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The Ideal Home Office: Freelancers Tell Us What They Dream Of!

Working from your sofa is less than ideal, but a lot of freelancers do it. Although a home office is a luxury that many people who work from home lust after, a lot of people haven’t got the space in their homes and haven’t considered how easy and reasonably priced a garden home office can be!

We asked some freelancers to describe their dream home office.

I’ve always liked the idea of having a garden home office. The garden has always been my favourite space; where I can have a few moments to myself away from the kids, pottering around with the fruit patch, and visiting the chickens!

A garden home office is the perfect place to keep an eye on your chickens

My ideal home office would be a whole room especially for me. I’d have a big desk, PC and one of those cute notice boards that you pin things to. I’d also have a view out to my garden. I’d like some pretty shelving where I can keep all my paperwork in attractive boxes. Oh, and I’d like a coffee machine too!


Despite having worked from home for a number of years, I still don’t have my own office. My dream home office space would include plenty of natural light, big windows which will let plenty of air in throughout the summer, and lots of plants and green accents in the decor. I find green a really serene and relaxing colour!

decor in your garden home office shed

My dream office space has no TV blaring YouTube in the background! Working from home with kids is rather hard especially in the school holidays and the kids do have to amuse themselves on occasion. With an office space in the garden they could enjoy the paddling pool in the summer to their hearts content, and I’d have a great excuse not to have to go in all day, or at least until its warmed up. I’d love a space where I could watch them playing in the garden, away from the glare of the sun on my laptop screen.


I’d love an office in a modern summer house so that I can admire my lovely garden whilst working from home. The beauty of a home office in the garden is that I could avoid distractions such as household chores, plus I could keep my work and family life separate but still have the benefits of working from home.

As well as having the basics of a stylish desk, comfy chair and work laptop I would add house plants such as lavender for their anti-anxiety benefits and decorate the space with personal touches such as pictures of my children.

Womans feet running on the treadmill at the gym - garden gyms

My ideal garden home office would be overlooking my south facing garden where my pool is waiting for me to go in at the end of the day. I would have a treadmill in my office where I can walk whilst I talk phone calls.

Is that too much of a dream?


My ideal home office has to have a couple of things. These are my complete none negotiable items. One is I need a whiteboard. I love to make lists and there is nothing better than wiping completed items of my whiteboard, it’s so satisfying.

Besides the basics of a desk and chair, I need to have an area for taking photos ranging from product photos to clothing items. So I need a nice big area with good light to take my photos.

Last up, a dog bed. My dogs go everywhere with me and I like them to have a nice tidy area in the room to sleep.

Dog sleeping in garden home office with woman in background

I would love a nice tidy office with a lot of light for taking pictures. The rest of the house is covered in kids’ clutter and sometimes finding a corner with good light and no mess where I can photograph things is a nightmare!


My ideal home office would be child-free for a start! I’d like a proper desk, with a swivel chair, peace and quiet and a pot plant. It’s not too much to ask is it? As I sit on a dining chair with my laptop on the dining table and my toddler wandering around *sigh*.

A garden home office shed with computer

Remember, just because you don’t have the space in the house, doesn’t mean you can’t build a home office – in the garden!

Contact us to find out how you can get your very own dream garden home office.

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