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What’s the best way to find garden rooms for sale?

If you’ve decided that you want to buy a garden room, then looking at garden rooms for sale locally can be a tempting first move. However often the companies with large show rooms won’t offer the best value or the most choice.

If you want to find the right garden room for you, here is how you can find the best garden rooms for sale.

Finding garden rooms for sale

1. Measure your space and think about what you want

Before you start looking for garden rooms to buy, you need to decide exactly what you want.

Firstly, decide where you would site your new garden building, and measure the space, leaving room to get around the side and back of the new structure. This will help you find the right garden room for you, and you can sift out any companies that don’t sell garden rooms that meet your specifications.

2. Ask for recommendations

If you have friends or family who have already got a garden room that they love, then be sure to ask them which company built it for them and whether they would recommend them.

Equally, if they’ve had nothing but problems, a list of garden room companies to steer clear from are also useful.

If you don’t have personal recommendations, then often Facebook groups can be really helpful for this kind of thing – although I would personally take overly-ranty reviews with a pinch of salt as there are always some people who can never be pleased!

3. Don’t just use the first page of Google!

It’s tempting to just type ‘garden rooms for sale near me‘ into a search engine and click the first option. It might be quick, but beware of doing this.

Just because a company has paid-for advertising doesn’t mean that they’re trustworthy, or the best choice. If you haven’t got any personal recommendations to go on, then scroll through a few pages and take a look at as many company websites as you can before deciding on one you want. Make a shortlist of those who sell garden rooms in your area.

garden rooms for sale

4. Read the reviews

Take a look on Trustpilot and read the reviews. Did the garden room build happen on time? How was the communication from the company? Have people experienced problems since? Were they resolved?

Google the companies to make sure there aren’t any forum posts with horror stories. You might be able to find some customer photographs to take a look at.

5. Get quotes and compare

Once you’re satisfied that the companies on your shortlist are genuine, trustworthy and well-reviewed, then it’s time to reach out and ask them to provide you with quotes. These should always be free and come with no obligation to buy.

Ask about timings so you know when your garden room will be built, and enquire about exactly what is included. Insulation, electrics, lighting etc can all be additional extras and bump the cost up, so you need to compare like with like.

Once you’ve received quotes from all the companies on your short list, you can compare them and decide which one offers the best value for money on the best timescales.

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