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garden trends for 2023

Experts Predict The Top Garden Trends You’ll Want In 2023

As we are nearing the end of 2022 it is most certainly time to take a look at how next year will look and what garden trends are set to be a big deal in 2023.

Green Minimalism is One of The Biggest Garden Trends For 2023

Minimalism has taken considerable strides in trendsetting for the last few years and it is easy to see why. Being more minimal within your home makes it feel far more open and spacious, airy and clean, and easier to care for. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the garden is the next place to see this trend being set in 2023. You can create this look by using soft stones, terracotta pots, trailing plants, soft furnishings and hardy plants such as conifers. The concept is to be inviting and cosy but not overwhelming.

Garden of Eden

This trend is the complete opposite of the above. The Garden of Eden look ties in big bold flowers and plants with growing your own to create a useful, showstopping style garden that will provide hours of enjoyment. The key thing here is to research which plants will sit well with and help to aid the growth of your chosen vegetables turning your garden into a multifunctional space for all. This should also see a huge increase in the number of insects, bugs and wildlife who visit.

garden trends for 2023

The Sanctuary

The popularity of mindfulness and well-being spaces has grown over the past couple of years, as we have discovered what a sanctuary our gardens can be especially since experiencing lockdowns. Having any type of outside space, large or small, where we can immerse ourselves in nature is so good for our mental health and so it only seems fitting that The Sanctuary Garden is going to be a big garden trend in 2023. By choosing planting that will provide plenty of scent of colour, adding a water feature, a quiet place to sit and read and attracting wildlife using flowers and seeds you will have your own little sanctuary that you can retreat to whenever you need.

Bold Architecture

A complete contrast to the last of our garden trend for 2023, with this one intending to create a bold and interesting statement. The use of structures within the garden can not only help to create sections for you to enjoy but it can also make your outdoor space a place to wow. Think statues, large water features, archways, paving, shelters such as pergolas and also garden rooms. These should all have purpose as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


Sustainability has gradually entered all of our lives in some way or another and with this increase in focus come more and more ideas and trends for our home and garden. Any changes a person can make within their lifestyle can make a huge difference to our environment and some of the ways to achieve this in the garden include growing your own, attracting more wildlife, planting the right plants and flowers for your garden and soil type, making your own compost, building a wildlife pond, not using chemicals and planting trees where possible. Of all the garden trends, this is definitely one that is going to be here to stay long past 2023.

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