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Furnishing a Summer House

Furnishing a Summer House – Four Key Styles to Consider

Furnishing a summer house is one of the more pleasurable garden design activities. Chances are, you’ve been working tirelessly on creating the garden of your dreams, and now you summer house has been built, you’re ready to relax. 

Summer house styling has come a long way in recent years. Previously, it was standard to throw in a a wicker furniture set and have done with it. Thanks to the Pinterest and Instagram generation, decorating a summer house has turned into a work of art. 

Key Trends for Furnishing a Summer House

As garden buildings have gained popularity, there are lots more furnishing and style ideas available online to gain inspiration from. Below are some of the more popular décor themes to consider when furnishing a summer house.

The trendy upcycled style

Upcycling has been a trend and a hobby for years. People love a project, and since the past couple of years have given opportunity for getting your teeth into more projects, upcycling has had a resurgence.

The great thing about upcycling is, that it’s not only wallet-friendly, it’s eco friendly too! Upcycling your furniture creates less waste and doesn’t support the churning out of mass produced furniture from fast furniture businesses.

Cruise the charity shops, garden sales and car boots to acquire your furniture. Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme you can work on it from there. Do as much as you can yourself, but don’t be afraid to enlist an expert for things like reupholstering.

The modern plant haven

Greenery is a big hit in interior design right now, and a summer house is a fantastic place to get more plants in your life. 

For a plant-heavy summer house, the décor usually involves block colours and whites, with lots of exposed wood or bamboo. Consider painting a back wall dark blue (or pink or yellow if you dare) to complement the green shades of the plants. 

Choose retro armchairs with a soft, wide seat but wooden arms and legs fit in with your natural-looking theme. 

For added style, mix up how you display your plants, with macramé hanging pots, free standing planters and trailing plants up on high shelving.

Furnishing a Summer House

The minimalist’s retreat

Minimalism doesn’t get mentioned so much these days, which is a shame as it’s still a solid interiors choice, favoured by many who like to keep things simple. If you want a low maintenance summer house that doesn’t require many surfaces to clean, you’ll love to keep things pared back and stylishly basic.

Light coloured furnishing is a great place to start. A sofa and chair should provide sufficient seating, and a small coffee table that utilises simplicity and clean lines is a functional addition to make the room more welcoming. Depending on the size of your summer house, you might want to add shelving or a sideboard to store a few necessities. Just remember to keep everything in its place so that clutter doesn’t disrupt the look of the room.

The country style bolthole

Country-chic is very in at the moment too. Summer houses themselves naturally fit in with that ‘English country garden’ style, so you won’t need much furniture to complete the look. Light and floaty curtains may be a good way of helping to pull the look together. 

A small chesterfield sofa is a great way to emulate the traditional country look. Pair with a traditional wooden coffee table to bring the look together.

Rather than bringing plants inside, colourful flowers out front will add to the little country house feel as you enter.

Furnishing a summer house is a fun way to finish personalising your garden.

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