be put to good use all year round. Insulation will not only provide you with a warm and cosy room to enjoy it will also cut your energy bills which in turn will make it far more eco-friendly. We highly recommend insulating not only the walls but also the ceiling which will prevent your heat from being lost as it rises. 

Waterproof Membrane

All eco garden rooms in the UK will require a waterproof membrane as our weather is just so varied. You want your new eco garden room to last and the only way to ensure this is to take the correct steps during the build process. You have your insulation in place, so next you want to protect all of this and the wood itself. Most garden rooms will come with this as standard but be sure to check this with the company you go with. 

Eco Garden Rooms UK

Quality Windows and Doors

As with insulation, a good quality window and door will keep that heat locked in and prevent any drafts from wafting in. Triple glazing is the best investment you could make here but double glazing will also do the job. Look for any that are heat-conserving and if you are unsure, speak to the garden rooms builder/planner prior to going ahead with anything. 

Solar Panels

Depending on the location of your garden room, solar panels could be a great eco-friendly addition to your new building. These will collect and store energy that can be used on the grid and save you up to 70% in heating costs! The type of roof you have, the position the garden room is in and the size of it will all need to be taken into consideration but it is worth looking into if you are wanting to create eco garden rooms. 

Grass or Flower Roof

If you want to go for a flat roof for your garden room how about creating a wild meadow or flower bed on top of it? The eco benefit of this will be that it will attract bees and other helpful wildlife, it will provide extra insulation as well as reducing drainage issues as the plants will absorb the moisture. Of course, it will also look fantastic and blend in beautifully with your garden. 

Water Collection

Another quick and easy way to make your garden room eco-friendly is by installing a water butt on the drainpipe which can collect all of the rainwater which can then be used on your garden or your plant pots instead of needing to reach for the hose.

Eco Garden Rooms UK - water butt

Solar Lights

If you require outdoor security lighting then why not think about opting for solar lights over battery or electric lights? You will not only be saving on more energy costs, but you will also be helping the environment too. 


And lastly, do not forget to look for all of your interior decor secondhand. It is amazing what you can pick up in a charity shop, on pre-loved sites, at reclamation yards and antique stores. By bringing together an eclectic assortment of items you will be creating a wonderfully unique garden room and be in keeping with that eco ethos all at the same time.

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