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Express Garden Rooms – The Different Types of Rapid Build Rooms

Building work can be a stress, which is why more people are looking at express garden rooms when they want to update their property. An outdoor structure that only takes a short while to build is fantastic option for those who hate upheaval. 

Having an extension built can really drag on. Those who have done it often complain of hating the process. Feeling like half your house is out of order and the other half is covered in dust tend to be the biggest bugbears. While many people love the extra space, they struggle to tolerate the building work.

The great news is, that there are lots of garden room structures that will give you the extra space without the upheaval. It’s a popular way to give your family more space to spread out, without having to deal with the dust.

Another great reason to go for a garden structure is that most additions don’t require planning permission. Because these rooms are often classed as a temporary structure (as in most cases, it’s possible to dismantle and move them if you move house), providing you follow you local authority’s rules, you don’t need permission to build. This can shave even more time off the building process.

Different Types of Express Garden Rooms

Lots of people are currently searching for express garden rooms. It’s amazing how quickly you can add a structure onto your property with very little upheaval. Some garden rooms take longer to assemble than others, as there are varying levels of sophistication.

If all you’re looking for is somewhere to sit on sunny days, heating might not be an issue for you. On the other hand, if you want to work in the room all year round, you’ll need power. 

A basic shed can be made quickly

When all you need is a spot of extra storage, a basic shed might do the trick. If you’re a handy sort, you might even be able to assemble it yourself. Traditionally, garden sheds can be done in a day. You might need an extra set of hands to speed up the process, but working alone won’t make it impossible. Depending on where you buy your shed from, they might have a service where they assemble it for you.

express garden rooms

Express garden rooms can be built with heating, power and insulation

For a room that requires year-round use, you’ll need something with electricity, heating, lighting and insulation. The popularity of having a garden office has made more people than ever go for this type of room. Working from home could be the new norm, which means you’ll need somewhere comfortable to work from. While this type of structure is more sophisticated than a basic shed, it can still be build really rapidly. Power will need to be connected and building will take longer than a day, but this type of structure requires minimal upheaval.

A traditional wooden summer house goes up in no time

Aside from all the extra windows, a traditional wooden summer house can be assembled quickly. In most cases, their assembly can be similar to a shed as they don’t require a power supply. This means they are a structure that can be built in day.

During warmer months, these buildings are lovely to entertain in, but without heating or insulation, you might want to avoid it during the winter! 

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