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Executive Garden Pod

Reasons an Executive Garden Pod is a Great Work From Home Space

Hybrid working and work from home jobs are on the rise. Modern employers are embracing this new way to work and encouraging their workers to stay home and save on the commute. The only problem is, not every home will have the space for a person to work in peace.

For example, those with young children at home might find noises within the house distracting while they’re trying to get a job done. Likewise those who have a partner also working from home, might find themselves unable to concentrate next to a conference call they’re not part of.

This is where an executive garden pod could save the day. If often (or always) work from home, it might be time to get yourself an executive pod to work from.

These garden buildings all you to have some peace and quiet during the working day, without having to shush the other people who live in your house.

Reasons you need an executive garden pod

An executive garden pod will solve a lot of your work from home problems. It might even pre-emptively solve problems you were about to run into.

There are lots of reasons an executive garden pod is ideal to work from, and the best ones are listed below.

You’ll be taken seriously on video calls

When you work from home, some meets need to be a video chat. A professional backdrop is always essential and sneaking off for a quiet video call in your toddlers bedroom won’t quite cut it. Fairy and unicorn wallpaper just doesn’t compare to an executive space with a more business-like backdrop.

These video calls will also be uninterrupted with no background sound, allowing you to eliminate all distractions and attend to the task in hand.

Executive Garden Pod

Your working day will be shorter without the commute

When given the option of hybrid working, some people are left kicking themselves when their home just doesn’t have appropriate space for remote work. They then have to elect to go into the office to complete their workload when they could have had an extra hour in bed.

A traditional 9-5 working day has always meant that you’re out the house much longer. With most people commuting at least one hour each way per day, it makes a huge impact on your downtime.

If you can work from an executive garden pod, you’re likely to shave at least two hours off your business day, giving you an overall better work-life-balance.

Distractions are eliminated

An executive garden pod is a quiet space built specifically for you to work in. This means none of the hustle and bustle of working in an office, and none of the chaos of setting up a workstation in a busy home. 

Not only will it have endless peace and quiet, the room will have been set up with one thing in mind. Your work. This means you’ll have already thought of how to execute an intuitive layout – bringing everything you need within arm’s reach. As soon as you remove the distractions that normally pop up in a working environment, your productivity will shoot through the roof.

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