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Eco Friendly Solutions for Sustainable, Green Garden Rooms

Eco Friendly Solutions for Sustainable, Green Garden Rooms

With the ever-present climate crisis looming over, it’s down to all of us to do as much as we can to battle its effects. One small way in which our actions can help is to look at green garden rooms. Despite the size of a garden room, you’d be surprised just how much of a difference can be made just by swapping out some simple items.

Eco Solutions for Green Garden Rooms

It’s easy to forget about the impact that spending has on the planet, especially when you have a brand new garden room to kit out. All of that new furniture and equipment has to come from somewhere though, and when you think of the fossil fuels used just to get one chair from factory, to warehouse, to store, and then to you, you can see how the damage begins to stack up. 

By becoming more mindful with our purchases, our collective actions can hopefully slow the rate of global warming and other environmental issues.

Eco-friendly vacuum cleaners can help to keep your garden room green and clean

Somewhat surprisingly, vacuum cleaners can be a huge environmental problem. When you start to think about the number of vacuum cleaners that you’ve probably gone through though, you may start to realise why.

Not only do they tend to break after a few years, but they’re also responsible for acres of landfill waste due to filters and bags being replaced. Of course, these items aren’t particularly necessary, many eco-friendly vacuum cleaners now feature lifetime filters and bagless designs: saving on a raft of wasted plastic.

It’s also worth looking at lower wattage units that don’t use as much electricity. A while back, super-strong motors were de rigueur for vacuum cleaners, with the idea being that the higher wattage would guarantee stronger suction. Now though, consumers aware that better design, and use of brushes and head attachments make a much bigger difference.

Choose upcycled furniture

The amount of perfectly good furniture that ends up in landfill every day is absolutely staggering. Make a small dent in that figure by choosing some good-quality second-hand furniture for your garden room. You can even upcycle it to make a unique addition. Charity shops often have small showrooms dedicated to furniture, and you’d be amazed at some of the bargains you can pick up in them. 

Antique shops are also a great option for those seeking furniture that has been made to last. It’s often said that ‘they don’t make them like they used to’, and it’s certainly true when it comes to items like tables, chairs, and bookshelves. Long before flat-pack furniture was omnipresent, household items were made by genuine craftsmen who took pride in the durability of their products. That these can still be picked up for less than their veneer-clad modern-day counterparts is bewildering!

Consider your internal layout to maximise energy efficiency

Eco Friendly Solutions for Sustainable, Green Garden Rooms

One of the easiest ways to boost your garden room’s green credentials is to put some thought into how you’ll use the room before you set your furniture in place.

For example, it seems silly to put a desk in the corner of the room furthest away from the window only to use a lamp. 

Ensure that you make the most of the natural daylight, and save on electricity consumption by positioning your desk in the spot where you can receive the most light. 

Similarly, don’t set your chair anywhere where you’ll be subject to a chilly draught in the cooler months. If you can avoid the draught, you’ll likely find that you don’t need to turn your heater up quite so high when you start to feel the cold.

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